Seattle’s Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Ground Dark Roast Coffee

Last updated date: April 4, 2022

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Seattle’s Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Ground Dark Roast Coffee

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We looked at the top Ground Dark Roast Coffees and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Ground Dark Roast Coffee you should buy.

Update as April 26, 2022:
Checkout The Best Ground Dark Roast Coffee for a detailed review of all the top ground dark roast coffees.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 12 expert reviews, the Seattle's Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Ground Dark Roast Coffee placed 7th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Seattle’s Best Coffee has a new look but the same premium beans, specially roasted for a smooth taste. Post Alley Blend is our most intense dark roast coffee with smoky flavor. Our recommendation for a great cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee is 1 tbsp (5 g) of ground coffee for every 6 fl. oz. (180 mL) of water. For finest taste, use cold, filtered water and store ground coffee in a cool, dark place. Each pack includes a 20-ounce bag of ground Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Dark roasted coffee with a smooth finish. A robust and balanced flavor produces a delectable cup of coffee.
- Coffee Tutorial
It has a low acidity level, which creates a much more smooth cup of coffee than other products out there. The flavor is rich and bold. This is a truly high-quality cup of coffee. It has a strong, even intense aroma, especially from the fresh grinding of coffee beans.
- The Darkest Roast

What experts didn't like

Some reviews have suggested that the aroma was average.
- Coffee Tutorial
Some may find the taste a bit too intense or too bold for them.
- The Darkest Roast

An Overview On Ground Dark Roast Coffees

For many people, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is like no other. It can wake people out of a deep sleep, revive them so they are ready for the day ahead and give them a boost of energy to get going. For others, coffee is more than just a pick-me-up, it is a beverage to be enjoyed with friends while discussing the latest gossip. Whatever role coffee plays in your life, it’s likely you want to enjoy the flavor. For many people, ground dark roast coffee makes the best cup of joe.

Dark roast coffee is a dark brown color and has an oily and shiny surface. It is made by roasting coffee beans until they go from green to brown. This kind of coffee has a heavy body with low acid taste, with sweet notes that taste rich.

When buying dark roast coffee, it’s important to stay away from coffee that is too dark or almost burnt, as that can have an ashy, unpleasant flavor. Some coffee roasters hide the taste of poor quality coffee beans by over roasting them, so that all you can taste is the flavor of the roasting process and not of the actual coffee. However, good dark roast coffee is made from fresh coffee beans, not old and stale ones. This helps the delicious natural flavors of the coffee to come forward, so that you get a cup of coffee that is dark but not bitter.

The Ground Dark Roast Coffee Buying Guide

  • Classic dark roast coffee has a chocolatey taste. While it is excellent just black or with a little cream and sugar, you can enhance the flavor of the coffee in certain ways. If you prefer sweeter coffee, consider adding in some maple syrup or caramel to your cup to bring out the sweetness in your coffee. If you enjoy playing with spices, sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon or nutmeg in your cup to really transform the flavor and bring out the delicious aroma.
  • The texture of dark roast coffee is naturally thick and oily as the oils from the beans emerge while they are being roasted. That is why you often don’t need to add in heavy cream to a dark roast cup – it is already pretty rich and creamy.
  • Dark roast coffee has a low-acid flavor, unlike other types of coffee. This makes it perfect for pairing with creamy and rich foods like tiramisu, pastries, cheesecake and chocolate cake. Dark roast coffee also goes well with quiche, yogurt and creamy soups. You can even pair it with spicy dishes such as curries.
  • While many people drink dark roast coffee hot, it also makes for an excellent cold brew thanks to its natural chocolatey taste. Try having it iced on a cold day and see how refreshing it can be.
  • Ground dark roast coffee is available in different quantities, such as 12 ounces or 20 ounces. Consider how often you drink coffee and how much you drink at a time to determine how much to purchase.
  • You can find ground dark roast coffee in bags or tubs. Bags take up less space, so they are perfect for smaller kitchens with less storage space. Tubs, while they take up more room, are more convenient because they are easy to use and make less mess than bags.