TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray

Last updated date: February 13, 2020

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TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray

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Overall Take

TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray is water-free and won't leave your hair feeling stiff. In fact, it sprays on dry! TRESemmé's unique formula also uses locking polymers to keep humidity from affecting your hairstyle. In our analysis of 28 expert reviews, the TRESemmé TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note April 14, 2020:
Checkout The Best Hairspray for a detailed review of all the top hairsprays.

Expert Summarized Score
3 expert reviews
User Summarized Score
2,611 user reviews
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What experts liked
This mist means business—it holds updos in place and controls frizz with humidity-blocking ingredients.
- Allure
This strong hold hairspray is used at New York Fashion Week. Free of parabens, dye, and aluminum.
Users of Tres Two rave about the light feel, non-sticky hold, but report that the “flyaway control” truly does keep in place stray hairs. In terms of value, Tres Two is top notch for several reasons: usage for any hair type (it’s unisex as well), trusted brand name, fair price, and large 11oz can.
- Tools of Men
What experts didn't like
The formula isn't flexible enough to brush out—so don't go switching up your style midday.
- Allure

From The Manufacturer

Need a flexible, anti frizz hair spray hold that really lasts? Try TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray with extra flyaway control, to achieve maximum hold on anything from elegant to everyday styles. Hairstyles take time, so securing them in place using hair styling products with a strong hold is essential for lasting control. One of the best options of our anti humidity hair products is the TRESemmé Extra Hold Collection. Its humidity resistant, anti frizz formula is designed for ultimate control. Plus, it’s never sticky or tacky and sprays on dry. With TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray you can achieve maximum hold and tame flyaways without settling for stiffness—only water free, humidity resistant flexible hold hair spray. All your hairstyles will be frizz free with all the grip and control you need that lasts all day. How to use: Step 1: Create your style with your favorite TRESemmé shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products. Step 2: Hold in place with TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray, spraying section by section, 10 12 inches away from hair. Step 3: For stronger hold, layer more spray exactly where you want more control. For ultimate body fullness, flip hair upside down and spray all over. Our TRESemmé TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray works great after styling with other TRESemmé hair styling products.

Overall Product Rankings

MOROCCANOIL Medium Hold Hairspray
1. MOROCCANOIL Medium Hold Hairspray
Overall Score: 9.7
Expert Reviews: 3
TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray
2. TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 3
L’Oreal Paris Extra Strong Hold Hairspray
3. L’Oreal Paris Extra Strong Hold Hairspray
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 3
TIGI Bed Head Massive Shine Hairspray
4. TIGI Bed Head Massive Shine Hairspray
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 3
Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray
5. Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 3
Dove Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray
6. Dove Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 2
Kenra Finishing Spray, Maximum Hold
7. Kenra Finishing Spray, Maximum Hold
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 1
MATRIX Hairspray, Flexible Hold
8. MATRIX Hairspray, Flexible Hold
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 3
Aussie UV Protection Hairspray, Maximum Hold
9. Aussie UV Protection Hairspray, Maximum Hold
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 1
Garnier Fructis Hairspray, Ultra Strong Hold
10. Garnier Fructis Hairspray, Ultra Strong Hold
Overall Score: 7.8
Expert Reviews: 3

An Overview On Hairsprays

Once you shape your hair and get it styled just the way you want it, you’ll need to use a little hairspray if you want to keep that look from coming undone as the day goes on. Hairspray was created back in 1948, and since the product has been around for over 70 years, it now comes in a variety of formulas.

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Before shopping for the best hairspray, you need to decide how much of a hold your hair requires. You’ll find choices include light, medium, firm and extra-strong. A light or medium hold would work well to hold back a few flyaways, while firm and extra strong are needed to lock in your style for a long period of time. The L’Oreal Paris Extra Strong Hold Hairspray works well for this, as it is designed to last up to 48 hours.

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Look for a hairspray that specializes in taming frizz if you find your hair is a bit kinky. For example, the TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray uses locking polymers that resist humidity and keep frizz controlled all day long.

Consider the ingredients used to make the hairspray. The MOROCCANOIL Medium Hold Hairspray actually infuses Argan oil into its formula, which not only gives hair a beautiful shine but also leaves it soft to the touch.

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Don’t forget to take fragrance into account. Most hairsprays have some type of odor and you don’t want to select one that isn’t pleasant, as you’ll be stuck smelling it all day. One formula that is known for its sweet aroma is the TIGI Bed Head Massive Shine Hairspray, which comes in a tropical berry scent.

DWYM Fun Fact

It turns out hairspray is extremely versatile and has many more uses than just keeping your hairstyle in place. Below are just a few of the ways you can put your bottle of hairspray to use.

  • Spraying your favorite bouquet of flowers with hairspray will preserve them, so you can enjoy them longer.
  • Adding hairspray to a lint-free cloth will help remove stubborn pet hair from your furniture. This trick also works to remove lint from your clothing.
  • Labels with sticky backing can become hard to remove over time. Spraying them with hairspray will release the residue, so you can quickly remove the label.
  • Waiting for your nails to dry can be torture. If you have places to go and people to see, spray your freshly painted nails with hairspray to speed up the drying time.

The Hairspray Buying Guide

  • Read the hairspray bottle’s product label to determine how far away you need to hold the can before spraying it on your hair. This distance typically ranges between 6 and 10 inches.
  • Hairspray is meant to be used on dry hair. If you need a styling product that is safe to use on wet hair, consider going with a mousse.
  • The cost of a bottle of hairspray is directly related to the ingredients used in its formula. You’ll find the TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Hairspray and the L’Oreal Paris Extra Strong Hold Hairspray are the most affordable. The TIGI Bed Head Massive Shine Hairspray comes with two bottles and is moderately priced. The most costly is the MOROCCANOIL Medium Hold Hairspray, which is infused with argan oil.