Rest-A-Camp Inflatable Ultralight Backpacking Pillow

Last updated: October 27, 2022

Rest-A-Camp Inflatable Ultralight Backpacking Pillow

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We looked at the top Backpacking Pillows and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Backpacking Pillow you should buy.

Overall Take

There are a ton of fun colors in the removable pillow cases that can be taken off and washed as needed, a much desired feature in a camping pillow. The whole pillow packs down to be hardly larger than a soda can and it can be inflated in seconds.

In our analysis of 64 expert reviews, the Rest-A-Camp Inflatable Ultralight Backpacking Pillow placed 15th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

What gear you take and use in your trip makes it enjoyable or a true disaster. If you are looking for a compact travel pillow, there is no need to shop anywhere else. Check 6 reasons why your perfect inflatable pillow is right here.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Comfortable, super light, requires less effort and time to inflate, easy to deflate, exceptional head and neck support, durable construction.
It's comfortable, practical, ergonomic, and provides good head support. You can adjust the thickness, and it's great if you have little space to carry things.
At 4 ounces this is a true ultralight camping pillow. When fully inflated it’s a generous 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches. The very agreeable brushed cotton pillowcase is easy on the skin. The Rest-a-Camp Ultralight Pillow inflates with just 3 or 4 good deep breaths.
Enables you to sleep comfortably in your camping area. Made from durable yet flexible TPU Fabric material that makes it durable.

What experts didn't like

It’s extremely small for larger heads.
Some users complain it leaks air after a few uses. It can be hard to deflate and store in its tiny bag.
Cannot stay inflated throughout the night.


Backpacking is a game of numbers. It involves hiking as many miles as you can during a day. Or, perhaps for you, it’s more about the elevation you can gain and the views that come with it. Whatever your goals (and how hard you like to push yourself!), most backpackers will agree that lowering the weight of your pack is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

Why bother carrying something that’s bulky and heavy like a traditional pillow when you only have one bag on your back and you’re carrying it for days on end? This desire drove the industry to design the smallest and lightest pillows for this purpose because sleeping with a pillow for your head to rest on is good for your neck and back, which are parts of your body that you really don’t want acting up when you’re countless miles from civilization.

The ideal backpacking pillow will be lightweight and small enough to not take up noticeable room in your pack. Inflatable pillows are currently the best in these regards since the air from your lungs will end up creating all the volume and cushion that you will feel when you rest your head on it.

Inflatable pillows are often made from materials that are similar to your sleeping pad. When you are looking at inflatable camping pillows, look at the material that the covers are made of. The covers are like robust pillowcases that will often have their own small amount of padding and they are made from much softer materials like bamboo or cotton. Some backpacking pillows even have a strap that can be used to fix it to your sleeping pad and ensure the pillow remains in place.

The cover of an inflatable pillow will probably get grimy as you use it, so it benefits you to find one that is washable so you can keep it fresh over the course of its life.

Ergonomics play a big part in how comfortable we are when we sleep. Backpacking pillows can have ergonomic design features built into place like a rounded pillow that creates a concave surface where your head lays. This will allow your neck to be supported while your head can be slightly lower, which is a natural alignment that is comfortable for your spine.

Backpacking pillows are a small luxury when you’re in the wilderness, and their size also makes them very useful for putting behind your lower back when you’re sitting at the office or on public transportation. These small pillows will give your lumbar support when you need it and they can become used daily rather than just once every while when you’re on the trail.

Buying Advice

  • Choose unique colors so you and your camping party can all know which pillow is theirs.
  • Backpacking pillows make great lumbar pillows for times when you’re on long flights, public transportation or even at the office.
  • Wrapping a slick pillow in one of your t-shirts is an easy way to have a makeshift pillowcase if your pillow tries to slide out from under you. The shirt even adds soft comfort to the mix, further enhancing your slumber.