Venture 4th Adjustable Neck Pouch Travel Wallet

Last updated: June 1, 2023

Venture 4th Adjustable Neck Pouch Travel Wallet

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We looked at the top Travel Wallets and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Travel Wallet you should buy.

Overall Take

This ultra-thin travel wallet holds up during the toughest trips. Water-resistant, rip-stop nylon keeps your passports, cash and cards safe. You can also hide it under your shirt, thanks to the slender profile.

In our analysis of 73 expert reviews, the Venture 4th Adjustable Neck Pouch Travel Wallet placed 4th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Peace of Mind with VENTURE 4TH At VENTURE 4TH, we believe in the value of peace of mind when it comes to making the most out of your travel experiences… Our professionally-designed passport holder and travel wallet solutions are carefully constructed to provide the latest in high-tech safety and security features. From RFID protection to defend you against the threat of digital thieves, to an invisible and seamless design that keeps your valuables hidden and out of the sight of pickpockets. No matter where your next journey might take you, bring your VENTURE 4TH neck pouch along for the experience, and you’ll experience comfort and security like never before. Our impeccable moisture-resistant, size-adjustable travel wallets have been tested according to the most stringent quality standards, to ensure you get an exceptional performance every time. Give yourself and your family the comfort you need for your next adventure, with our passport holder for women and men. With this robust travel pouch, you can store all of your most essential items in one, easy-to-access location, without having to worry about the threat of theft. When you travel with VENTURE 4TH, you travel with peace of mind. All Day Comfort VENTURE 4TH use the highest-quality materials to craft our durable travel pouch solutions. That means that you can enjoy a secure and comfortable experience even when you’re wearing your passport holders 24 hours a day. Whether you’re storing a smartphone, passports, or credit cards, all of your accessories will hide discreetly and securely underneath your clothing. The adjustable elements on your travel pouch will ensure that you never have to worry about sweating or chafing with your new neck wallet. What’s more, the moisture-wicking panel on each passport holder ensures plenty of breathable support, so that you can focus on enjoying your vacation. Managing Security Easy Exceptional security shouldn’t be difficult. The VENTURE 4TH neck pouch comes with a range of three smart storage devices, to help you organize and manage your valuables. What’s more, with the ID window, you can make getting through security checks simpler than ever. The mesh separators between each section in your travel wallets will help to keep your cards and valuables free from scratches and damage while ensuring that you can grab the items you need at a moment’s notice – perfect for this airport hassles. Travel in Comfort with VENTURE 4TH SIMPLE SECURITY Our travel wallets were designed specifically with you in mind. Simply adjust the hook, strap and loop fastener find your perfect fit, then enjoy invisible protection for your valuables. IMPECCABLE QUALITY Designed according to the highest quality standards, the Venture4th passport holder and neck pouch will defend your possessions with durable, rip-stop nylon, and waterproof materials. UNBEATABLE CONVENIENCE Enjoy unlimited hands-free security. Thanks to the anti-chafing, anti-sweat design of the Venture4th travel pouch, you can enjoy all-day comfort and convenience – without compromise.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

The passport holder is made of water-resistant material with RFID blocking and is available in grey, brown, black, or silver.
The Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch with RFID Blocking makes of water-resist rip-stop nylon that enhances the durability and allows your wallet to withstand different types of weather conditions.
Another pro for us is the transparent ID section. This is pretty handy when you are out partying or heading to a theme park; it can save you the trouble of removing your ID every time.
The design is slender, so you can wear it next to your body without it feeling bulky or popping out of your shirt, and the durable material is lightweight and breathable with an adjustable strap.
You can organize your passport, cash, and credit cards inside the 2 zippered pockets and 1 large velcro-closure patch compartment. There’s also an ID window for fast access to your photo ID.
The good news – Venture 4th are known for their excellent customer service and faulty products are quickly replaced with little fuss. In fact they even offer a lifetime guarantee on their products.
It’s made of moisture-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about your documents staying safe if you’re stuck in the rain. Plus, it has RFID-blocking technology to keep your data safe.
- Heavy
Extremely functional, this passport wallet boasts two zippered areas plus a main compartment with mesh separators between each section to help keep your cards and valuables free from scratches and damage.
It will be almost invisible even under thin layers of clothing while holding all of your essentials, so it’s ideal for anywhere you’ll be surrounded by crowds, from the airport to your favorite world-renowned festivals.
The wallet makes sure that your documents remain private. Whenever you are carrying your documents with this wallet always feel secure and safe from thieves.
This product has been in the market for an extended time and it never ceases to amaze me.
Compared to the Zero Grid, clearly, this one isn’t as visual as its counterpart. However, one thing for sure – once you get acquainted to its construction, you will find it’s much easier to access and more convenient.
While you are traveling or on a business trip, it is able to keep your documents, passport, credit card or cash safe. It considered a valuable travel accessory for airplanes, airports, buses or trains.
Plus, the strong zip technology and the compact stitches make this wallet suitable for rough use also.
The Venture 4th neck wallet is roomy enough to store several passports. Good news for those who travel with kids and family.
Designed for the savvy traveler, this lightweight and water resistant wallet will keep your documents safe and secure while you travel and has multiple compartments to keep you organized too!
- My US
It’s also a neck wallet, which is in my experience a more secure carrying option because you tend to be more aware of it. It’s also harder to steal a neck wallet than a regular pocket wallet simply because it’s typically closer to your line of sight, unless you keep it in the backpack of course.

What experts didn't like

Nothing to seal the ID display
Thin neck strap
A bit large


Boarding a plane and traveling to faraway destinations makes you feel free, but there’s nothing free about getting there. Buying luggage, paying for plane tickets and reserving hotel rooms are all part of the package. One of the most important investments you’ll make when you travel is a travel wallet to hold your passports, ID cards, money, cell phone and more. 

Staying organized from takeoff to landing and beyond will reduce your stress level and make your entire trip more enjoyable. A travel wallet is a lightweight way to keep everything you need at your fingertips. 

The first feature you’ll want to look for in a travel wallet is the number of pockets and compartments. Will you be carrying lots of credit cards? Look for a wallet with plenty of card slots. Are you leading a group trip with multiple passports? A wallet with a deep passport pocket, or multiple passport pockets, is ideal for your needs. Mesh compartments make loose change easy to carry around, and a keyring will keep your front door key at the ready for when you return home.

A clear pocket for your ID cards comes in handy when walking into a new pub on the other side of the pond. You’ll also want an easy access pocket on the outside of your wallet for any boarding passes or train tickets. 

An important feature that many companies are incorporating into their wallets is an RFID-blocking shield. Radio-frequency identification (or RFID) refers to a digital tag on each of your credit cards that can be captured via radio waves. This comes in handy when you’re using a touch-free payment feature at the grocery store, but it also puts your RFID-ready credit cards at risk. 

Digital pickpockets can skim RFID cards from a few feet away, stealing your payment information and making out like bandits. RFID-blocking shields are built into some travel wallets. They block digital skimmers from reading your cards, keeping your money safe and sound. You’ll definitely want an RFID-blocking wallet if you carry RFID cards when you travel.

Some travel wallets are designed like regular fold-out wallets that you see every day. Others have an interesting book design, where different pockets and slots fold out like pages for easy organizing. Some also come with a long loop, so you can wear them around your neck and hide them under your shirt. You can also wear them over your shoulder and use them as a small handbag.

Once you’ve decided on the general design of your ideal travel wallet, check out our Tips & Advice to hammer out the details.

Buying Advice

  • Buying travel wallets comes down to one thing: location, location, location. The demands of your destination will determine what type of wallet you should buy. If you’re traveling to countries that use a lot of coins (like Belgium or Australia), make sure you’ve got a decent-sized change pouch. If you’re going to locations that rely on paper currency (like China), look for a wallet that has plenty of paper money slots. Traveling to multiple countries in one trip may require wallets with easy-access pockets for boarding passes. Wallets with room for more than one passport are ideal for traveling with your family or another large group.
  • The best travel wallets have two features: superior organization and tough security. Having separate pockets for passports, cash, credit cards and boarding passes will help you move through airports and trains more quickly. It will also reduce the risk that you’ll lose track of an essential document. 
  • Security features to look for on a wallet include RFID-blocking technology (to protect yourself from digital pickpockets), tough zippers and straps that keep your wallet close to you. Some travel wallets have long neck loops so you can wear them under your shirt. Others have a wrist strap, so you don’t drop the wallet when you’re out on the town.
  • Water-resistant or waterproof materials are the way to go when looking at travel wallets. You don’t want a sudden downpour, a rogue water bottle in your bag or a drop in a puddle to wreck your vital documents. 
  • Buying a travel wallet made with ripstop nylon will help prevent wear and tear. Double-stitching also helps a travel wallet last longer.