Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Vacuum

Last updated date: January 17, 2019

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 59 expert reviews, the Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Vacuum placed 5th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note March 16, 2019:
Checkout The Best Shark Vacuum for a detailed review of all the top shark vacuums.

Expert Summarized Score
4 expert reviews
User Summarized Score
516 user reviews
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What experts liked
IONFlex enables greater versatility and Free-Standing Parking. It also has 5 year warranty and 2 year for battery.
- Will's Best Vacuums
Flexible wand allows gives it more maneuverability and reach under furniture and LED headlights gives it better visibility.
- Best Cordless Vacuum Guide
This thing has a lot of suction for a cordless and the battery life is decent.
- Consumer Reports
The floor nozzle also has an indicator light that turns red when one of the brush rolls is stuck and two LED headlights for visibility. The wand-release button allows you to transform the stick vacuum into a handheld appliance for automobile and elevated cleaning. Plus, the upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool and anti-allergen tool easily slide on and off the extension wand.
- HouseholdMe
What experts didn't like
Slight resistance on back stroke when cleaning carpet and no HEPA filtration
- Will's Best Vacuums
It takes around 3.5 hours to recharge and not as maneuverable as the V8
- Best Cordless Vacuum Guide
Not a replacement if you have a lot or carpet
- Consumer Reports

From The Manufacturer

The Shark IONFlex provides the benefits of DuoClean technology with cordless convenience. Removable, rechargeable ION Power Pack lithium-ion battery provides cleaning power where and when you need it with a variety of charging options. Featuring DuoClean Technology, a combination of a bristle brush and soft roller invented to clean fine dust and small and large particles on both carpets and floors. MultiFlex Technology folds over for compact, free-standing storage and provides flexible reach to get under beds, couches, and tables. Smart Response Technology provides a range of performance-enhancing power settings, tailored for your cleaning needs on carpets and floors.

Overall Product Rankings

1. Shark TruePet Lift-Away Upright Vacuum
Overall Score: 9.7
Expert Reviews: 6
2. Shark LiftAway Vacuum Cleaner
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 6
3. Shark Rocket DuoClean
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 10
4. Shark Rocket Complete Ultra-Light
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 2
5. Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Vacuum
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 4
6. Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 5
7. Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 5
8. Shark Robot Cleaning System
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 4
9. Shark ION Robot Vacuum
Overall Score: 7.3
Expert Reviews: 6

An Overview On Shark Vacuums

Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home can be easier said than done. But, if you’ve already decided on the brand you’d like, you’re halfway there. Shark is a leading name in the household appliance industry. So if you’ve selected this as the brand you’d like to bring into your house to help keep things tidy, you’ve chosen well. However, there are many different types of vacuums under the Shark name, so now it’s time to compare a few to find out which one really is the best one for you.

For example, the Shark TruePet Canister Upright Vacuum was voted as the best overall when examining the brand’s top products. However, if you don’t have pets and therefore a ton of hair to pick up all over the house, this may not be the option for you.

In that case, you may want to go for the best value, which likely means you’ll walk away with the Navigator LiftAway Vacuum. This model is easy to maneuver and works on a variety of surfaces, including hardwoods, carpet and more.

There’s much to be considered when shopping for a vacuum, but the good news is that Shark has a lot to offer. So, whatever your needs may be, there’s bound to be a machine that will get the job done — a highly rated machine, at that.

Stick around and we’ll get into the nitty-gritty (pun intended!) of what makes each of the four top-rated Shark vacuums so great. In the process, you’ll discover exactly what your home needs from a vacuum cleaner in terms of pick-up power, maneuverability, storage and more. Then, you’ll be well on your way to maintaining a tidy space once and for all.

Here’s to finding the Shark vacuum that will work for you. After all, when it comes to keeping your home clean, only the best will do!

DYWM Fun Fact

Despite the fact that the vacuum was originally invented in 1860, Shark vacuums have only been around since 1998. Yet they’ve quickly managed to become one of the most well-known brands in this category. This likely has something to do with the fact that the company prides itself on providing items that “fit the lifestyles of busy people” in order to “positively impact- people’s lives every day.” How could you not support a company with those kinds of values?

The Shark company also owns Ninja, the well-known kitchen appliance brand. So the company definitely understands what you need in your home and is constantly looking to grow to be ahead of your needs and wants.

“We still feel that there’s a significant opportunity for growth in the categories that we’re in,” the company’s president, Mark Barrocas told Forbes. “Although we are market leaders, I think the upside growth opportunities are there. We weren’t in the kitchen appliances business five years ago. Five years from now, there will be other categories and segments that we’ll be able to be in. You will see our Shark and Ninja brands in more products and in other areas of the home.”

The Shark Vacuum Buying Guide

  • While it may not be the obvious thing to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, how much the machine weighs should definitely play a role in your decision. If you’re going to be lifting this thing up and down stairs to clean multiple levels in your home, you’re likely going to want something that’s lightweight. In that case, look to the Rocket DuoClean or the Rocket Complete Ultra-Light models to make things easier on yourself.
  • Be sure to think about where you’ll be storing your vacuum when it’s not in use. The bigger and bulkier the machine, the larger the closet or space you’ll need to make sure it’s not in the way until you need it. If you’ve got a large laundry room or closet to store your machine in, the TruePet Canister option could work great for big messes in your home. If you’re in a smaller space, however, a large vacuum might feel like clutter if not properly put away. So be sure you know exactly where your vacuum will “live” in your home before making a purchase.
  • While you’re definitely more focused on how a vacuum will keep your space clean, you’ll also have to think about what is required to keep your vacuum clean and operating at its best. A canister vacuum, such as the Navigator LiftAway model, makes it easy to tell when it’s time to empty the canister so that there’s plenty of space for sucking up debris and more. You’ll never have to guess when it’s time to empty what your vacuum’s collected so far, as you might with bag vacuum models.
  • You’ll definitely want to consider the type of suction power you need for your home. Do you have carpets? Pets? Kids? All of this will come into play when choosing the best machine to keep things clean. The TruePet Canister Upright and Navigator LiftAway models are great for heavy-duty types of cleanup. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a smaller apartment with tiled floors, a heavy duty vacuum with tons of suction power may not be necessary to keep your space in order. The types of messes you clean up most often will dictate your needs here.
  • The surfaces your vacuum will encounter also matter. Will it be transitioning from tile to carpet as you move from room to room? If so, you’re going to want something that will easily adjust to the different needs for picking up on a smooth surface versus one that can trap dust and debris. Models such as the Navigator LiftAway and the Rocket DuoClean are great if you’ve got multiple types of flooring throughout your home. They’re made to transition from room to room and offer versatility, attachments and more to suit your needs.