TECKNET Portable Laptop Cooling Pad

Last updated date: December 2, 2021

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TECKNET Portable Laptop Cooling Pad

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Update as December 2, 2021:
Checkout The Best Laptop Cooling Pad for a detailed review of all the top .

Overall Take

The size of this laptop cooling pad makes it compatible with a wide array of laptops. It prevents heat buildup effectively in gaming rigs with twin 110 mm fans. The thin build and lightweight construction means you can easily take it on the road.

In our analysis of 16 expert reviews, the TECKNET Portable Laptop Cooling Pad placed 8th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Tecknet Laptop Cooling Pad with a metal mesh surface provides excellent airflow to help keep your laptop, notebook, netbook, ultrabook or Apple Mac BookPro cool and avoids overheating during long periods of gaming or browsing online

Expert Reviews

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4,352 user reviews

What experts liked

Prevents heat build-up, Lightweight
- SuperAds
This is another reputable decent option. This is a great rate! TeckNet is a well-known brand among the connoisseurs of reasonably-priced computer devices. Current users of the cooler agree that it is stylish and pretty enough, even for a MacBook. Another advantage of this cooling pad is its thinness as it is very portable.
- Gadgets Reviews
Slim and portable, Compatible with different laptops, Great for gaming laptops
- CTOP Reviews
The TeckNet N5 Ultra-Slim Quiet laptop notebook cooler is a basic cooling pad with a simple wedge design, made for use on tables and laps alike.
- Laptop Magazine
Well rounded product with an affordable price tag.
- BestReviews

What experts didn't like

Quality might not be at par
- SuperAds
Maybe too small for the computer
- CTOP Reviews
Fans can be a bit noisy
- BestReviews

An Overview On

Most of us love the satisfying click-clack of a laptop keyboard, whether it’s the result of a day’s hard work or a hardcore gaming session. But there’s one sound we don’t want to hear coming out of our laptop, and that’s the internal fan. If you hear that fan on full blast for long periods of time, and still feel your computer heating up? Chances are you’re either running too much software on old hardware or you’re pushing a gaming laptop to its limits.

In either case, there’s one relatively cheap way to bring down the heat: A laptop cooling pad.

The concept behind these pads is simple. They use tiny fans to blow cool air directly onto the underside of your computer, where heat normally gets trapped. That gives the internal fans a break and reduces the chance of overheating. It’s not likely to improve your processing power by leaps and bounds, but it can certainly help if you’re testing the limits of your laptop.

Mind you, there are cooling pads that are simply made of heat-resistant materials or have grooves to promote airflow. Unless you’re on a strict budget, give these pads a pass. Despite their name, they won’t do much to bring the temperature down.

When it comes to the cooling pads with fans, the criteria are much the same as if you were buying a regular ceiling fan. You want something that pushes a lot of air and ideally does it quietly. Many pads will advertise powerful fans and cite the RPM as a measure of their speed. A more useful stat is CFM, or cubic feet per minute. That actually measures how much air is being moved by a fan, and a good cooling pad should be able to reach 50-60 CFM at the highest setting.

Bear in mind that, unlike your laptop, those fans will be running constantly. That’s where efficiency comes in. Loud whooshing noises can be a buzzkill on intense gaming sessions, so you’ll want to make sure your pad isn’t louder than your laptop itself. Most high-powered pads operate at around 50-55 dB, though they can be much quieter on the lower settings.

There are a variety of configurations on cooling pads, so don’t just consider the interior workings. Make sure to pick the pad that suits your environment. If you work at a desk, a flat or slightly inclined pad may be all you need. If you use your laptop on your lap most of the time — say, in bed or on the couch — you may want a cooling pad with a tapered frame around it, or side vents so that the airflow doesn’t get hampered by your sheets.

The Buying Guide

One thing to remember, especially if you’re a multi-tasker: Cooling pads don’t run on their own power. Most of them need to be docked into one of the USB ports on your laptop, which means you’ll have one less slot to charge your phones or power other peripherals. If that’s an issue, look for a cooling pad that has a pass-through USB port, or possibly even several if you need the extra hook-ups.