Sarimoire Abalone Shell Bowl & Sage Smudge Sticks Kit

Last updated: December 1, 2022

Sarimoire Abalone Shell Bowl & Sage Smudge Sticks Kit

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This kit includes three sage bundles, as well as an abalone shell, tripod stand and sand for extinguishing your bundle. It also includes a natural turkey feather for fanning the smoke in the direction you need it to go. The wood stand comfortably holds the abalone shell in place for ease of use.

In our analysis, the Sarimoire Abalone Shell Bowl & Sage Smudge Sticks Kit placed 5th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

SMUDGING KIT: 3 Sage Bundles with an Abalone Shell, Feather, Tripod Stand and sand. This is the perfect sage smudge stick kit if your new to smudging or are experienced in spiritual cleansing. CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE: (Salvia Apiana) 3 Sage Smudge Stick – 4 Inches in length – Grown primarily in high desert ecosystems, this evergreen shrub was well known to Indigenous American and used for its healing properties to drive out negative and evil spirits. 4″ wands make the perfect sage for burning. SMUDGE BOWL ~ ABALONE SHELL ~ TRIPOD WOOD STAND- 5-6 inch the perfect natural heat resistant bowl for resting your smoldering sticks. With a natural Mother-Pearl finish from earth’s ocean and a natural hand carved wooden cobra tripod stand (2” when open, 4” when closed). This beautiful shell and stand will make the perfect bowl for your spiritual cleansing. Please Note: shells and stands are all natural, so they may vary in color from the pictures shown. TURKEY FEATHER: 9 -12 inch natural turkey feather to fan the cleansing smoke in the direction of the needed cleansing. Please note Feathers are all natural and may vary in color from the pictures shown. WHITE SAND: Natural white sand to put into your shell. Use the sand to extinguish your sage wands when finished with your cleansing. This will also preserve the brilliance of your abalone shell


Medicinal smoke is nothing new. In fact, the original inhabitants of North America regularly burned herbs for a variety of purposes. The practice has caught on in recent years as a way to cleanse a space. Some even believe it has an impact on the energy in the surrounding area.

Our predecessors might have been onto something. Research has shown a notable reduction in bacteria in the air as a result of medicinal smoke. In one study, the benefits lasted for up to 24 hours. This effect works best in an enclosed space, of course, but that shouldn’t stop you from using medicinal smoke in a more open area.

The process of using medicinal smoke to cleanse an area is known as “smudging” or “cleansing.” It simply refers to the art of burning certain plants to create aromatic smoke. Popular plants for smudging include sage, lavender, sweetgrass and cedar. Traditionally, different herbs have been used for different purposes. Sage, for instance, is considered both healing and cleansing, while lavender has been used to guard against evil.

But burning herbs can be messy. That’s where smudge sticks come in. Sold in bundles, smudge stickes are generally held at a 45-degree angle and lit at the other end. Blow out the flame after several seconds and distribute the smoke in any area you want cleansed.

If your goal is to smudge a small area, you can buy smudge bowls. These allow you to set your smudge sticks inside for a more passive cleansing experience. Bowls made from abalone shells, for example, are designed to withstand heat without damage. As a bonus, they’re also attractive.

Some people use the bowl to set up a smudge stick, then take a seat in the area and simply relax. As with aromatic oils, sniffing aromatic smoke can be great for luxuriating and de-stressing after a long day.

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