TurnOnSport Portable Magnetic Hiking Compass

Last updated date: June 20, 2022

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TurnOnSport Portable Magnetic Hiking Compass

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We looked at the top Hiking Compasses and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Hiking Compass you should buy.

Update as June 20, 2022:
Checkout The Best Hiking Compasses for a detailed review of all the top hiking compasses.

Overall Take

The lightweight build and included lanyard make this a great compass for backpacking. It comes with a magnifying glass to help you read maps and a small ruler built into the acrylic base. A 360-degree rotating bezel will keep you oriented at all times.

In our analysis of 21 expert reviews, the TurnOnSport Portable Magnetic Hiking Compass placed 3rd when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Acrylic Baseplate Compass with Azimuth Bearing and 360 degree rotating bezel. For cartographic map navigation and reading with Field Compass located Magnifying Glass, compass Ruler and 1:24000 compass Scale. Durable and Lightweight Compass for Hiking Backpacking. Best Cub Scout compass for Kids. BSA Compass Best Gifts for Beginners Boy Scout Boys and Girl. Professional Advanced Compass for Camping – Orienteering – Hiking – Hunting – Survival – Navigating – Mountaineering – Outdoors – Field Trip. Portable Handheld Compass with magnetic needle and directional arrow, orienting lines compass and lanyard. Real Compass Oil – magnetized needle made by vacuum technology completely filled with a liquid oil. Vertical Simple Compass great come up navigational, orientating and backpackers for men and kid.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Fantastic for beginners and kids alike. With a price under $10, it’s going to take you a long way for the price. It also makes a good backup compass to keep in your car or pack.
- Marine Approved
If you need a lightweight compass that is easy to use and store, this may be the best backpacking compass for you. It’s easy to use if you know how to adjust a navigational course by sight. The scratch resistant acrylic base is nice as well.
- Best Hiking Reviews
Cheap, reliable, and easy to store just about anywhere. The compass is extremely accurate. It does have a magnifying glass and a small ruler built into its base. The extra features make this reliable compass a little more versatile, and they’re a nice addition considering its extremely low price.
- BestCamping
Has all the features needed for learning compass-and-map navigation without the restrictive cost of higher-end compasses. The durable acrylic baseplate sports an adjustable bearing, a compass ruler, a magnifying glass, and a 1:24,000 scale.
- Gear Junkie
This compact compass is a portable, durable, and compact compass which works well as a reliable back-up. Perfect for hunting, camping, industrial use and practically any other situation. Each product is field tested.
- Wilderness Today
Aspiring boy or girl scouts will love this waterproof Orienteering Compass from TurnOnSport, small enough to fit in any backpack. It even has a magnetic needle and attached magnifying glass for reading maps on-the-go.
- Families Love Travel

What experts didn't like

I don’t recommend this compass to anyone looking for a serious compass that they want to travel to the ends of the Earth with.
- Marine Approved
No compass housing. Not ideal for beginners. No lanyard included.
- Best Hiking Reviews
It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that a military-grade compass has, and it doesn’t have any electronic functions.
- BestCamping
No declination feature, no direction box.
- Gear Junkie
This isn’t a compass you’ll want as a primary compass for exploring the unknown.
- Wilderness Today

An Overview On Hiking Compasses

If you hike or camp, a compass is an essential tool to add to your backpack. On a hiking trail, you won’t always have access to GPS, requiring you to rely on maps and compasses for navigation. A compass uses a magnetized needle that rotates to line up with the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing you to determine, at any time, which way is north, east, south or west.

There are different types of compasses, with the baseplate compass being the most common. With a baseplate compass, the compass itself is filled with liquid and mounted on a rectangular base. This type of compass will sometimes also include a magnifying glass to help you read maps.

Most good compasses have features built in to improve accuracy. Declination adjustment helps account for the difference between true north and magnetic north for a better reading. When combined with a sighting mirror, declination adjustment can boost the accuracy of the readout. Sighting mirrors also can help you signal for help in an emergency and, on a less important note, can provide a handy way to check your appearance. One last useful feature is a clinometer, which can help you look out for avalanche hazards.

The Hiking Compass Buying Guide

  • Pay attention to the weight of the compass you choose. If you’re taking it hiking or even for a long walk, a little extra weight can become a burden after a while.
  • Although the magnifying glass can be useful on the trail, it does make it a little less portable. If you won’t need magnification, consider skipping this feature.
  • Some compasses come with lanyards or carabiners to make them easy to wear around your neck or attach to your pack.
  • Compasses can be useful tools for kids to learn to use. If you are choosing one for this purpose, look for one that’s designed for children, using bright colors and easy-to-read bezels.
  • A thermometer-compass combination can come in handy if you’ll be on the trail for a while. This tool will help you keep an eye on the weather while you’re navigating.
  • Hiking gear can be subjected to extreme conditions. If it rains while you’re hiking or you have to go through a body of water, it might get wet. Look for one with a waterproof, durable case if you think your hikes might put you in those conditions.
  • You won’t always be using your compass in daylight. One with a built-in light or one that glows in the dark will prove helpful when things are a little dark.