Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Organizer Tray

Last updated date: April 27, 2020

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Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Organizer Tray

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Update as April 27, 2020:
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Overall Take

The Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Tray has five compartments in a compact, narrow build that fits in smaller kitchen drawers. The bamboo build gives it an eco-friendly, attractive design that sets it apart from plastic silverware trays. To clean, simply wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth.

In our analysis of 32 expert reviews, the Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Tray placed 5th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

An Essential Addition to Your Home The sleek Bamboo kitchen tray organizer is crafted with Bamboo. The Bamboo tray features an ingenious design to help you organize the cutlery, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, and stationery the way you want it. The organizer has 5 compartments, so you can put things accordingly without a mess. The tray organizer is suitable for standard-sized drawers. It is a perfect Bamboo drawer organizer to have at your home. It is very helpful in keeping the kitchen utensils, stationery and cosmetics organized, neat and tidy. FDA and FSC Approved This Bamboo tray is FDA and FSC approved. The FDA and FSC certifications ensure that the Bamboo tray organizer is safe for use at homes. The Bamboo used in making the organizer is strong and sturdy with a premium finishing to make it look more stylish. No Messier Drawer Anymore Add a contemporary look to the drawer of your kitchen, bathroom, kids’ room, and cosmetics with this solid and sturdy Bamboo tray organizer. By having this Bamboo drawer organizer, you don’t have to worry about messy drawers. The simple organizer is great and serves a variety of purposes. The Bamboo tray organizer is sturdy and durable and can hold everything starting from knives, spoons, kitchen utensils, cosmetics to stationery items like scales, gum sticks, pencils, pens, etc. It is also ideal to use on a tabletop for a flawless display. Space Efficient The Bamboo tray organizer is the ideal solution for drawers at home or at the work station. The perfect space-saving Bamboo organizer helps you to reach the desired item that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your favorite knife or a spoon, this perfect tray organizer makes it completely simple and easy. Easy To Clean The easy to clean Bamboo tray organizer is a perfect home accessory. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust particles. You can also use a mild soap to wash the organizer, but make sure to rinse it with running water. Don’t use an abrasive or steel wool to clean the drawer as it may damage the organizer and leave it with a harsh or pitted surface. Be sure to wipe up water spills immediately.

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What experts liked

If you want a bamboo tray that’s affordable and non-adjustable, then this one is just what you’re looking for. There are 5 compartments in the tray which allows you to store various types of cutlery you have. And it’s completely made of eco-friendly bamboo that’s been FDA and FSC approved.
- A Web To Know
It is a perfect choice for kitchens with smaller drawers. Although small, they will accommodate your cutlery with ease. The model comes with five inbuilt dividers that allow you to organize your pieces easily. Additionally, this tray is constructed with high-quality bamboo which is not only eco-friendly but also durable.
- Top Guide Pro
This tray is made of 100% renewable bamboo which is durable and beautiful. It has five spacious compartments to accommodate your items. It is FDA and FSC approved to be food grade and food safe. It can easily be wiped clean or washed mildly with soap and water.
- Simply Healthy Family
The bamboo cutlery tray from Utopia Kitchen is made from high quality and eco-friendly bamboo, which is FDA and FSC approved to ensure user safety. It consists of 5 compartments that accommodate cutlery. The tray is eco-friendly and easy to clean; it can also be used as a cosmetic divider.
- Top Review Pro

What experts didn't like

Requires minimal exposure to water/moisture. Durability issues (dividers are glued not nailed down). Slides when drawer is opened and closed.
- A Web To Know
Not great for people with lots of cutlery.
- Top Guide Pro
The dividers are not nailed so it can easily be detached and removed. Minimize exposure to moisture as it can cause wood rot and harbor bacteria.
- Simply Healthy Family

An Overview On

Every kitchen has a silverware drawer, and that drawer needs a flatware tray to help keep things organized. But you may not realize just how many options there are for storing flatware until you start shopping.

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure the drawer you’ve chosen for your silverware. Many kitchens are built with a wider cabinet for silverware, but you don’t have to stick with that. You can find a narrower silverware tray that will let you use any drawer, saving those wider drawers for other items.

The size of the compartments can also vary. Some are narrower than others, so it’s important to consider the design of your silverware before buying a tray to hold it all. One handy feature on some flatware trays is an expandable compartment that allows you to widen your tray if you have a bigger drawer to accommodate it.

Plastic is the traditional material for flatware trays, but newer manufacturers have found that bamboo is a great alternative. This is an organic, eco-friendly way to organize your kitchen, so it’s well worth considering. However, it’s important to consider how sensitive bamboo can be to moisture. If you tend to put your silverware away before it’s completely dry, you could find your tray is prone to warping.

Flatware trays aren’t just for flatware, though. Some have actually found them useful for organizing makeup, cosmetic brushes, office supplies and more. This is especially true of flatware trays made from materials like bamboo, which have a more versatile look.

Slipping and sliding is an ongoing issue with plastic flatware trays. As you open and close your drawer, you may find you’re constantly moving your tray back into place. For that reason, newer trays now have nonslip material on the bottom to keep the tray from moving around.

The Buying Guide

  • One of the handiest features on a silverware tray is a nonslip surface on the bottom. This will hold your silverware tray in place as you open and close the drawer.
  • Nonslip material isn’t just for the underside of silverware trays. Some have lined compartments. That means you won’t have to worry about your silverware scooting around. It will stay in place no matter how often it’s jostled.
  • Instead of a lining, some silverware trays use grips to make sure the silverware stays perfectly lined up.
  • Occasionally, you’ll need to remove all silverware and wash your tray. Many plastic trays can be washed in the dishwasher. If you buy one made from a material like bamboo, though, you’ll only be able to wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  • Forks, knives and spoons aren’t the only items you’ll keep in your silverware tray. Many have an extra-wide compartment that allows you to store items like corkscrews, bottle openers and crab crackers. Make sure you choose one wide enough to store all the items you plan to keep there.
  • If you opt for a plastic tray, make sure you choose one that can hold up under heat. This is especially true if you want to wash it in the dishwasher occasionally. Some can warp when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Some are concerned with the chemicals that touch the utensils that then touch their food. If this is a worry for you, a bamboo tray may be the best choice. Regardless of the material you choose, though, look for one that’s approved by the FDA and free of BPA.
  • Flatware tray manufacturers assume many consumers have a wider drawer they use for silverware. But you may choose to use a narrower drawer for that purpose, or your kitchen may not have wider drawers at all. It’s important to measure your drawer before making your purchase.