Slim Jim Giant Dill Pickle, 24-Pack

Last updated date: March 20, 2020

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Slim Jim Giant Dill Pickle, 24-Pack

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Overall Take

Like a little protein in your snack diet? Slim Jim Giant Dill Pickle packages contain the company's usual beef stick, seasoned with the taste of Vlasic dill pickles. It's great for those who want that briny taste without the messy brine. It's also filling enough to tide hungry pickle lovers over between meals. In our analysis of 23 expert reviews, the Slim Jim Slim Jim Giant Dill Pickle, 24-Pack placed 3rd when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note March 20, 2020:
Checkout The Best Pickle Snack for a detailed review of all the top pickle snacks.

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What experts liked
Slim Jim just released a Vlasic dill pickle flavor that you'll start to see on shelves as early as November 2019. The mighty pickle has graduated now from something you crunch to something you chew.
- Bustle
The next time you stop at a convenience store, you’ll want to check for Slim Jim’s new Dill Pickle flavor. That’s right — the jerky brand has (finally) hopped on the pickle trend for your new go-to snack. The beef, pork, and chicken mix stick now packs a punch of Vlasic pickle flavor. The Slim Jim Dill Pickle sticks will start rolling out on shelves at convenience stores and retail locations nationwide beginning in November. We don’t know about you, but a Slim Jim-Vlasic combination sounds like a winner to us.
- Best Products
would eat again if I was on a road trip and wanted a snack that was not too salty and the convenience store I stopped at had no regular Slim Jims.
- Omaha World-Herald
What experts didn't like
I tried it. It’s ... fine. In my opinion as a pickle connoisseur, the pickle essence is closer to the manufactured flavor on a dill pickle potato chip than the refreshing brine on a kosher dill.
- Omaha World-Herald

From The Manufacturer

When it comes to snacking, they say size Matters. That’s why Slim Jim Giant size dill pickle flavored smoked Meat Sticks have big, meaty flavor. Made with beef, pork and chicken, tame the giant meat-lover in you with 6 grams of protein in each serving. Each giant snack stick comes individually wrapped in a 24-count box, So you can enjoy a savory snack anywhere you want. And then there's the flavor. Seasoned with the Classic taste of Vlasic dill pickle flavor, This is the kind of snack that turns cowboys into cowmen. So go ahead, and fill your kitchen pantry with this dill-pickle-flavored treat. Don’t wait 'til that gigantic hunger comes calling; snap into a giant Slim Jim meat stick, and snack big.

Overall Product Rankings

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Slim Jim Giant Dill Pickle, 24-Pack
3. Slim Jim Giant Dill Pickle, 24-Pack
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 3
Rick’s Picks Garlic Dill Pickle Spears, 12-Pack
4. Rick’s Picks Garlic Dill Pickle Spears, 12-Pack
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Dee’s Nuts Dill Pickle Flavored Gourmet Peanuts
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OH SNAP! Hot n’ Spicy Pickle Snacking Cuts, 12-Pack
6. OH SNAP! Hot n’ Spicy Pickle Snacking Cuts, 12-Pack
Overall Score: 7.0
Expert Reviews: 7

An Overview On Pickle Snacks

If you’ve acquired a taste for their salty, sour kick, pickles can be an irresistible snack. But did you know it’s also one of the most versatile?

Really, this should come as news to no one. We see pickles served up as side dishes and garnishes on everything from sandwiches to fine dining entrees. And as anyone who’s been to a county fair knows, they taste pretty decadent when fried.

The fermentation process that turns cucumbers into pickles also increases their longevity, which makes them the ideal candidate for a bagged snack. You can expect pickles that are traditionally brined in saltwater to last up to two years. Processed or dried pickle snacks can last significantly longer than that.

But are they healthy? Good question. Processed pickle snacks can vary wildly depending on what additives have been thrown into the mix, so check the packaging if you’re watching your calories or have allergies. Standard pickles are actually quite low in calories, but their sodium content is high. As with any snack, enjoy in moderation.

DWYM Fun Fact

Pickles seem like such an innocuous comfort food. So how did the phrase “in a pickle” become slang for a troublesome situation?

The most popular early use of that idiom is likely in Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest,” where the shipwrecked sailor Alonso asks the jester Trinculo, “How camest thou in this pickle?” But the phrase has its roots in a Dutch phrase loosely translated as “sitting in the pickle,” which basically means “to be drunk.”

The Pickle Snack Buying Guide

  • Pickles can be made either through soaking cucumbers in vinegar or saltwater. The former method can be done a lot quicker, but generally results in a different, more muted flavor. Saltwater brining not only brings out the signature kick of traditional pickles, but it can also impart extra health benefits. The saltwater ferments the cucumber, creating probiotics that can boost your gut health.
  • Are pickles gluten-free? Not always. While there’s nothing in a bare-bones, traditional pickle that contains gluten, many commercially sold brands are at risk of cross-contamination. What’s more, pickles made with vinegar brine might trigger an allergy in those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. It’s always best to check the packaging to be sure.