Resolve Dog & Cat Large Area Carpet Deodorizer

Last updated date: February 15, 2022

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Resolve Dog & Cat Large Area Carpet Deodorizer

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We looked at the top Carpet Deodorizers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Carpet Deodorizer you should buy.

Update as August 17, 2022:
Checkout The Best Carpet Deodorizer for a detailed review of all the top carpet deodorizers.

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In our analysis of 33 expert reviews, the Resolve Dog & Cat Large Area Carpet Deodorizer placed 10th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

RESOLVE Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder with ODOR STOP Technology lifts and removes tough ground-in dirt and odors left behind by pets. ODOR STOP Technology eliminates pet odors, freshens with a light, clean scent, and discourages pet re-soiling. Removes Pet Odors. This moist powder carpet cleaner contains ODOR STOP technology to remove pet odors from carpets and leave behind a clean, fresh scent. The powder absorbs ground-in dirt and helps prevent repeat soiling.Simply sprinkle the powder on your carpet and use a soft brush to spread it across soiled areas. In as little as 20 minutes the powder will dry and can be vacuumed up, leaving your carpet clean, soft, and plush. Pet Carpet Cleaner for Large Areas. Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder is specially formulated to easily and deeply clean large areas of carpet in homes with pets, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms. This formula safely cleans carpets, including stain-resistant carpets, and helps protect from future dirt and odors. It is not recommended for specialty carpets such as antique or oriental rugs. Why Use Resolve. Vacuuming alone won’t pick up all the dirt trapped in your carpet. With RESOLVE products you can achieve a fast deeper clean without the inconvenience, expense, or complication of other deep cleaning methods. RESOLVE removes three times more dirt than vacuuming and freshening powders alone.* Whether you need to deep clean large or high-traffic areas, remove stubborn stains, or take care of pet odors and messes, you’ll find an easy and convenient solution with RESOLVE products. What’s in the Box. RESOLVE Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder, 18 Ounces.

Expert Reviews

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4 expert reviews

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What experts liked

A moist carpet cleaning formula that stops odors in its tracks
- BestReviews
It will absorb dirt, oil, and other dry messes and make them easy to remove with the vacuum cleaner. It is safe for pets and children to walk on after it’s been vacuumed up.
- Cat Life Today
Because it isn't a liquid, there is no risk of over-wetting and damaging the carpet or fading colors.
- Good Housekeeping
Rids the carpet fibers from pet hair
- Valid Pick

What experts didn't like

May take several applications to remove old and set-in stains
- BestReviews
May not work best for older stains
- Valid Pick

An Overview On Carpet Deodorizers

If you have carpet flooring in your house, you probably already realize that it can absorb odors more than other types of floorings. Even area rugs can soak up scents like cigarette smoke and food aromas. If you have pets, they can leave their smells behind in your carpet, too, especially if they occasionally have accidents.

Carpet deodorizer can help soak those scents right up, freshening the air in your home. But not all of these products are made equally. There are products that help you clean stains, but those aren’t the same as odor eliminators and fresheners. When you’re shopping for a product to take the odor out of your carpets or rugs, look, first and foremost, for one that eliminates the odor rather than merely covering it up.

You’ll find carpet deodorizers come in two varieties. Some are liquid-based, with ingredients built in that neutralize odors, while others use a powder that you sprinkle and then vacuum up. One benefit of the latter is that in addition to absorbing odors, they can also break up the elements causing them, including dirt and pet hair, making it easier for the vacuum cleaner to extract them.

While some carpet deodorizers are unscented, others have a specific scent built in. Orange is particularly popular in deodorizing products, as the citrus is known to help neutralize odors. You’ll also find many products are made from baking soda, which is well-known for its odor absorption. This will likely be a matter of personal preference.

One feature working in favor of liquid-based deodorizers is versatility. Some spray cleaners go beyond carpet, letting you also use them to spot treat items like mattresses, litterboxes and draperies. Make sure you carefully follow the directions on any product you use to ensure it’s safe for the specific type of flooring you have.

The Carpet Deodorizer Buying Guide

  • Before you use any product to treat carpets or rugs, test a small area. If the product causes problems, you’ll only affect a spot on the carpet rather than the entire floor.
  • As useful as carpet deodorizer can be at neutralizing odors, you’ll likely find you’ll need to occasionally bring in a professional carpet cleaning service to fully treat all of the carpeting in your home.
  • The problem with treating carpet is that liquids can seep deep into the carpet’s backing layer. You can’t fully get to that layer, which means you may not realize that these liquids cause bacteria and mildew. For this reason, baking soda is a popular product for absorbing odors from carpets. Even setting an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator can help absorb odors, so you can imagine how it can extract odors from carpeting.
  • As with the original odor, your carpet deodorizer will be coming into contact with your carpet. Keep in mind that pets and small children may be moving around on that carpet and possibly even lying down on it. Look for a product that’s chemical-free and safe for use around pets and children.
  • Another consideration when choosing carpet deodorizer is how it’s made. Many pet owners look specifically for products that aren’t tested on animals, but you may also want to search for a deodorizer with ingredients that are sustainably sourced.
  • Some products last longer than others. Pay attention to how long you can expect freshening in your carpets after you apply the product. You will likely find a product that only lasts a day or two isn’t as useful as one that provides weeks of freshening power.
  • A bonus with some deodorizers is that they help prevent static electricity buildup. If you find that you and your pets deal with static discharge, especially during the winter months, this could be a welcome relief.