Quictent Car Shelter

Last updated date: January 2, 2020

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Quictent Car Shelter

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With the Quictent Car Shelter, you won't feel boxed in. There are three windows along each side that come with outside coverings. The frame is rust and corrosion resistant, while the reinforced polyethylene roof and walls protect against the rain and sun. In our analysis of 127 expert reviews, the Quictent Quictent Car Shelter placed 4th when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note March 17, 2020:
Checkout The Best Storage Tent for a detailed review of all the top storage tents.

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What experts liked
The top has been made with a polyethylene 160g PE of water resistant material that will not allow water to trickle in at any moment.
- The Z8
It has a thick top cover and sided cover that provides added shade and additional protection from tough weathers including, sunlight, rain, and wind. The cover is made from PE materials that is highly against tearing, water, and UV. it uses thick and solid steel for the pole frame construction which offers more strength to the stand.
- A Top Daily
For maximum durability and strength, the carport canopy is designed with thicker net poles. The frame of the whole unit is put together using a high strength thicker leg pole and quality steel connectors. This makes the whole structure save and firm.
- Home N Outdoors
You can gain access inside it from either of the two ends, an aspect which enhances ventilation as well. Another interesting fact is that the material is UV resistant, which means that your car paint will be protected from sun damage. It is washable and easy to clean as well, so you needn’t worry that the white cover might be hard to return to its neat color when dust settles on it.
- Product Reviews
The frame is made from thick, durable coated steel, and the canvas material is crafted from reinforced polyethylene fabric that easily resist moisture, fading, and tearing.
- 2K Reviews
The Quictent carport has a durable heavy-duty steel frame. Its white powder coating ensures reliable rust and corrosion protection.
- Best Advisor
We love the look and feel of the extra-thick polyethylene fabric of Quictent portable carport. We do not think most of the images available online do this product justice in terms of how it will look in your yard.
- 10 Machines
One of the best things about this car shelter is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on many of its parts. It is UV-resistant and at the same time, it is waterproof.
- Buying Hack
The powder-coated steel exterior prevents the steel support frame from rusting as easily as exposed metal does.
- Gear 4 Wheels
It boasts the latest technology and makes use of a tough and heavy duty PE material which is totally waterproof and resistant to tearing.
- The Z9
The Quictent is a unique entry on our list in that it is designed to pull double duty. While you can easily use this product exclusively as a carport, it is in fact designed to be used for a whole host of purposes–many of which involve people and not vehicles.
- 10 Car Best
This tent is supported by steel poles which are powder-coated to ensure reliable rust and corrosion protection. These poles are sturdy enough to take the weight of rain, fallen, leaves, or even snow.
- Auto Quarterly
The frame is a powder-coated steel. It can withstand temperature extremes and wet weather without rusting prematurely. This garage has a cover that is a waterproof PE material that offers protection in a variety of weather situations.
- Guide For Buying
This tent has a heavy duty framework combined with metal base and connectors which are durable so that you can have maximum protection for items you keep on it. It is made of heavy duty polyethylene it can withstand both water and UV rays.
- ACoolList
What experts didn't like
Assembly requires more than 2 people.
- Home N Outdoors
Some customers complained about the quality of the metals used in the upright posts.
- Product Reviews
The disassembled item is somewhat bulky and heavy weight.
- Best Advisor
Quictent 20 x 10 carport is not fire retardant. This generally won’t be an issue when kept outdoors, but it’s still worth bearing in mind, especially if using the product as a gazebo in the presence of a barbeque, for example.
- Gear 4 Wheels
Can trap condensation and potentially rot if not properly vented and cared for.
- 10 Car Best
The side panels increase its susceptibility to intense winds.
- Auto Quarterly
You might have to add additional anchoring.
- Guide For Buying

From The Manufacturer

quictent Quictent Carport Quictent Heavy duty carport can be used as a temporary garage for extra storage. it will provide the best protection for your car. This carport are made from long-lasting UV Resistant Poly, it is washable and easy to clean; Heavy duty galvanized steel frame is with high strength and rust resistance. It will be a good choice for your outdoor car shelter quictent carport 10x20 carports quictent party tent Package Includes: 1x Steel Frame 2x Front/back doors 1x Top cover 2 x Sidewalls with window 1x Necessary assembly parts Quictent 10'x20' Carports SPECIFICATION Size: 10'x20'x8.4'(H)/3*6*2.8M(H) Peak Height: 2.8M, Sides Height: 2M Door Size: 2.45x2M(H); Window Size: 0.9x1.1M(H) Cover/Door Material: 160g PE, UV protected, waterproof Frame Material: 1.5"(38mm), Heavy duty white powder coated steel Joint connector:Upgraded Heavy duty steel Cover Color: White Package:2 boxes Gross Weight:30kg/61.7lbs Heavy Duty Frame Waterproof PE Cover Fast Delivery Pipe Diameter:38mm,Thickness: 0.8mm: Heavy duty powder coating steel pipes, which enables carport' structure much more stable&firm! Heavy Duty metal base plate: suitable for use on lawns as well as hard standing, raise the stability to a new level! Detail Focus: Safe and secure packaging, Wooden bracket to protect steel poles frome shipping damages. 10x20 car canopy 10x20 carports 10x20 party tent 20x40 party tent 10'x20' Upgraded Carport 10'x20' Carport 10'x20' Party Tent 20'x40' Party Tent

Overall Product Rankings

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Quictent Car Shelter
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Expert Reviews: 15
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An Overview On Storage Tents

If you’re searching for a cost-effective way to keep your gardening tools safe or you need protection for your vehicle, you’ll want to consider purchasing a storage tent.

“A storage tent can provide shelter for your belongings in places where you either can’t erect a permanent building or you want the flexibility to relocate it as needed,” says home expert Vicki Liston.

When you’re ready to begin your search for the best storage tent, read the following guide so you know exactly what to look for.

Determine the size of the storage tent that would work best for you.

“The smaller tents usually don’t require any tools and can be quickly set up by only one person,” says Liston. “Bigger ones will need a few tools and an extra set of hands.”

Review the storage tent’s materials to ensure it is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. For example, the Eurmax Popup Canopy Tent is waterproof and has UV protection. The Abba Patio Car Canopy Shelter has a heavy-duty steel frame and footpads for stability against the wind.

Liston advises that: “The sturdiest frames on the market are made of steel. Tin, aluminum and polyester are other options, with polyester sitting at the bottom of the strength list.  It’s the easiest to use and extremely flexible but it won’t be durable over time. If you go with the strong steel, ensure it is either galvanized or powder-coated to protect from rust and corrosion.”

Examine the design of the tent’s roof next. Keep the weather and usage of the tent in mind before you purchase one.

“Storage tents with a peaked roof design are the best at keeping rain or snow from collecting on the roof and causing mold or mildew to grow,” says Liston. “If you do go with a rounded top version, the cover should be tightly stretched on the frame and there should be no slack whatsoever for the rain to pool.”

Look at the walls of the storage tent. Do they roll up when the weather’s nice, or are they always down? Some models, like the Quictent Car Shelter, even have a few windows with outside coverings built into their sidewalls.

Consider any extras the storage tent may offer. The ABCCANOPY Popup Canopy Tent comes in 18 different colors, so you can match the tent to the color of your house, or simply add a little brightness to your yard. Other models have bonuses like a mesh screen, a roller bag and additional sandbags.

DWYM Fun Fact

Some of the earliest tents were used as homes. They were constructed from animal hides, bones and sturdy tree branches. This type of tent was first discovered in Russia. Since then, tents have evolved to match the needs of society. For example, nomads needed tents that were easy to set up, tear down and transport.

Today, we use tents for everything form camping with the family in the wilderness to providing cover for our vehicles to protecting us from the sun when we have a picnic outside on a beautiful day.

The Storage Tent Buying Guide

  • Check the quality and strength of the tent’s zippers. Users of some brands report that the zippers break easily.
  • One neat trick is to wax the zippers, as this allows them to open and close much more smoothly.
  • Watch for holes forming in the seams over time. You don’t want the tent to begin leaking.
  • Check that the tent can withstand strong winds if you plan on using it for a long period of time.
  • Recruit help assembling the tent, as many models require at least two people to properly set them up.
  • Examine the anchors that come with the set to make sure they aren’t weak. You may want to invest in a set of your own sturdy anchors. In fact, Liston points out: “There’s a good chance your storage tent will blow over (or fly away) on the first blustery day. It’s best to invest in an auger-style anchoring kit to protect your investment, which includes the storage tent and the items inside.”
  • If you plan on using the storage tent near a barbecue grill, you’ll want to make sure the materials are fire retardant. Not all of them are, so it’s important to check.
  • Keep the storage tent properly vented to prevent condensation that could lead to rot.
  • The price for storage tents is directly related to the size. The Eurmax Popup Canopy Tent and the ABCCANOPY Popup Canopy Tent are the cheapest, as they measure just 10’x10′. The Quictent Car Shelter is slightly more at 10’x20′ with the Abba Patio Car Canopy Shelter that measures 12’x20′ having the highest price tag.