Refasy Banknote & Coin Password-Protected Kids’ Safe

Last updated date: October 12, 2022

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Refasy Banknote & Coin Password-Protected Kids’ Safe

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We looked at the top Kids' Safes and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Kids' Safe you should buy.

Update as October 29, 2021:
Checkout The Best Kids’ Safe for a detailed review of all the top kids' safes.

Overall Take

With this safe, children will hear music from a selection of 11 different songs when money is inserted. A scroll moves bills into the safe once they’re entered, and a coin slot at the top makes saving change easy. A four-digit passcode keeps funds inside safe, with the green light only indicating when the correct numbers are typed in.

In our analysis, the Refasy Refasy Banknote & Coin Password-Protected Kids' Safe placed 4th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

High Quality Materials: Environmental ABS plastic. Safe simulation design, no odor and sturdy and not break easily. (The white color has another function compared to other colors: Equipped with 11 popular English children’s songs.) Password Piggy Bank: Four electronic password protection, if you press the wrong password, it will be issued. Only be opened when you enter the 4 digit correct password, the green light will turn on then you can turn the knob clockwise and open the door. (Default: 0000, Changable passwords as you like). High-capacity Money Saving Box: This piggy bank can store 600 pieces of coins or 100 pieces of paper money. Make children to plan to store pocket money, greatly helping children develop a good habit of saving money. Automatic Paper Money Scroll: Insert the paper money into the slot on top of kids ATM money bank, it can be rolled into the ATM machine automatically. Easy for kids to use. (But it doesn’t work if the paper is too old or too soft) .

An Overview On Kids' Safes

By learning how to save their allowance, gift money and other earnings from an early age, children can head into adulthood with a foundation that will help them avoid the stress that can come with financial illiteracy.

Today, there are many age-appropriate tools available to help children learn to manage money. Those include prepaid debit cards and apps, but some financial experts emphasize that emotionally, having funds in old-fashioned cash form is the best way for anyone to learn to manage money. There are many ways to approach teaching cash-based financial skills, including the classic piggy bank and the envelope system.

But there’s a newer option that parents might not know about: Kid-targeted safes that offer a new twist on the piggy bank. They keep money secure and accessible only through a passcode. These newer safes also have a slot for bills, as well as one for coins. The larger capacity means children can save hundreds of dollars before running out of room, allowing them to save up for a serious reward.

If you’re going for a kid-friendly safe, one of the best features on newer versions is an electronic scroll that pulls bills in. This operates similar to placing cash into the slot of an ATM or vending machine and can be very gratifying. Some safes even build in music as a reward for inserting bills.

Most kids’ safes come with a four-digit password that parents can reset. You can decide whether or not your child knows the passcode. Older children might choose to set the password themselves and keep it top secret, adding another level of independence to the whole thing. When the password is input correctly, the safe lights up and the knob becomes maneuverable, which also can be a gratifying experience to a child who has worked hard to save.

One downside to kid-friendly safes versus traditional piggy banks is that they tend to be larger. You’ll need a place to store the safe, whether it’s in a closet, on a shelf or elsewhere.

The Kids' Safe Buying Guide

  • Safes for children aren’t usually ready to use right out of the box. A parent will likely need to set up the password, which will require following instructions. These instructions should be included in the box but if not, you should be able to find them online.
  • Kid-friendly safes are typically made from a thick, durable plastic like ABS. Although these safes are built to last, they’re also typically fairly tamperproof. The locking mechanism can be broken with determination, though, so keep that in mind.
  • Unlike typical safes, kid-friendly safes often aren’t fireproof or waterproof.
  • The slot in the door of a child’s safe is designed specifically for paper currency. If coins will be involved, make sure there’s a slot for those, as well. This would typically found on the top of the safe.
  • If environmental friendliness is a concern, look for a safe built by a company that uses sustainable manufacturing in developing.
  • Some safes have lighting on the keypad. This can be especially beneficial if you’re storing the safe in a dark place like a closet.
  • Most of these safes are battery-powered, so you’ll need to make sure you have spares on hand for when they run out. You won’t be able to open the safe if the batteries are dead.
  • Since the experience of inserting bills is so gratifying, consider getting change in small bills when you’re out and about. You could trade your ones for a child’s five or twenty to extend the fun of depositing bills.