Seat Of Your Soul Adjustable Height & Firmness Meditation Cushion

Last updated date: March 28, 2023

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Seat Of Your Soul Adjustable Height & Firmness Meditation Cushion

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We looked at the top Meditation Cushions and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Meditation Cushion you should buy.

Update as March 28, 2023:
Checkout The Best Meditation Cushion for a detailed review of all the top meditation cushions.

Overall Take

The 100 percent cotton cover of this cushion is made from organic materials and designed to support up to 350 pounds or more. All materials are sustainably sourced to make it an eco-friendly option. The outer cover can be removed and machine washed in cold water for easy cleanup.

In our analysis, the Seat Of Your Soul Seat Of Your Soul Adjustable Height & Firmness Meditation Cushion placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

CRESCENTS HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE & RESPECT – Our proud GOTS Certification holds our products supply chain to high socially responsible standards; It assures all materials, props and accessories used in manufacturing every floor pouf are Organic, Eco-Friendly & Sustainably sourced; Let our own mindfulness and values permeate through your practice. DURABLE ORGANIC COVER & CARRYING STRAP – For sitting on the floor or to take it on-the-go with its practical Handle, this halfmoon traditional buddhist seat Supports 350+ lbs. body weight with tight double stitched Strong tensile threads; The crescent’s Soft cotton outer cover’s fabric is sturdy and Machine-Washable in cold water; the colors stay extra vibrant, looking good, zen and in great shape for years. ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR TASTE – Our hulls are held in Another zippered lining; Open the wrap-around zipper of the outer cover and Adjust the Volume and Density of your filling quickly and effortlessly; Customize your cushion for a perfect fit with your preferred positions; Whether you prefer seating on your half moon full lotus on a bench, a chair or kneeling prayer style, you can shape it exactly how you want it. NOW FILLED WITH US BUCKWHEATS, NO BUGS, NO TOXIC PRODUCTS – Since 2017, hulls are carefully treated without harsh chemicals and re-inspected in-house for quality control; We use top quality USA Farmed hulls (unlike others filling with lumpy kapok or batting); Each load is high-flow dust filtered, the hulls are Bigger and Uncrushed for better airflow, Temperature control, Posture alignment and Spinal support; Local Farmers are grateful for your patronage. SIZES FOR YOUR SHAPE, COLORS FOR YOUR TASTE – This Crescent Half-Moon Cushion is 17×10.5×5” but you can make a set, SeatOfYourSoul also offers Round Zafu of 15x15x5.5″, Square Zabuton of 22x22x3” or Large Rectangular Bolsters of 28x9x5″; Fit for small kids’ story time, tall teens watching TV, adults practicing Zazen, Vipassana or Transcendental there’s a size for you; float away in peace by fully experiencing the calm of untroubled meditation.

An Overview On Meditation Cushions

Meditation has evolved over the years. What was once considered a spiritual and self-actualizing process is now being looked at as bringing health benefits. Some research indicates that meditation can help with not only understanding how you think, but eventually starting to control it.

But no matter how you use meditation, the fact remains that it brings some mental health benefits. Maybe you use it to relax when things get stressful, or perhaps you simply like to center yourself and live in the moment. Setting some time aside each day to meditate can help you tackle the day’s challenges.

You can meditate at any time, anywhere. You might enjoy a brief bout of mindfulness while waiting patiently at a traffic light, for instance. Or maybe you take a few minutes to center yourself after a particularly dramatic interaction at work. For many, though, meditation means setting quiet time aside each day in a designated space.

Comfort is important in meditation. If you’re seated on a hardwood floor, wearing uncomfortable clothing, you might find it tough to focus. Thoughts of the pain certain parts of your body are suffering will threaten to take over. Investing in loose, comfortable clothing that you can wear while meditating can put you on the right path.

Once you’ve squared away clothing options, you’ll need a good place to sit. Meditation doesn’t have to be performed while seated cross-legged on the floor. The truth is, you can meditate in any position, whether it’s standing, seated or lying down. Many prefer the classic lotus pose, though, and often this means sitting on a floor. Even if you have carpeting or a rug to cushion your seat, though, this can become uncomfortable over the course of a session.

That’s where a good cushion can help. The best meditation cushions not only provide protection between you and a hard surface, but they also encourage good posture to make sure you’re getting the most from each session.

The Meditation Cushion Buying Guide

  • If you’re new to meditation, don’t give up. Meditation can take a while to show regular benefits. Studies vary, but some say it takes a month of regular practice while others say it takes two months or longer.
  • Meditation cushions aren’t just for meditation sessions. You can use them for sitting on a floor or less-than-comfortable seat. They’re usually small and portable, making them great for taking on the go with you. Some find the smaller build makes them ideal for supporting certain areas while sleeping.
  • It’s important to pay attention to the type of filler you’re getting with a meditation cushion. Some can be removed to lessen the amount of stuffing inside. This can help you customize the fit to your preferences.
  • With some meditation cushions, you can remove the cover and toss it in the washer. Pay attention to the care instructions. In many cases, you’ll want to machine wash on cold and line dry.
  • If environmental consciousness is important to you, you can find meditation cushions made from sustainably sourced materials. Also, look for materials that minimize the use of chemicals and dyes if you’re sensitive to those.
  • The look of meditation cushions can vary significantly. You can find them in bright colors, neutrals and everything in between. Some even feature fun designs designed to inspire and motivate you.
  • If you meditate outside the home, a portable meditation cushion can come in handy. Look for a lightweight build and a handle that will make it easy to carry.
  • Pay attention to the weight capacity of the meditation cushion you choose. Some are limited.
  • You may notice some meditation cushions are round, while others are crescent-shaped. Round cushions can support your back while also protecting you from the floor beneath, but crescent-shaped cushions are designed to support your hips and legs while you’re using them.