Rest-A-Camp Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

Last updated date: March 22, 2022

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Rest-A-Camp Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

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Update as March 22, 2022:
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Overall Take

You can show your style off with all the fun colors that this inflatable camping pillow comes in, including vibrant hot pinks and greens or different types of camouflage. A small carrying case about the size of a soda can is included and can cinch down to keep this pillow stowed when you're not using it.

In our analysis of 93 expert reviews, the Rest-A-Camp Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow placed 7th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

What gear you take and use in your trip makes it enjoyable or a true disaster. If you are looking for a compact travel pillow, there is no need to shop anywhere else. Check 6 reasons why your perfect inflatable pillow is right here. IMPROVED DESIGN – combined with a strong but flexible TPU fabric and 100 percent cotton soft cover the inflatable compact camping backpacking pillow provides safe and comfortable rest on any outdoor surface. With an air pillow, you can sleep as if you are at home no matter if it is a long camping trip, weekend hike or an extended family campout. SLEEP IN COMFORT AS IF IN YOUR FAVOURITE BED – ultralight portable pillow ergonomic design ensures the unsurpassed neck and head support in any sleeping position without any head sliding around in a tent, sleeping bag, mattress or a hammock. So regardless you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, inflatable camping pillow guarantees restful night’s sleep. COMPACT AND ULTRALIGHT – outdoor blow up air pillow folds like a pair of socks. When inflated, the camp pillow is large enough both for kids and adults. EASY INFLATION AND DEFLATION – neck support pillow for camping travel hiking has a flat invisible pump, fully inflated in 3-5 deep breaths. The secure valve prevents air leakage. Lightweight blow up pillow rapidly releases air after use in only seconds. GREAT CHOICE – best sleeping experience is insured in any outdoor adventure: camping, traveling, hiking. Portable travel pillow soft hypoallergenic cotton cover feels dry and cozy against your face.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Can easily adjust the thickness with the amount of air
- Beckworth & Co
It's comfortable, practical, ergonomic, and provides good head support. You can adjust the thickness, and it's great if you have little space to carry things.
- The Drive
Comfortable, super light, requires less effort and time to inflate, easy to deflate, exceptional head and neck support, durable construction.
- Camp Away
When fully inflated it’s a generous 15 x 12 x 4.5 inches. And when emptied and packed away in the handy travel sack it fits neatly into the palm of your hand.
- Hiker Lodge
The ergonomic cover supports your head and neck, and the fabric is durable enough for long-term use.
- Wilderness Today
It can be compressed for easy packaging
- Oh So Savvy Mom
As well as being outstandingly flexible, this pillow, like many others is machine-washable, making it easy to keep clean between trips.
- Men's Gear
Made from durable yet flexible TPU Fabric material that makes it durable
- The Best A-Z
Brilliant price to performance ratio
- HempNews Reviews
Its high quality TPU fabric is going to assure you the pillow will last durably long for your use.
- SmartBuyGuides
The pillow itself is made of high-quality TPU fabric, and the cover is 100% cotton. Those materials make it a durable and comfortable choice.
- ABC of Rock Climbing
It comes with an ergonomic design that readily fits around the contour of your head or neck; moreover, it is made of high-quality TPU fabric that makes it very durable.
- Erica Barker
And you can ensure complete comfort with this product due to the materials used. Your head will be resting on a hypoallergenic 100% cotton cover combined with an extra soft fabric layer.
- Outdoor Command
The outer cover and design are done ergonomically to give the best support to your neck. The material used is premium quality TPU fabric which ensures long term usage.
- Pro Outdoor Reviews

What experts didn't like

Won’t hold air for long
- Beckworth & Co
Some users complain it leaks air after a few uses. It can be hard to deflate and store in its tiny bag.
- The Drive
It’s extremely small for larger heads
- Camp Away
Unfortunately, some customers said the pillow wouldn’t stay inflated.
- Wilderness Today
It is quite large, and some people find it as a downside
- Oh So Savvy Mom
Cannot stay inflated throughout the night
- The Best A-Z
- HempNews Reviews
To few, they said they have found out the pillow does not stay inflated well. The air escapes the pillow easily.
- SmartBuyGuides
Need more grip on the bottom so it doesn’t slide as you sleep
- Outdoor Command
This camping pillow does not hold air for a long time. It needs to be inflated time and again. The color variants are not very appealing.
- Pro Outdoor Reviews

An Overview On

Resting your head on hard or sharp surfaces is not comfortable when you are hoping to get some relaxation or sleep. Pillows are a great product that you place below your head to give you a comforting cushion that takes pressure points off of any particular place and spreads it out evenly. The elevation of a pillow rising up off the mattress or pad also helps to align your neck with your spine in an ergonomically correct way.

Traditional pillows take up a lot of space though and they aren’t very convenient to pack into your backpacking or camping gear. They also don’t work very well if you are a frequent traveler or commuter that might be seeking some rest as you’re moving from one place to another.

Luckily there are inflatable pillows that can offer all the benefits you get from a traditional pillow, but with the massive perk of being smaller than a can of soda when they are deflated and packed away.

Inflatable pillows often inflate with just one or two breaths, no need to worry about air compressors.

Most inflatable travel pillows and camping pillows are generally the same product, but they might cater slightly more to one niche or the other. If you are looking for a camping pillow, you might want to focus on different selling-points than the person who is seeking an inflatable pillow for their airplane flights.

Camping pillows need to be rugged enough that they don’t puncture easily when an inevitable rock or twig pokes them. Inflatable camping pillows are often made with a durable material that is designed to have pretty decent resistance to punctures. They are often extremely lightweight so they can be added to your gear without consuming much space and they work very well for those who go ultralight due to their inherently small size and weight.

Travel pillows might be used more often on an airplane or train, so look for designs that really support your neck well since you will be leaning your head back onto the pillow while your torso is fully upright.

Whichever use you have for your inflatable pillow, there are some common things to look at that might help you decide on which is best for you. The material of inflatable pillows can make them feel slick underneath your head; if you find an inflatable pillow with an outer shell or pillowcase made from a soft material, you will have a better chance of finding immediate comfort when you use this pillow.

Your sleeping style can help you determine the inflatable pillow that you want as well. If you are a side sleeper, you might aim for a thicker pillow that can meet your neck higher off the bed and support you well, while a back-sleeper might look into a somewhat thinner version that works best for them.

Find an inflatable pillow that has an included carrying case and it will make your life much easier. The cases or bags are designed to be lightweight and the ideal size for packing your deflated pillow into so it’s a no-brainer to keep them around as they make storing and carrying the inflatable pillow as convenient as possible.

Many of the pillows you see will have rounded designs that might cradle your head or offer ridges underneath where your head rests on the pillow. Features like these are what sets one brand apart from the other, so be sure to really look at the nuances in each pillow that you find interesting.

A pillow that cups your head in place can be underrated when you are using it at a campsite. A lot of sleeping pads that you will find in the camping section are made from similar materials as these inflatable pillows are. These materials don’t have a lot of friction between them and it’s very easy for you pillow to want to slip right out from under your head while you’re asleep. This can obviously cause you to sleep in a weird position or wake up entirely, both being less-than-ideal options.

The Buying Guide

  • Use a tee shirt or an old pillowcase to cover your inflatable pillow when you’re using it to add a layer of comfort and to help it not slide around as much.
  • Check the instructions before inflating one, some of the valves they use are not always intuitive and you might have to twist something open before it accepts air.
  • If the weight rating is high enough, inflatable pillows make great camp-cushions so you can have a barrier between you and the cold surfaces you’re sitting on.
  • Keep the carrying case somewhere that you can remember so you know where it is when you go to break down your campsite.
  • If you can manage, use a separate inflatable pillow for traveling and for camping. If you forget your camping pillow because it was in your business suitcase, you’re going to be sleeping with wadded-up clothes or a backpack under your head instead of a pillow.