Reffeer Sterling Silver Hoop & Tassel Chain Earrings

Last updated date: August 16, 2022

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Reffeer Sterling Silver Hoop & Tassel Chain Earrings

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We looked at the top Chain Earrings and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Chain Earring you should buy.

Update as August 16, 2022:
Checkout The Best Chain Earrings for a detailed review of all the top chain earrings.

Overall Take

These dainty hoop earrings add a touch of class to any outfit. The sterling silver can be expected to stay bright for years, and there's a polishing cloth included for touch-ups. The chain has enough length to be noticeable but isn't so long that it gets easily caught.

In our analysis, the Reffeer Reffeer Sterling Silver Hoop & Tassel Chain Earrings placed 1st when we looked at the top 7 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The earrings genuine 925 Sterling Silver material, stampled with s925 ,You don’t worry about hurting your ears. You can wear it confidently. These earrings are very lightweight and will not put pressure on your ears. You can wear them all day long and they are very comfortable. The hoop pin is malleable, very flexible, easily adjust. If you find the hoop is loose and worry it miss, please put up the pin softly to make it tight; If you find the hoop is so tight, even can’t open it, please put down the pin softly to make it loose. Hope it helps.

An Overview On Chain Earrings

Is there any piece of jewelry that can do more for your face than a good set of earrings? We think not. These little bits of bling on your lobes can make a big impression, and chain earrings can even provide a basis for a whole outfit — if you’ve got the right face for them.

Chain earrings come in many different lengths and styles, but the basic look is long and thin. They can also be known as drop earrings or dangles, and they generally consist of a chain hanging down from the setting. There may be a decorative piece in the stud or just the chain itself, but they function as a kind of “tinsel” for your face. As such, they can do wonders for faces that are more rounded, though really, a subtle set can work for just about anyone.

Again, there are so many different styles of chain earring that it’s impossible to cover them all here. Trying on new earrings is half the fun, and you should do plenty of that before you settle on a type. Chain earrings generally work best for more formal occasions, but you’ll want to think about practicality too. Are you wearing fuzzy sweaters? Does your long, curly hair tend to crowd your ears? Then you might want to avoid earrings that hang down to your shoulders — chain or otherwise.

Allergies are another factor to consider. Hopefully you won’t have to worry about the metal that goes into your jewelry, but as many as 17% of women have a nickel allergy that can cause a rash or other reaction on the skin. Your earrings don’t have to be fully nickel-plated to cause this reaction, either (not that many are). Even an alloy comprised partly of nickel may set you off. Cobalt is another metal that can affect sensitive skin.

If you do have any kind of metal allergy, sterling silver should still be OK. It’s not completely silver, but the other alloys that go into it (7.5%) are usually harmless. If you find that you still have some sensitivity, you may want to seek out surgical stainless steel earrings, which have the added bonus of being resistant to corrosion. If your earrings are still giving you a rash, titanium or niobium ones can be found for a steeper price. Before you spend the extra money, though, it might be best to consult an allergist who can help pinpoint exactly what metals might be giving you trouble.

Finally, you may want to give a thought to how those earrings go in — and how well they stay on. Unlike stud earrings, you generally won’t want to wear your chains to bed. Look for those with a safety lock closure that you can manipulate easily, or a “lever back” system that you can simply squeeze and pop off.

The Chain Earring Buying Guide

  • The more you love your earrings, the less you’ll want to take them off. But the less you take them off, the dirtier they’ll get. Even the shiniest metals won’t keep that shine forever, and periodic cleaning is a must.
  • You might dread doing that with chain earrings, but there’s usually no need to get out a tiny scrub brush. Most of the time, simply soaking your earrings in hot water will do the trick.
  • If you’ve really let the oil and dirt build up, you might try filling that cleaning bowl with hydrogen peroxide or just a mixture of water and dish soap.
  • Let your earrings soak overnight, and resist the temptation to get at the dirt with anything abrasive. Most chain earrings have tiny links, and they’re all too easy to break or tangle.