Sotya Tetsubin Handmade Artisan Tea Pot Kettle, 1.3-Quart

Last updated date: October 4, 2022

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Sotya Tetsubin Handmade Artisan Tea Pot Kettle, 1.3-Quart

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We looked at the top Tea Pot Kettles and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Tea Pot Kettle you should buy.

Update as October 17, 2022:
Checkout The Best Tea Pot Kettle for a detailed review of all the top tea pot kettles.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 105 expert reviews, the Sotya Tetsubin Handmade Artisan Tea Pot Kettle, 1.3-Quart placed 8th when we looked at the top 22 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

ABOUT SOTYA SOTYA brand established in 2010,leading a team focus on producing traditional japanese cast iron teapot.SOTYA artisan combined the spirit of the tea ceremony into the iron teapot production,enhance the intrinsic value of iron teapot. Use and Maintenance 1.When first use, put 5-10 grams of tea into the iron pot and brewing for about 10 minutes.A tannin film will cover the inside of the pot, which is the reaction of tannin from tea leaves and Fe2+ from iron pot, will protect the pot from rusting and remove the odor of new pot.Pour away the water when boiled, then repeat brewing 2-3 times untile the water is clear. 2.Iron pot be used for about 5 days, there will be red internal like rust, about 10 days there will be white scale, after long-term use, the interior will be all red,but if the boiled water is still clear,do not remove it,as it is not rust so no need to wipe or wash it. 3.Every time after uses, do not forget to empty the pot. Take the lid off when drying, the remaining water will slowly be evaporated. 4.Please do not wash or rub the teapot inside or outside with a sponge, detergent, brush or cleaning implement.You may polish the surface of the teapot with a lightly squeezed soft cloth, which has been soaked with tea as this will help to keep it looking glossy. cast iron teapot=boiled water The teapot can be used to boil water directly on the stove,the radiant-cooker and a low flame will be more fit to it. cast iron teapot=make tea There is a stainless steel mesh,you can put loose tea or tea bags into teapot to make tea directly.Iron pot boiling water tast like spring water,enhance tea aroma.Exquisite tea service,alluring smell of tea. cast iron teapot=artwork Retro styling, unique design and the beautiful exterior of teapot is quite rare and very collectable.

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What experts liked

Beautiful and unique exterior design. Stainless steel mesh to filter leftovers. Available in three color options. Easy to clean and maintain.
- Top 10 Supreme
The Sotya Tetsubin is a beautiful masterpiece, crafted with heavy-duty cast iron. They don’t just sell their product but also take care of the after service. This Japanese Tetsubin improves the quality of water. By releasing iron ions and chloride ions in the water, you can exceed the water quality.
- Home Gear X
The craftsmanship of this teapot is exquisite. The interior is coated with a layer of enamel for ease of cleaning. The handle and the lid have a special design that will make burning impossible. The teapot has a capacity of 40 ounces, which is enough to satisfy an entire household.
- Best Cast Iron Teapots Review
We found that the handle and the cover lid behave perfectly when you pour without falling, so it is safe to use the teapot without having to hold the lid from above. The teapot is glazed and is made of cast iron, which gives much longer conservation of the heat.
- Japan Food Style

What experts didn't like

It can be a little bit noisy when heating.
- Top 10 Supreme
The capacity of this kettle is disappointing. It is too small. You are recommended not to pour more than 750 ml of water in the pot. It will overflow while boiling.
- Home Gear X
Make sure to properly dry it after use to avoid the formation of small rust spots.
- Japan Food Style

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Tea Pot Kettles

Only water beats out tea as the most widely consumed beverage in the world. In fact, the United States alone saw tea sales of over $12 billion in 2018. If you find yourself among these numbers, you’ll want to invest in a quality stovetop teapot kettle.

Determine whether you’d like a kettle made of stainless steel, which doesn’t rust or stain, or one constructed from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Glass models allow you to actually see the tea as it brews.

Decide whether you’d like a model that also has an infuser for use with loose and blooming teas. There are tea kettles that have built-in infusers, as well as pots that have removable infusers. You’ll even find units with an infuser basket that can be placed directly in your teacup.

Check the tea kettle’s handle. You want to make sure it has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold. It may come with a silicone coating to keep your hand from slipping. If the teapot has a covering over the spout, you’ll want a handle with a simple touch-button, so that you can open the spout with one hand while holding your teacup in the other.

Consider stovetop teapot kettles that come with a few extras. For example, you may find a model that includes a loose tea sampler and four serving mugs. This set is especially a great choice if you are in need of a housewarming, holiday or birthday gift.

The Tea Pot Kettle Buying Guide

  • Most stovetop teapot kettles are not suitable for use with an induction stove or cooktop.
  • Be careful of teapots that sputter water before you open the spout. The water will be hot enough to scald your skin.
  • There are models that are both microwave- and refrigerator-safe if that is a feature that interests you.
  • Check the stovetop teapot kettle’s cleaning instructions. Some must be washed by hand using dish soap and warm water, while others are listed as okay to place on the top shelf of a dishwasher.
  • If you use loose teas, make sure you store them in a sealed container in a cool dry location. Otherwise, they will absorb the moisture from the air.
  • Construction materials play the biggest role in the price of stovetop teapot kettles. You’ll find glass kettles cost less than stainless steel models. When comparing the glass kettles, you’ll need to consider whether the kettle is being sold with or without accessories, as a model that comes with four glass mugs and a loose-tea sampler will cost more than a model with just a teapot.