SCRIB3D Advanced LCD Display Ergonomic 3D Printing Pen

Last updated date: January 28, 2022

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SCRIB3D Advanced LCD Display Ergonomic 3D Printing Pen

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We looked at the top 3D Printing Pens and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best 3D Printing Pen you should buy.

Update as January 28, 2022:
Checkout The Best 3D Printing Pen for a detailed review of all the top 3d printing pens.

Overall Take

You can build like a pro with this advanced pen, which has all the bells and whistles a creator needs. You’ll have optimum heat control, thanks to a large LCD screen and a slider that lets you adjust the speed. The ergonomic design keeps you comfortable while also ensuring you stay in control of even the most precise movements.

In our analysis of 45 expert reviews, the SCRIB3D Advanced LCD Display Ergonomic 3D Printing Pen placed 4th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Create, Draw, Doodle, Sketch, and Build like a Pro in 3D with our SCRIB3D Advanced. The SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing Pen features variable speed control, a large LCD screen to help monitor heat and ensure you have the correct settings, as well as a range of other engineering enhancements to ensure a smooth and accurate Doodling experience. The temperature of the SCRIB3D Advanced can be adjusted by fine increments so that you can vary the thickness & flow-rate of the extruded material. The pen is also ergonomically designed, with curvature intended to fit your hand, and a “soft touch” surface for optimal Doodling comfort. This 3d pen set comes with our top of the line 3D Pen, 3 colors of PLA filament, a stencil guide with 4 free projects, and a 100-240V AC 50/60Hz adapter. As well as being design for the Pro doodler, easy to use and well engineered, the SCRIB3D Advanced 3D pen is FCC, CE and RoHS-certified. Bring your imagination to life today, the Advanced way! Compatible with most types of filament, but works best with SCRIB3d filament.

Expert Reviews

Expert Summarized Score

7 expert reviews

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1,141 user reviews

What experts liked

Design fits comfortably in the hand. Anti-clogging feature. Quick to heat up.
- Make Use Of
Great user control. Multiple filament options.
- Just Creative
Great standard choice designed to be an easy entry point for beginners while keeping seasoned veterans in mind.
- BestReviews
The LCD screen helps you stay in complete control of the speed and temperature that your filament is melting at. There are eight speed settings to quickly start the base of your drawing or slowly get to work on more intricate fills. The Advanced pen has a “soft touch” surface and a nicely contoured grip to give artists that extra bit of control that makes all the difference when it comes to their 3D artwork.
- Spy
Supports both PLA and ABS. Ergonomic design and LCD screen. Adjustable Temperature. Good price. 8 Speed modes.
- Pen and Plastic
Comes with built-in safety features. Clog-free nozzle. Versatile and easy to use. Ideal for precision drawings. Sleek, ergonomic design.
- 10 Hightech
Temperature control: There are buttons dedicated to temperature control. Adjustable speed: it’s possible to choose from eight different speed modes. Easy to use: It is built with a soft-touch surface that enhances the doodling experience.
- The Tech Influencer

What experts didn't like

Slightly heavier than most. Better in the hands of experts.
- Make Use Of
Adapter is flimsy.
- Just Creative
Some complaints of receiving only two of the advertised three PLA filaments.
- BestReviews
Not very comfortable to use for small children.
- Pen and Plastic
It’s a little complicated to use.
- 10 Hightech
The auto-shutoff feature does not work well.
- The Tech Influencer

An Overview On 3D Printing Pens

3D printing is on the rise, with the market expected to double in size every three years. As the technology becomes more accessible to hobbyists and businesses alike, 3D printers have grown in popularity, even making their way into homes.

But if you’ve ever seen a 3D printer in action, you know it can take up considerable desk space. You might not even have anywhere to store it. That’s where a 3D printing pen can help.

More than a space saver, a 3D printing pen can also give you a beginner’s introduction to the fun of making products using the technology. You might even choose to keep it on hand for smaller products where you don’t want to fire up your larger printer.

A 3D pen is slightly larger than a normal pen. You’ll choose plastic filaments, available in a wide range of colors, that you insert into the pen. The pen then heats up the plastic and outputs it through a tip, similar to the way ink comes through the tip of a pen. Only with this pen, you don’t need a writing surface.

This is where the true artistry comes in. With a 3D printing pen, you’re making the shapes. The plastic cools fairly quickly after output, so you’ll need to be prepared to waste some filament as you’re learning. But for artists, these pens can be a fun way to create objects you wouldn’t otherwise be able to make.

There are some things to look for in a 3D printing pen. You’ll want a pen that’s comfortable to hold, especially if you have plans to work for long stretches of time on your projects. Look at the design of each pen with ergonomics in mind and pay close attention to the weight.

Ink flow is also important. You’ll be working with heated plastic, so you’ll want a pen with a tip that promotes easy flow. With some pens, the nozzle can easily get clogged, while others build in technology that makes this less likely. Either way, make sure you can remove the nozzle to clean it, and also check for replacement nozzles in case you need one in the future.

The 3D Printing Pen Buying Guide

  • If you’re new to 3D printing pens, you might need a little help with your creations. Some pens come with manuals to walk you through creating with your new pen. You can find these step-by-step instructions online, though, if yours doesn’t come with one.
  • You likely won’t want the same ink flow while you’re working. Most 3D pens have a slider that lets you adjust the speed of the ink flow. This helps you slow down to refine detail and speed up when you’re making broader strokes.
  • Before you buy a pen, look at the types of plastic it supports. You likely will want it to accept both ABS and PLA plastic, and you’ll want to be able to find a variety of colors. Most pens come with a small amount of plastic to get you started. Since replacement plastic is so easy to buy, don’t let the amount and color variety of this initial set influence your decision.
  • 3D printer pens are typically powered by an A/C adaptor that comes with it. This means you’ll need to be close to a power outlet while you’re using it. You can find 3D pens with USB connectors that let you operate them off a power bank if you want the freedom to use your pen without a power outlet.
  • Some pens let you adjust the internal temperature. This influences the consistency of the plastic as it’s melted, giving you even more control over the projects you complete.