TF TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Last updated date: December 16, 2019

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TF TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

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We looked at the top Stocking Stuffers For Dad and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Stocking Stuffer For Dad you should buy.

Update as June 2, 2020:
Checkout The Best Stocking Stuffers For Dad for a detailed review of all the top stocking stuffers for dad.

Overall Take

We love how all the functions of the TF TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen for Self-Defense seem practical and fun. This self-defense tool has a flashlight and a bottle opener, along with a hard tip for self defense or to be used as a window-breaking device in an emergency, but most importantly it's the cool factor that will make it a great stocking-stuffer this holiday season.

In our analysis of 26 expert reviews, the TF TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen for Self-Defense placed 1st when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Take Flight It’s impossible to know when crisis will strike, & preparation could make the critical difference that matters. But walking around with a full survival kit seems like overkill? The 4-in-1 Tactical Pen is the discreet & practical way to stay ready for anything. With the strength & power to smash a car window, fend off an assault, & shine light …all while taking notes or clipped on your pocket. Stay safe & secure discreetly without having to carry dangerous or heavy items. Carry TakeFlight every day & be prepared when crisis comes your way. Father’s Day Gift for Dad Christmas Stocking Stuffer for Men Gadgets for Men Aircraft Grade Machined Aluminum Carried every day by Navy SEALS, SWAT, & Military Pilots, TakeFlight Tactical Pens are relied upon by the pros. The same grade of aluminum used in aircraft is CNC machined for maximum strength to weight ratio. In a crisis window breaking rescue, fending off an assault, or just wanting a pen that will last forever, strength is a vital priority. A tactical pen only provides as much security as it’s strength, & TakeFlight is all about strength. Coolest Pen in the Office Discreet | Always Ready for Crisis Versatility across crisis scenarios is crucial for truly tactical preparation. We’ve packed all the essentials without anything you don’t need, focusing on strength & quality. Ballpoint Pen Glass Breaker Tip LED Tactical Flashlight Bottle Opener 2 x Extra Refillable Ink Cartridges Extra Flashlight Battery LED Flashlight Glass Breaker Veteran Owned Business LED TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT During power blackouts or when walking alone at night, shining a light on the situation can prevent disaster. Plus, it’s just plain convenient when looking for your keys or when walking near roadways. The LED tactical flashlight also comes with a spare battery. Emergency Escape Glass Breaker Whether to rescue or escape an emergency, the glass breaker tip has the greatest potential to save a life. Car doors jammed after an accident, windows that won’t open in a fire, or fighting off an attacker are all potentially deadly scenarios for those unprepared. U.S. Veteran Owned Business Designed, owned, & operated by a United States military veteran with real world tactical experience. Our unique expertise allowed us to design a Tactical Pen that focused solely what matters to keep it’s carrier safe in a discreet & lightweight way.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

It’s manufactured by a veteran-owned company right here in the United States, meaning that you can support a cause that means a great deal to me personally by buying this pen. Plus, with a price tag of around $25, it’s definitely worth picking up and seeing how you like it.
- Marine Approved
August 8, 2019 | Full review
Most brothers appreciate the utility of having the right tool around when they need it. But few brothers carry around entire toolkits everywhere they go. That's where this tactical pen comes in handy. Your brother can slip the pen into a pocket or backpack and it'll always be ready for when they need to get out of a tight jam. You'll get the credit for helping them out immediately afterward, of course.
- 10 Best Review
The device is made of CNC machine aircraft grade aluminum to increase its strength. It has been used by military pilots as well as the navy seals.
- AppBodia
April 24, 2019 | Full review
The pen’s durability, portability, and concealment factor are its most important features. They make it an EDC multi-tool that you’re allowed to take with you anywhere, including on flights.
- Safety Hunters

What experts didn't like

The flashlight is not as powerful as you may think. It has a decent output if you need to work in small tight spaces but the battery runs out fast regardless.
- Safety Hunters

An Overview On Stocking Stuffers For Dad

What Christmas presents do you buy the man who has everything? Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for when the holidays come around since they often probably have figured out most of the things they need in their life and have acquired them over the years. For those hard-to-please types of dads out there who have all the things they need, it can be stressful to pick out a gift that they will appreciate and find useful at the same time. A good angle to approach this decision is by finding something that evokes joy from them or shows them some benefit in life that they never even knew they were missing out on. We give holiday gifts to the dads in our lives to offer them a small token of appreciation for the things that they’ve done and hopefully, our gifts can get a good laugh out of them or help them in a way they might need. We have found a handful of items that would make great stocking-stuffers for the dads in your life.

With age, it becomes more difficult to stay active and fit. Whether it be from a little extra unwanted weight around their midsection or that their knees are a little sorer and stiffer than before, a growing number of men are taking to riding bikes for exercise or commuting to work. As most dads would say, it’s important to be safe! While they pass that wisdom on to their children, they might also be the first ones to break their own rules and perform activities like riding their bikes without basic safety equipment. At night, having lights on their bikes can help vehicles see them clearly and avoid a potential accident. Even better than a traditional red taillight, a set of glowing LED lights like the Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights on the spokes of their bike tires would illuminate their face as well as their new ride. And if anyone knows how to install them on the spokes of a bike, it’ll probably be him.

Dad’s are defacto handymen in their households, often wielding an unnecessary power tool or nifty gadget that will get their odd jobs done. Buying tools for these men has been tried for many years and always comes with mixed results. They have a lot of tools and maybe the one you buy them doesn’t work with their current set of battery chargers, or perhaps they already have that same tool. In the case that you don’t know exactly what tools they do or don’t need, a perfect gift is something like the RAK Magnetic Wristband that they can strap on their wrist at the beginning of a project to hold random metallic items like drill bits or screws. This wristband puts those pesky little nails and screws securely on your wrist where they are easy to grab and hard to lose. For the forgetful handyman, this gift will be a useful addition to his workshop.

If that handyman dad of yours has a messy workshop or garage, you have probably heard him groaning out there when he can’t find a tool that he needs because it’s buried somewhere in his cluttered assortment of parts, surely accumulated over many years. A really handy socket like the Moongo Tool Universal Socket Power Drill Adapter can be a great gift for this type of dad as it can replace the need for sockets ranging from 1/4″ to 3/4″ due to its fun and creative design. This means that if they can keep this one universal socket in a place where they can find it, they won’t need to spend half an hour digging through all their old sockets to find the exact right one every time they need to loosen a bolt or nut somewhere. A useful gift will always excite a hard-to-please dad and this might just be one of those instances when he’s excited to try out his new toy as soon as possible.

Dads are practical and like useful things. Dads are also just grown-up boys and like cool toys just as much as they ever did. If you can find a product that satisfies their inner child by having that cool factor while also being a product that is useful and practical, then you’ve found them a pretty good gift. One such product is the rad-looking TF TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen for Self-Defense which is a pen, a screwdriver, a flashlight, a window-breaking safety device and, among other things, a self-defense weapon. Imagine Dad’s face when he sees this gift, his mind wandering through all the infinite possibilities that could play out where he whips his tactical pen out of his pocket to save the day!

The Stocking Stuffer For Dad Buying Guide

Buying a Christmas gift for Dad can more simple than you think if you narrow it down based on a few things you know about him.

  • Fit your gift to their personality by thinking about the things they might like to receive from you. A dad with a good sense of humor would appreciate a gift that was whimsical and funny, while a handyman dad might think highly of a practical new gadget that helps make their life easier.
  • Think of an item that they want but aren’t willing to buy for themselves.
  • If they have something they like to use or wear, but it looks worn down, many dads will continue to keep using or wearing it because it still works. This would be a great time to buy them a newer or better version of that, and the benefit is you already know they like it.