Rubbermaid BRUTE Rollout Heavy-Duty Wheeled Trash Can, 50-Gallon

Last updated date: December 30, 2020

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Rubbermaid BRUTE Rollout Heavy-Duty Wheeled Trash Can, 50-Gallon

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We looked at the top Outdoor Garbage Bins and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Outdoor Garbage Bin you should buy.

Update as December 30, 2020:
Checkout The Best Outdoor Garbage Bin for a detailed review of all the top outdoor garbage bins.

Overall Take

You won't have any trouble moving this outdoor garbage bin from your backyard to the curb, thanks to a set of heavy-duty back wheels. The ergonomic handle adds to the unit's ease of use, making it a cinch to push or pull the bin. As an added bonus, the lid is designed to stay up while you fill the garbage can with refuse.

In our analysis of 70 expert reviews, the Rubbermaid BRUTE Rollout Wheeled Trash Can, 50-Gallon placed 11th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Rollout Trash/Recycling Can with Hinged Lid is the industry leader in waste and material handling applications. These seamless rectangular recycle bins are constructed of durable polyethylene with a hinged lid, integrated handle, inset wheels and are imprinted with the universal recycling symbol for increased waste management compliance. Heavy-duty polyethylene weighs less than aluminum or steel and resists cracking. The hinged lid open fully and locks against the trash/recycling bins. A molded-in axle retainer adds strength while inset wheels make the recycle bin maneuverable and help prevent damage to walls and doorways. A molded-in catch bar makes the trash/recycle bins compatible with automated and semi-automated lift systems for curbside garbage and recycling collection. This trash/recycle bin contains an ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer to help prevent fading and discoloring.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Hinged lid stays on when moving. Built-in, heavy-duty wheels allow for smooth portability. Ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip.
- BestReviews
The handle has an ergonomic design and is flexible, which makes it comfortable to use. This bin has a tough built for improved durability under any type of conditions.
- Uncle Fred's Farm
It is designed with strong wheels which are for easy mobility. It has a place designed for holding when moving the trash can.
- Thesatmag Reviews
This brute of a container comes with industrial standard wheels aimed for full mobility, ease of use and easy maintenance. A locking mechanism, so it doesn’t roll around when left standing, a slid weight lid for maintaining security and integrity.
- Best Outdoor Items
With the reinforcement of the rim and a sturdy lid that shut tightly increase the overall strength and durability of the trash can. The tightly shut lid also prevents animals from snooping through the rubbish while preventing foul odors from escaping the bin.
- Best Garbage Disposal Units
Thanks to the rugged wheel design and the ergonomic handle this can really makes the process much easier. Transporting those heft loads will no longer be as exhausting and difficult as before.
- Disposal Zone
This Rubbermaid Brute has a molded-in axle and inset wheels that allow for decent maneuverability over most surfaces. The plastic is treated with an ultraviolet stabilizer that helps it resist fading, discoloring, and cracking.
- Wiki EZ Vid
Durable polypropylene: It is lightweight yet strong enough to resist cracking.
- Top Guide Pro
This lift features some hinged lid which fits in a snug manner where it swings back in order to lock well in place.
- Top Best 10 Reviews
The smooth body of the garbage can is easy to clean. It can be used in temperature as low as 0 degrees. The high-quality material is perfect to be used inside as well as outside.
- Home Gear Kit
You’ll love its 8-inch wheels that make mobility on all surfaces quite easy. The waste bin has smooth contours as well as rounded corners making it easy to clean.
- AmaPerfect
This square commercial container has eight inch rubber wheels for easy rolling, and a handle that tilts for ease of pulling or pushing.
- Our Great Products
The inset wheels make it easy to maneuver this heavy duty trash bin over curbs and steps.
- Waste Disposal Reviews
These seamless rectangular recycle bins are constructed of durable polyethylene with a hinged lid, integrated handle, inset wheels and are imprinted with the universal recycling symbol for increased waste management compliance.
- Trash Can Reviews

What experts didn't like

Prone to cracking in cold temperature. Wheels are not very durable.
- BestReviews
Doesn’t keep critters away.
- Uncle Fred's Farm
It’s a bit heavy.
- Top Best 10 Reviews

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An Overview On Outdoor Garbage Bins

There’s no escaping it. Whether you live in a large home or a small apartment, you’re going to have trash. Outdoor garbage bins are essential for keeping trash organized and safe from critters.

Home expert Vicki Liston warns that “purchasing a garbage bin is not as straightforward and simple as you might expect.” The guide below will help you determine which outdoor garbage bin is perfect for your needs.

Start off determining what size trash can you need.

“Choose an appropriate bin size based on the number of members in your household, so you aren’t unnecessarily lugging a burdensome can to the curb or dealing with a can that is overflowing halfway through the week,” says Liston.

There are smaller bins that hold around 23 gallons, like the Safco Plastic Step-On Outdoor Garbage Bin, 23-Gallon, as well as larger bins that can hold as much as 64 gallons of garbage.

Look at the outdoor garbage can’s construction next.

“Since your garbage bin will be sitting outside, you’ll want to ensure that it’s made of materials that can withstand all kinds of weather. Rain, snow, hail, rough winds and hot and cold temperature extremes will put it to the test,” says Liston.

While some models are made out of metal, a heavy-duty plastic is the most common. Metal has a tendency to rust over time. The Toter Trash Can, 64 gallon is well made and even has an extended life expectancy. It can even handle the weekly abuse from your local sanitation workers. This is important as Liston points out that “sanitation trucks most likely won’t be soft and gentle as they empty the bin and drop it back down on the unforgiving pavement.”

Check the outdoor garbage can for wheels. Liston points out that “a family of four can produce 80 pounds of garbage per week. That’s a heavy load!” She goes on to say that “choosing a garbage bin with wheels makes transporting trash to the end of your driveway and back a breeze.” The Rubbermaid Trash Can, 50 Gallon is a good choice, as it has two back wheels with high-performance treads.

Lastly, you’ll want to examine the trash can’s lid to determine whether it’s attached or not. Liston recommends you “always opt for a garbage bin with an attached lid.” She warns that “if the can and the lid have the potential to be separated, they most definitely will.” Look for a model that not only has an attached lid, but also a lid latch to secure the lid in place. This keeps outdoor animals from getting to the garbage and making a mess.

The Outdoor Garbage Bin Buying Guide

  • Some outdoor trash cans also come with the option of purchasing matching products for your patio, garden or back porch. These may include a patio seat, patio bench or a deck box with seat.
  • You don’t have to go with a traditional outdoor trash can design. You’ll find plenty of models that are attractive and made to complement your outdoor space. There are models with a faux wainscoting design, as well as units that resemble wicker furniture.
  • Outdoor trash cans will need to be cleaned from time to time. All you need to do is add a little dish soap to the bottom of the can and spray it down with your garden hose. Dump the soapy water out afterward and then rinse the garbage can clean and set it out to air dry.
  • The cost of outdoor garbage cans is directly related to the amount of trash the bin can hold. That means the Safco Plastic Step-On Outdoor Garbage Bin, 23-Gallon is on the lower end of the price scale, while the Rubbermaid Trash Can, 50 Gallon sits directly in the middle. You’ll find the Toter Trash Can, 64 gallon costs the most, as it has the biggest capacity.