Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter & Dough Blender

Last updated: August 2, 2022

Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter & Dough Blender

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We looked at the top Pastry Cutters and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Pastry Cutter you should buy.

Overall Take

This pastry cutter is designed for small and mid-sized hands, while a separately sold large version is designed for those who have larger hands. The rubberized handle makes gripping the pastry cutter while you work comfortable, reducing pain and wrist strain. That comfortable handle also provides non-skid functionality to keep you safe while you cut.

In our analysis of 49 expert reviews, the Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter & Dough Blender placed 5th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Spring Chef Dough Blender, Top Professional Pastry Cutter with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blades (Black-Medium) dough blender pastry cutter stainless steel medium size dough blender pastry cutter stainless steel 0E-9PSD-P1HG

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

High quality handle. The handle is quite sturdy and handles pressure incredibly well and you can grip it without the fear of it breaking or slipping out of your hands.
The metal blades which are strong and sturdy allows not only cutting soft items such as butter in flour but also allows to chop hard items such as vegetable, nuts, etc.
Unlike the traditionally wired blenders, these with blades are more efficient in mixing and can effortlessly cut through the large chunks of butter. The thicker blades also enhance the utility of the tool.
Sturdy and durable with thick rubber handle. Extra thick metal blades. Mixes butter quickly and uniformly. Heavy-duty without being heavy. Great construction. Easily blends in even frozen butter. Dishwasher safe.
The stainless steel construction holds firm even when handling large volumes of dough and doesn’t warp, become weak over time, rust, fade, or corrode.
It's sturdy, features thick and sturdy blades, and includes a soft-grip handle for convenience.
Sturdy and durable with five thick metal blades and a comfortable rubberized hand grip, this top-rated pastry blender from Spring Chef will save you time and energy during baking prep.
The handle is comfortable for people who easily get sore after rigorous movement and can fit from small to medium-sized hands perfectly. The handle is also rubberized so it goes easy on everyone.
I not only use it for cutting shortening into pastry doughs, but also chopping hard boiled eggs, and all sorts of things.
Wrist fatigue is prevented by the soft cushioned grip, which is also suitable for medium-sized hands. Use this dough blender for a variety of options, even for making baby food, guacamole or salsa.

What experts didn't like

The only downside is that it isn’t really suited for big hands. If you are have larger than average hands, you will probably encounter some issues while using this dough blender.
The handle is a bit small for comfortable use.
On the downside, one issue with this blender is its size. It measures just three inches across, making it impractical for large-handed people.


Making delicious foods like pastries and cookies can be fun and rewarding, provided you have the proper tools. One of those tools is a pastry cutter, which you’ll need to use if you ever see a recipe that calls for “cutting” butter into the dough. This direction is designed to keep the butter from becoming incorporated into the dough itself.

You don’t need a pastry cutter to cut butter into dough, but it makes the task much easier. You can, instead, put dough on your fingers and quickly press the butter in, but if you aren’t careful, the butter will begin to melt, and the integrity of the recipe will be at risk. You can also use a food processor, but those are more expensive and involved than a pastry cutter, which is an affordable item you can keep in your kitchen cabinet for whenever you need it.

When you’re working with dough, your hands and wrists can suffer fatigue after a while. A rubberized handle can cut down on that, providing cushioning that will keep your hands comfortable for a typical cutting session. Some pastry cutters also come in multiple sizes, which comes in handy if you have large hands that make standard pastry cutters difficult to maneuver.

Many pastry cutters are sold in sets that include cookie or biscuit cutters. You may only need a pastry cutter, at which point this type of bundle won’t help you, but it’s worth considering if you think you might ever want to make cookies or biscuits. Some biscuit cutters are even available in multiple sizes to let you customize your baking experience.

The blade of your pastry cutter is also an important feature. You’ll see some pastry cutters that advertise a thin blade, while others promote the durability of their thicker blades. Thin, sharp blades can be very effective in cutting through hard, sticky dough, so they might be a more versatile option.

Buying Advice

  • Although many pastry cutters emphasize how durable and heavy-duty they are, the truth is that most can withstand years of use without incident. However, a sturdier build can also make a pastry cutter easier to use, especially if the handle is thick and rubber-covered. That rubber will soften the contact between the cutter and your hand, making for a more comfortable cutting experience.
  • One concern with pastry cutters is rust. Look for food-grade stainless steel construction.
  • In addition to comfort, a rubberized handle can also prevent your hand from slipping while you’re cutting, which helps keep you safe. No matter what handle your pastry cutter of choice has, make sure slipping won’t be a problem.
  • Pastry cutters can go well beyond cutting butter into dough. They can be used as mashers and blenders for making baby food, hard-boiled eggs, guacamole and much more.
  • With the pastry cutters that include cookie cutters, consider the types of cookies you’ll make. Some sets include decorating stencils that will allow you to make festive cookies for the holidays or other occasions.
  • Cleanup is another factor, especially considering how messy working with dough can be. Most pastry cutters are dishwasher safe, but for best results, wash them on the top rack.
  • Since the blades of pastry cutters can be sharp, it’s important to keep safety in mind as you pick one, particularly if the youngest members of your family will be helping you out. Some pastry cutters have rolled-top edges for foolproof cutting, but you should always use caution when working around blades. Some biscuit cutters have dangerous seams, so look for one with a more seamless design if safety is a concern.
  • Another safety concern relates more to chemicals leaching into the food you’re making. Food-grade stainless steel takes this into consideration, often ensuring there are no chemicals or toxins that can worry health-conscious households.