SaltWrap The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal

Last updated date: September 29, 2020

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SaltWrap The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal

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This guided journal is a brown, leather-bound book that helps you practice gratitude and purposeful living. It takes less than 10 minutes each day to complete an entry. In our analysis of 0 expert reviews, the SaltWrap SaltWrap The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal placed 4th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note September 29, 2020:
Checkout The Best Dream Journal for a detailed review of all the top dream journals.

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From The Manufacturer

Based on the Art of Minimalist Productivity AND the Science of Positive Psychology. Much of the anxiety we experience day-to-day comes from disorganized thoughts and mental clutter. Gain control of your thoughts (and your day) with the Sunrise Manifesto. Just like meditation can help clear away distractions, you can quickly gain perspective by putting your thoughts on paper in this journal’s clear, intuitive format. Daily prompts and guided journal questions make your journal practice effortless.The “Mind Clutter” section invites you to export any ideas, anxieties , or To-Do’s out of your head and onto paper. This simple, but amazingly effective technique has the power to transform your morning (and your day). Includes Daily Prompts, Guided Journal Questions, and Weekly Review (Productivity and Priorities). In addition to the daily (morning prompts), your journal has a “Weekly Review” every seventh day. This is a perfect time to reexamine your priorities, projects, and tasks to make sure your focus is actually on the important things. By listing your top three areas of focus at least once per week, you ensure that your daily actions align with your highest values.

Overall Product Rankings

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C.R. Gibson Leatherette Dreams & Schemes Journal
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SaltWrap The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal
4. SaltWrap The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 0
The Amazing Office Refillable Tree Of Life Journal
5. The Amazing Office Refillable Tree Of Life Journal
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An Overview On Dream Journals

When buying a dream journal, you should consider how you’d like to begin the process of introspection. Do you want to be able to write and draw free-form, or would you prefer a guided journal that offers prompts, checkboxes and other assistance with the writing process? Both types, and combinations of the two, are available.

Some journals are very plain and have fabric, faux leather or leather covers in a sold color. Still others have simple embossing or more intricate gold leaf. It is also possible to find journals that have beautiful designs on their covers. When choosing one for yourself, find a style that speaks to you and will encourage you to keep up with your writing.

It is possible to buy journals that have a set number of pages, as well as to buy those that are refillable. With the option of purchasing additional pages, some journals make it possible to stick with a design or book type that works well for you.

Reading reviews can be useful when buying a journal online. Without seeing the inside of a book, you may not be able to get a great sense for what to expect. Particularly if you’re considering a journal with prompts, it may be necessary to get a look at what’s inside.

DWYM Fun Fact

Journals and diaries have proved to be very important to historians. In some cases, a surviving diary may be the only documentation researchers have to understand what life was like in a certain culture.

For instance, the diary of Samuel Pepys was a tremendous window into life in London during the time of the Great Fire, after which many other documents were destroyed.

The diary kept by Anne Frank continues to be tremendously important in understanding what life was like during the Holocaust and helping future generations learn from the atrocities that occurred in the past.

The Dream Journal Buying Guide

  • When choosing between a journal with prompts and one that’s blank, consider your personality. Do you like to lead a conversation, or do you prefer the direction prompts can provide? If you think you’ll have a lot to say, you might prefer a blank book.
  • Some faux leather covers can deteriorate over time. If buying a refillable journal, you might consider fabric instead.
  • Choose archival-quality paper in a journal to ensure your thoughts remain legible for years to come.
  • Store your journals in a place with good temperature and humidity control to maintain their quality over time.
  • Try keeping your dream journal near your bed to make for easy jotting down of thoughts before and after bed.