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PS4 TrackMania Turbo

Last updated: January 16, 2024

PS4 TrackMania Turbo
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Overall Take

In our analysis of 160 expert reviews, the PS4 TrackMania Turbo placed 13th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Step into the wild car fantasy world of Trackmania Turbo, where everything is about having fun chasing the fastest time. Discover the ultimate time attack racing experience with over 200 head-spinning tracks, set in 4 beautiful environments, each with their own play style. Highly replayable, easy to learn and hard to master, the arcade racing universe of TrackMania Turbo will keep you coming back for one last lap!

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Refined and responsive, Trackmania Turbo is a fun, fast, and colourful arcade racer/physics puzzler crammed with tight controls, smooth and crisp looks, and a genuinely surprising amount of solo and multiplayer content. More than that, it’s compulsive.
With over 200 pre-made tracks, triple digit online lobbies, and a complete course editor, there's a whole lot of steel on this title's wheels
Once you have achieved ten bronze medals, the next ten tracks are open. When you reach twenty bronze, the next ten are unlocked, and so on, changing to so many silver medals and eventually gold. Although some may consider this mean-spirited, it gives the game a purpose that would otherwise be missing and gives the player an excuse to spend so long trying to shave so little off their time. Each of the cars possess a unique style of handling, to which you become more accustomed to with each successive run.
The physics in Trackmania Turbo are the work of lunatics and sorcerers, and the cars you drive are all at their mercy, yet, as completely and utterly insane as the physics are, they are also incredibly consistent and deceptively nuanced. But most importantly, they’re just so much fun.
Time Trial focus gives Trackmania Turbo a unique spin and this game has excellent online and offline multiplayer.
The online multiplayer is a beautiful mess. I love it. It's up to a hundred racers simultaneously trying to score their best time on the same track. Everyone else is represented as a ghost, so you'll see these huge globs of players clipping through one another in the beginning, and then people start to disperse as they crash, restart, or make it to the finish line and try again.
Trackmania Turbo offers up some 200 tracks on which to earn gold, silver or bronze medals, depending on the time you set. Many of them are over in a handful of seconds. Many more of them, while short, will take serious time and effort to conquer.
Trackmania: Turbo is a great Trackmania, crammed with all the ludicrous looping tracks and puzzlers that fans could as for, with enhanced visuals, stronger handling and a good selection of local and online modes.
Drifting by tweaking your gas, brake, and steering is easy, even with no handbrake.
Scenery is great and it goes by in a blur. Trackmania Turbo offers more of this than ever. There is no car damage, there’s just going as fast as possible while staying on the track, of which there are 200 in four different areas.
Track editor is addictive and accessible. Plus, the Double Driver mode is chaotically beautiful.
This racing game has the arcade feel and brings back the nostalgia of racers with the music and even the crew voices. The track builder feature in this game provides you with over two hundred tracks and still allows you to challenge your buddies as well as other players in the community by designing or efficiently generating crazy personal paths that can be shared in online communities.
Trackmania Turbo handles things similarly, allowing you to leave your console or PC running as a server for others to pop on and off and race your playlist, without the need for doing anything more complicated than that.
Each car has its own distinctive driving style to tackle the varied terrain. The NASCAR-modified muscle car was by far the most enjoyable car to drive in the Canyon Grand Drift events – it’s fast, agile and demands to be drifted with tactful taps of the brake. With practice, it’s possible to slide around entire sections of track, which not only saves time but is fun to execute.
Each car has a very distinct handling model, and I certainly enjoy some more than others. My favourite is the heavy, drift-friendly beast used to tackle the Canyon courses. Feeling very much like a classic '90s arcade racer, the powersliding is excellent and rekindles memories of Daytona (with a touch of Ridge Racer).
Trackmania Turbo looks great. Its bright and colorful arcade-style graphics are crisp and highly detailed.
This game features outlandish track design and the gorgeously vibrant graphics.
The visuals are fine, and there’s nothing to really complain about outside of the odd bit of screen tearing or other graphical hiccup.
The Simple and the absurd don’t normally go together, but Trackmania Turbo harnesses both in such a wonderful way that it’s hard not to get swept up in its high-octane racing. The very moment a helicopter dropped me from a dangerous height onto a vert ramp that then sent me flying toward a u-turn requiring drifting skills akin to those you’d see in the Fast & Furious movies, I knew the combination just felt right.
Many of the tracks are great fun to race on.

What experts didn't like

However, it lacks a few logical interface features.
It's quite an ugly game artistically, then, even if the smooth performance – occasional tearing issues aside – and bright colours do their best to disguise that.
The controls are unrealistic, they are extremely sensitive to input and become another reason to restart.
Not much different than previous iterations. Time trial-only focus might put off some.
The controls couldn't be simpler, but they are absurdly sensitive
However, it can also be hideously frustrating, while there’s a sense that it doesn’t really push the series anywhere new.
Its limited Time Attack focus isn’t for everyone.
Unfortunately, you won’t be playing any track you want until you progress through each area in order.
This game has restriction access to tracks.
Can be unforgiving and frustrating at times.
TrackMania Turbo hasn’t changed too much in its transition to consoles, so series veterans may struggle to find anything new, but neither has its perpetual pick-up-and-play appeal.
Trackmania Turbo is the thrilling arcade racer this generation has been missing, but it's also a damn frustrating game at points. There's a lot of content locked away in the campaign, most of which requires a certain number of silver or gold medals in order to access.
No built in user creation browser. Occasionally clunky menu system.
Unfortunately, the core gameplay isn’t that accessible, as the vehicles you’re piloting can be a bit finicky. Expect it to take time before you’re used to how things work, unless you’re a returning vet, and know that this is a game where practice is key. It’s for this reason that the Y button restarts you at the nearest checkpoint, and the B button is used for complete and almost instantaneous restarts.
The longer tracks tend to outstay their welcome.
The difficulty is pretty high right away and it keeps increasing for a long time. It’s a shame as really the game should be a bit more lenient early on, especially given its arcadey feel. After a while, the progress is harder and harder to make and with nothing but more challenge ahead of you, its easy to find reasons not to continue.
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