Utopia Kitchen Extra Large Flour Sack Cotton Dish Towels, 12-Pack

Last updated date: October 24, 2022

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Utopia Kitchen Extra Large Flour Sack Cotton Dish Towels, 12-Pack

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Update as October 24, 2022:
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Overall Take

As one of the most absorbent towels on the market, the Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels, 12 pk can be used for much more than just drying dishes. Users can do everything from strain cheese with these towels to make a cloth diaper. The fact that these towels never lose their shape or quality no matter how many times they're washed also makes them a No. 1 choice.

In our analysis of 112 expert reviews, the Utopia Kitchen Extra Large Flour Sack Cotton Dish Towels, 12-Pack placed 15th when we looked at the top 18 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Flour Sack Towels During 19th and early 20th-century, basic cooking items including flour, salt, and sugar, were traded in sacks made of 100% cotton. These flour sacks were made out of the finest cotton which was heavily knitted in a diagonal fashion, providing an enlarged surface area and making it easier for the fabric to dry. It didn’t take long enough for people to realize that this could be used for numerous other things such as dish towels, diapers, pillowcases, hand towels etc. After utilizing the cooking supplies, these four sacks were washed and recycled into something new. Thus, these flour sacks have been a popular choice for towels due to their soft and absorbent fabric, making them a workhorse of the day in today’s kitchen activities. Endless Possibilities – Multipurpose Towels This bundle of white, well-sized flour sack towels can be used for a wide range of tasks. They make expert dish towels, window cleaners, dust clothes, cheese strainers, salad spinners, stain removers, cloth diapers and much more. The possibilities seem to be endless with Utopia Kitchen’s Flour Sack Towels. From window cleaners to salad spinners, these towels are deliberately designed to serve you with the best household solution. It’s like having a magic wand in your hands. Play around and get your day-to-day tasks done easily without any hassle. Go Paperless If you are trying to reduce your dependence on paper towels, Utopia Kitchen’s Flour Sack Towels is your gateway to go paperless. Due to its tight weave construction, the towels are extra absorbent in nature. Therefore, it delivers an unmatched experience every time you use it. Easily dry off your dishes or wipe away the water on your sink. These towels are extremely handy! They are also perfect for cleaning up spills and drying off your hands. What more? You get to save some trees! baking partner remove stains cloth diapering The Perfect Partner for Cooking or Baking These lint-free flour sack towels can be safely used in the kitchen around your food; you may use these as your alternative dough or cheese cloth or as a food strainer. It can also be used to wrap the buns and rolls in order to keep them warm. Flour sack towels’ great absorbency enables them to absorb the additional moisture from these rolls preventing them from sogginess. Remove Stains with Flour Sack Towels Now remove stains out of the carpets and rugs at your home using our flour sack towels. Due to their undyed, absorbent and lint-free nature, they work great as stain removers. Just cover the stain with a 3 to 1 ratio water-vinegar mixture using your sprayer and gently place the flour sack towel over it. Once the stain is covered properly with the mixture and flour sack towels, place a slightly heated iron over it. Remove the towel once the stain is completely absorbed into the towel. Answer to Cloth Diapering These flour sack towels make great cloth diapers as they are not only soft and absorbent but are also reusable. Simply wash and reuse them numerous times. Besides, they don’t retain smells or stains. So even after using them for a while, they will remain good as new. You can also use them as nursing covers and burp cloths. a a a a a f Utopia Kitchen Bib Aprons Bulk, 2 Pack Aprons, Black Utopia Towels 12 Pack Kitchen Bar Mop Towels Utopia Towels 12 Pack Kitchen Towels, 15 x 25 Inches Cotton Dish Towels Utopia Wear 12 Pack Waitress Apron, Waist Aprons for Home and Kitchen, Black Utopia Towels Kitchen Towels 12 Pack, Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths, 24 – Pack, White Usage For chefs in cooking purpose kitchen cleaning. Cleans spills and washes stovetops kitchen cleaning. Cleans spills and washes stovetops For chefs in baking purpose kitchen cleaning, dishwashing, and chef utilization For skin and facial contact Material 100% Polyester 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Polyester 100% Cotton 100% Cotton Colors Available ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Pieces 2 12 12 12 12 24 Size 32 x 28 inches 16 x 19 inches 15 x 25 Inches 24 x 12 inches 15 x 25 Inches 12 x 12 inches

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What experts liked

Reviewers have found a plethora of uses for these outside the kitchen including using them as cloth diapers and a great base for embroidering dish towels with their reasonable price tag. ​​
- The Spruce
September 16, 2019 | Full review
What you will admire about the Utopia Kitchen Towels is how well they stand up to repeated washing. You can machine wash them and they will retain their size. This means you can use it for many years to come.
- Kitchenistic
Made from high quality ring spun pure cotton, these flour sack towels are bound to last for a long time. They are also very absorbent and capable of drying quickly once you hung them after use.
- TenBestProduct
They are not just regular dishrags; rather, these are created featuring extra-large design; 28 by 28 inches for proper cleaning and drying.
- Do Best Products
Flour sack material is absorbent and soft. Made with 100% cotton. Professionally hemmed edges. Great for cooking and embroidery.
- Heavy
August 6, 2019 | Full review
Twelve pack of large 28" by 28" flour sack kitchen towels. Lighter weight and made of pure ringspun cotton. The edges are hemmed, and these are lint-free towels.
- Food Shark Marfa
They make a good paper towel replacement.
- FamilyNano
Measuring 28 x 28 Inches, these wide, flour sack kitchen towels are used as expert dish towels, dust cloths, window cleaners, salad spinners, cheese strainer, cloth diapers, stain removal and much more.
- A Top Daily
Featuring sturdy, machine-stitched edges, the Utopia Kitchen 12 Pack are made from highly absorbent, ring-spun cotton that can hold up well for years of use. They’re large enough to cover any hot dish or a bowl of bread dough while it proofs.
- Wiki EZ Vid
September 26, 2019 | Full review
They also boast 100-percent pure ring spun cotton, which makes them highly absorbent and long-lasting. Use these towels to cover bread dough at home or to wipe dust in your business setting.
- Avozee
The long-lasting yet soft and absorbent cotton fabric makes them perfect for kitchen drying uses and counter wipe downs.
- Cook Kitchen Utensils
Designed from 100% pure ring spun cotton, expect superior performance plus durability. Besides this, they are larger towels with square designs. This offers ample flour sack towels appropriate for daily household cleaning needs. The size also allows for handling with a lot of ease when cleaning.
- Home Gear X
These well-sized, white flour sack towels are made of the highest-quality cotton that is knitted heavily in a diagonal form to provide an enlarged area and make it simpler to dry.
- Ah Joo
Not only do they actually dry dishes, they’re fast-drying — both when in use and in laundering situations — and not overly bulky, making it easy to store a big stack of them. They also make for great cleaning rags when they get to the point of looking a bit too ratty for kitchen use.
- The Inventory
May 12, 2018 | Full review
The material consists of thin cotton threads for a super lightweight towel that’s ideal for drying glassware and hands—or even for using as a cheese strainer.
- Southern Living

What experts didn't like

If you expect thicker towels, you may find this item less-than-perfect because of the thinner quality.
- TenBestProduct
Not very thick. No color choices available. Square rather than rectangular in shape.
- Heavy
August 6, 2019 | Full review
Will not be as absorbent as some other types of cotton towels. May be thinner than some other flour sack towels.
- Food Shark Marfa
Some people find these towels too thin—almost gauze-like—with a very loose weave. Some also find that these towels are poorly hemmed. This may be due to manufacturing inconsistencies.
- FamilyNano
One advice is to avoid using chlorine bleach since it might eat up the fibers more quickly, making them thinner over time.
- Cook Kitchen Utensils
Thinner towels. No different colors.
- Home Gear X
The edges aren’t square.
- Ah Joo
As great as flour sack dish towels are, they fail at one important kitchen task: They’re not so great for laying out on a kitchen counter to place wet dishes on to dry. When it comes to sturdy items like pots and pans, it’s no biggie, but if you’re hand washing delicate glassware, it’s important to give them a lot of cushion to prevent chips and cracks.
- The Inventory
May 12, 2018 | Full review

An Overview On Dish Towels

Dish towels are a great tool for any kitchen, and in addition to drying dishes, cups and pots and pans, they can also be used for a variety of other tasks. They double as dust rags, hot pads, picnic basket liners and baby burp cloths. You can even place them over a bowl of dough while it proofs or a batch of cookies while they cool. When you’re ready to shop for a set of dish towels, look for the following qualities:

Make sure the dishtowels are made of all-natural cotton. You don’t want any chemical additives or synthetic fibers. Cotton is known for being able to stand up to repeated washings without shrinking in size or pilling. It’s also highly durable, so you won’t have to replace them very often.

Check the absorbency of the dish towels. Look for a pack that is not only absorbent but also dries quickly. This is important because moisture is what causes bacteria to grow and a quick-drying towel will prevent bacterial growth.

Review the size and shape of the dishtowels to make sure they match your needs. You’ll find some are square in shape, while others are rectangular. Smaller dish towels fit better inside drinking glasses and coffee mugs. Towels made using as an extra-large design measure 28 by 20 inches. This is ideal for covering hot dishes or cleaning up large messes.

Take patterns into consideration if you’re looking to add a decorative touch to your kitchen or if you’re searching for a dish towel set to give as a gift. There are dish towel packs that come in a popcorn terry material with half of the towels in the pack a solid color and the other half white with a colored stripe pattern.

Look for any extras that set the dishtowel apart from other models. For example, some dish towels feature an attached hanging loop that allows you to organize your towels on a set of hooks. Others may come with matching dishcloths.

The Dish Towel Buying Guide

  • While most dish towels can be washed and dried normally, some require drying on low heat. Others recommend washing the dish towels by themselves the first time to keep lint to a minimum.
  • Depending on the type of food you’re using in your kitchen, your dish towels may pick up an unpleasant odor or two. To remove the odor, simply toss 1/2 cup of baking soda in the washing machine during the rinse cycle when cleaning the towels.
  • In addition to being able to be used as salad spinners, dust cloths and bread bowl liners, dish towels can be utilized in a host of craft projects. You can turn them into an apron, make a dress for a doll, create a scarf, design a tote bag and even make a cute kitchen towel angel.
  • There are a few factors that go into the pricing of dish towels. You’ll need to take into consideration the number of towels in each set, the thickness of the towels and any designs that make the towel set stand out. Some dish towel packs are more basic and on the lower end of the pricing scale, while other sets commands a slightly higher price due to their design. Towels that are durable and made using high-quality construction will be able to command the highest price tag.