Vitamix 5200 Easy Clean Thermal Countertop Blender

Last updated: December 29, 2021

You can rest assured you're buying a product that's built to last by going with this countertop blender. This 64-ounce blender can handle any blending challenge you send its way.

We looked at the top Countertop Blenders and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Countertop Blender you should buy.

Product Details

Key Takeaway: This blender is powerful enough to chop or blend any food you throw at it. The self-cleaning function makes cleaning up afterward effortless.

In our analysis of 62 expert reviews, the Vitamix Easy Clean Thermal Countertop Blender placed 7th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Vitamix fuels passions. It’s why we’re the brand most trusted by professional chefs. But you won’t just find us in restaurant kitchens. You’ll also find us in home kitchens around the world. Because whether you’re interested in the culinary arts, making healthier choices, or enjoying restaurant-quality smoothies at home—when you’re ready to move on and move up, when you’re ready to invest in your passion, you’re ready for Vitamix.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Icy drinks performance was excellent. Puree performance was excellent. Ice Crush performance was very good.
The cord wrap feature is nice for keeping your countertops clutter-free.
Versatility – The flexibility of this unit is the thing that buyers liked most, especially the fact one minute you can be making soup and the next frozen cocktails. Healthy fresh ice cream in minutes – Many users shared how easy it was to make ice creams by blending frozen fresh fruit with a little milk. A tasty and health-conscious dessert for the whole family to enjoy. My favorite is frozen banana with a splash of coconut milk and a couple of strawberries for color and flavor. Ease of use – This is a very easy blender to use. Minimal food prep required, super competent blending, and quick cleaning. Great recipes – Vitamix want their customers to get the most out of their blenders, so they provide great recipes. And because of their popularity, Vitamix-suitable recipes are splashed all over the web for you to try out. Ongoing customer support – Vitamix provides great customer support, even for customers who have bought their blenders years earlier.
Works better than any other kitchen tool for making smoothies. Has multiple uses, from pureeing soups to making bread crumbs and ice cream. Easy to clean. Has a variable speed control.
Best buy when it comes to Vitamix blenders - lacks a few bells and whistles, but still an excellent quality blender.
After researching dozens of blenders, talking with five experts, and testing 22 models over the course of five years, we’re confident that the Vitamix 5200 is the best blender for tackling the widest variety of tasks. Yes, it’s pricey, but we think it’s worth the investment for its powerful motor, nuanced controls, and long-lasting reliability. It blends through even the thickest smoothies without straining, it purees hot soups without splashing, and it will hold up to years of frequent use.
So coming down to the most important question – does it justify a hefty price tag? We believe it does. Just the technology and quality coupled with a long warranty more than justifies the price of the Vitamix 5200. Hence, if pricing is not an issue to you, then it is definitely better than your standard, economical blender.
Super powerful blender that breaks up anything you put into the container. Ten variable speed controls. Effective for smoothies, soups, sauces, frozen desserts, and more. Can be used for frosted icing, crushed ice, nut butter, and whole grain flours. Versatile machine that can do many functions – grinding, chopping, making hot soups, frozen desserts, milling, and blending. No pulse mode, but can still do pulsing jobs. It is extremely durable and reliable. Smaller food batches can be processed. Self-cleaning. Simple controls. 7-year warranty.

What reviewers didn't like

This model had no discernible flaws in its performance.
It is not dishwasher safe.
Noisy – Unfortunately, many customers do mention the noisiness of the blender. However, many who had owned other blenders did concede that they had all been noisy. The reality is that with a blender this powerful, there will be noise. It is the tradeoff that comes with having a blender that can blend almost anything. Fixed blades – The blades are fixed and cannot be removed, which can make getting all of the food out a bit tricky. Vitamix do sell special spatulas that are designed to get in between the blades, but for some thick foods, it is still an issue. Speed variation – If you buy this product, do not be tempted to skip watching the instruction DVD. We say this because you cannot leave this blender running at slow speeds for long periods without causing damage to the motor. If you do not vary the speed, you will quickly burn out the motor. This is explained in the video, but some users didn’t realize and then wondered why they were having motor issues.
Expensive, very expensive. May be too tall to fit under some kitchen cabinets. Takes up counter space and is heavy, if you plan to store under the counter.
Comes with no accessories and they are expensive to buy individually. No programmed settings.
Overall it is a really powerful machine that has a ton of potential, but it does fail in execution in some areas. For example, it does not have the ability to crush ice very well and it can be extremely loud. It’s better to blend soup and heat it on the stove than to endure 6 minutes of a lawnmower like blender, at least we think so.
There is no juice squeezing attachment included. The stainless steel blades can be removed only with a special wrench. But you can clean the blades without removing. There are no pre-set programs in this model. Some users have commented that the 5200 could be quieter.
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