Retrospec Cub Zero Pedal Beginner Balance Bike

Last updated: October 7, 2021

This balance bike gives your toddler a chance to develop confidence before moving on to a big kid bike. The tires are air-free and won't pop when little ones are riding around the backyard. Parents will appreciate that the bike requires just one step for assembly, so kids can get riding just a few minutes after the bike arrives.

Retrospec Cub Zero Pedal Beginner Balance Bike

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Key Takeaway: Both the handlebar and the seat on this balance bike are adjustable for a customized fit.

In our analysis of 112 expert reviews, the Retrospec Cub Zero Pedal Beginner Balance Bike placed 6th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Training wheels are the one thing they’ll be glad you took away. The baddest beginner’s bike on the block is designed for new cyclists 20 months to 5 years of age. Our Cub’s no-pedal form bears a low down tube and kid-friendly frame so your little one can easily get on and off their new set of wheels. Unlike the new shoes they got last week, Cub is intuitively designed to grow with your little one. Adjustable handlebars and seat tube allow Cub to keep up with them, while they catch up to you. Cub doesn’t have pedals; instead, tiny riders move forward with their feet. This approach makes getting on a bike less scary and ultimately sets them up for an easier transition to a big kid bike. A low stand-over height, step-through frame, and no-pop tires makes Cub as durable as it is adorable. No pedals, no problem. Cub balance bike helps your tiny cyclist learn without the training wheels. With less distance between their feet and the ground, kids are able to better control their speed, avoid nasty falls, and minimize the chance of getting hurt. Keep ‘em riding with air-free tires, making tube replacements a thing of the past. When a tiny rider is riding a Cub balance bike, their feet are always on the ground. With no pedals, kids scoot themselves along, constantly balancing on their legs instead of falsely relying on the skewed center of gravity training wheels can cause. Kids feel in control of their ride, limiting the possibility of speeding faster than their comfort zone and getting hurt.Kids can ride more intuitively on this bike, developing balance and coordination. When it comes time to transition to a two-wheeled bicycle with pedals, balance bikers ride better, faster, and are more secure. Cub requires minimal assembly and basically no maintenance. The high-tensile strength steel frame and fork are virtually indestructible. The handles and seat post are adjustable, accounting for all inevitable growth spurts! Cub doesn’t require brakes, pedals, gears, or even air in the tires! No maintenance means more time spent riding. Tiny components don’t minimize the durability of our balance bike. The Cub’s easy-to-climb frame is constructed from lightweight high-tensile steel and features a miniature city comfort saddle for easy riding (and balancing!). Airless, durable tires make for a safer, no-pop ride and reliable grip on the sidewalk.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It has high-quality paint design and is really safe for kids.
This balance bike is very affordable.
This balance bike takes sturdy construction to a whole new level. It has one of the strongest frame design made of high-tensile steel – a material known for its longevity and unmatched durability. The frame provides maximum support and scores well when it comes to keeping the bike rust free. It stays strong and indestructible. The step-thru design incorporated in the frame gives it a low profile. Therefore your kid will have an easy time getting on and off the bike. The easy-to-climb frame makes the riding process worry-free and minimizes any risk of injury.
CriticalCycles is ready to impress with their vintage variation of colors and don’t disappoint with the wonderful craftsmanship of the bike itself. This balance bike is designed in a way to reduce injuries and has air-free tires to make sure that you won’t have to fuss around with pumps or have the wheels be punctured! If you are looking for a safe and appealing balance bicycle for your child, this is one of the best choices.
The Retrospec Cub balance bike also comes with quick release clamps for the seat post and handlebars. The quick release clamps allow you to change and set the bike seat height and handlebar height quickly.

What reviewers didn't like

The bike is a bit on the heavier side and may be tough for kids to handle at first.
Users have mentioned that the wheels of this bike are made of plastic not rubber.
The Cub’s extra large footrest platform offers plenty of room for kids to rest their feet, but is simply too big! Other balance bikes, like Strider, have a footrest placed in a similar position, but they are much smaller and tucked back far enough to prevent contact with kids legs.
This bike doesn’t come with mudguards to keep your kids from the dirt and it would have been much better if it had rubber tires instead of plastic ones.
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