PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3

Last updated: March 1, 2023

PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3

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Overall Take

What could be more fun than a Disney and "Final Fantasy" crossover game? PS4's "Kingdom Hearts 3" is as fun as ever, with new storylines, battles and worlds to keep fans interested. One of the best things about this edition is the full soundtrack of Disney songs that you can take with you on your smartphone.

In our analysis of 159 expert reviews, the PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 placed 1st when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

KINGDOM HEARTS III tells the story of the power of friendship and light vs. darkness as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure. Set in a vast array of Disney and Pixar worlds, KINGDOM HEARTS follows the journey of Sora, an unknowing heir to a spectacular power. Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe. Sora, Donald, and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters old and new to overcome tremendous challenges and persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds. Adventure in Disney and Pixar Worlds. Embark on an adventure that spans the Disney universe: Travel across Disney and Pixar worlds to protect them from the Heartless invasion, and befriend and join heroes from Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Big Hero 6, Tangled, Hercules, and more! Unlock the Power of the Keyblades. The mysterious and powerful Keyblades can now transform into additional forms with new abilities, moves, and animations. Equip multiple Keyblades and combo between them to unlock spectacular attacks! Experience the Magic. Cast visually stunning, powerful magic spells to battle the Heartless. Call upon Disney-Pixar friends and partner with them for support. Turn the tide of combat by summoning all-new “Attractions” inspired by the theme parks. Thrilling and Action-Packed Battles. Explore and interact directly with the Disney-Pixar worlds. Fight off swarms of Heartless while scaling massive cliffs, diving deep underwater, or even freefalling through the air. Experience unique gameplay elements custom designed for each new world! Relive Classic Disney Shorts Through Minigames.Take a break from saving the world with over 20 minigames inspired by classic Disney short films.

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Disney and Pixar characters have engaging and memorable stories.
The Standard difficulty combat is mostly a breeze.
Alongside its plot, one more aspect that defines the franchise is its combat. It’s what you’ll be engaging with most within gameplay, and so it’s a good job there’s a lot more to it than simply mashing the X button.
The storylines are largely new.
Fast-paced combat that rewards flashy combos and swapping around various keyblades.
As far as fighting on the ground goes, you’ve got options. Combat is exciting and fast-paced, pitting you against multiple enemies at a time.
- Time
It’s impressive that the plot of Kingdom Hearts III should be so incomprehensible, given that the only thing the characters do, when they open their mouths, is attempt to advance it.
The improvement in visual quality is clear right from the very start. The game looks crisp and refined. From character models to the environments, everything is crafted with great attention to detail.
Along with the new engine also comes a revamped movement and combat system that genuinely results in the most satisfying combat ever in the series. Combos effortlessly string together, spells now home in on enemies, and the new shortcut menu makes encounters easier for both veterans and newcomers alike.
Beautiful environments, cutscenes, in-game action. So many things to do!
Everything in Kingdom Hearts III is made bigger and better. The battling system, the worlds, the Gummi sections, the fanservice to Disney diehards — it’s all just larger than life versions of all the previous games.
Speaking of Gummiships, the Gummiship system in Kingdom Hearts III is shockingly better than in previous games.
Main composer Yoko Shimomura's ability to capture Kingdom Hearts' emotional essence shines here yet again. The classic Disney music helps bring each world to life, and watching Sora explore Frozen while "Let It Go" plays makes me grin
Unlocked frame rate makes everything smoother and more responsive
Variety of ways to fight, including several mechanics returning from spin-offs
It has beautiful graphics and soundtrack.
I actually enjoyed the Gummi Ship for the first time in the entire Kingdom Hearts series.

What experts didn't like

The overarching Keyblade War story is convoluted and difficult to follow.
What's perhaps most frustrating about Kingdom Hearts 3 is that it proves it's capable of cutting through the crap. There's a piece of pure visual storytelling late on that is comfortably one of the game's most moving moments - a gesture of friendship in dire circumstances that says so much more than several hours' worth of characters explaining the plot to one another could ever do.
One unfortunate thing you will have to deal with is the Gummi Ship. Used to travel from world to world through space, you’ll have to put up with confusing menus, needlessly complex building interfaces, and frustrating battles that gate progression. It serves its purpose if you’re just looking to get from point A-to-B, but anything beyond that is a complete hassle.
The gap between each world gums up the works a bit. Yes, I’m talking about the Gummi Ship, which makes an unceremonious return. Space combat is still rather boring.
Low difficulty level that's made even easier with Attractions and other special moves.
Newer additions to the gameplay mechanics, including the ballet-like Flowmotion, are too unreliable to use during fights, and only further expose the barrenness of the worlds. It feels like a step back from the responsive controls and lofty standards set by recently released titles like God of War or Marvel’s Spider-Man.
- Time
Too many leather jackets and zips
The game’s pacing, however, is problematic. Kingdom Hearts III is oddly imbalanced as the plot is backloaded too much. While adventuring in Disney and Pixar worlds is fun and interesting, there’s nothing really happening plot-wise until the very last part. You could just skip to the last six hours of the game and you still wouldn’t have missed any important plots. But when the story starts to unfold, it becomes one hell of a ride, especially if you’re really invested in the series.
As for the story itself, I won’t delve too much into specifics to avoid spoilers, but it unfortunately follows the series’ trend of opening many plot threads and not closing any of them until the last few hours of the game.
Will be very hard for new players to the series to jump in.
It hasn’t been easy keeping track of the entire plot. I won’t delve into absolutely everything that has happened in the past.
The extra content is of uneven quality, like minigames sometimes being too simplistic for their own good. I also wasn’t fond of the repetitive boss battles toward the end, since repeatedly facing similar foes is a tedious way to drag out the finale.
Plot too complicated, depends on knowledge of past games.
Voice acting lines can sometimes sound wooden.
No final fantasy characters.
Having been given so much time to ruminate, its specific resolutions aren’t all that surprising, but only a marginal impact is lost as a result.


Whether you own a Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox, picking a video game is always a challenge. There always seems to be an endless stream of games old and new, each just as appealing as the last. You may be constantly watching lists of new releases, trying to figure out which one will provide the best experience.

The first thing to consider is the type of gaming system you have. For those with a Nintendo Switch, the experience will be different than for gamers on an Xbox or PlayStation 4. When you’re in docked mode, that difference won’t be that noticeable. However, as soon as you start playing in handheld mode, you’ll notice how the gaming experience needs to be optimized for that format.

Another consideration is how important sharp, crisp visuals are to you. Most game developers will prioritize this, realizing that today’s gamers expect the best. Whether you’re swinging around New York City on a spiderweb or fending off zombies, a vivid, immersive environment is always a great touch.

That becomes a bit more challenging when you’re playing a classic game. It can be tough to balance the need for an updated look with the craving many gamers have for a classic gaming experience. This is particularly important if you’re playing a game that’s been around for a while, like “Super Smash Brothers.” The best games update the experience while still staying true to the original.

But no matter how a game looks, the thing that really makes a game a favorite is how long it stays interesting. Today’s newest games pack in plenty of new experiences and choices, ensuring that every time you sit down at your console, you head out on a new adventure. With each new release even of the most classic games, developers make sure that gameplay stays exciting long after that first session.

Buying Advice

  • Nintendo Switch’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” brings the characters and gameplay you already know to the Nintendo Switch. New characters are mixed in with classics to make this game a blend of the familiar with today’s style of gameplay. New features include the World of Light campaign.
  • PS4’s “Kingdom Hearts 3” combines Disney and Final Fantasy for a thrilling game experience. The new release introduces mostly new storylines and improved battles and worlds.
  • Everyone knows Spider-Man from the comic books and movies. But PS4’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man (Insomniac)” remains true to the superhero you already know and love. Insomniac has built in plenty of character development for Peter Parker, balancing the dark and light tones of the storyline for a great game experience.
  • If a zombie story is more your style, Xbox’s “ONE World War Z” is the game to choose. This version of the game packs in plenty of gore, so it’s not for everyone, but if gruesome is your preference, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Playing games on mobile gaming systems can require a little bit of an adjustment, especially if you’re used to playing on a much larger screen. Nintendo Switch’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” has been specially formatted for the Switch, but you may find that the many ideas, wishes and demands you’re given can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Responsiveness is always important in a game. You’ll find the controls on the Nintendo Switch’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” are responsive, even if you’re at the beginner level. PS4’s “Kingdom Hearts 3” and Xbox’s “ONE World War Z” have responsive controls, as well.
  • Things can get a bit more complicated with PS4’s “Kingdom Hearts 3” when you’re on the Gummi Ship. The menus and building interfaces can be complicated and frustrating, so it may take some time and practice to get used to it.
  • Today’s gamers demand breathtaking visuals with their games. Nintendo Switch’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” jumps off the screen, whether you’re playing in handheld or docked mode. The entire look of the game has been updated to honor the classic look of the game while refreshing it for today’s gamers.
  • PS4’s “Kingdom Hearts 3” also benefits from a complete update, with the end result being a crisper look with impressive attention to detail.
  • You’re likely already familiar with Spider-Man’s swings across New York City, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with PS4’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man (Insomniac).” You’ll enjoy realistic trips around Manhattan with plenty of jaw-dropping animations.
  • As intense as the action is with Xbox’s “ONE World War Z,” developers didn’t forget to pack in impressive visuals, including ensuring the game moves at a solid framerate.
  • One of the worst things that can happen with any new game is that it quickly gets boring. Nintendo Switch’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” keeps you engaged by packing it with more than 70 characters. This is the biggest roster so far for a “Super Smash Bros.” game, promising to keep you entertained for a while. You also get a map with plenty of secret locations and homages to the classic game that will ensure you never get bored.
  • PS4’s “Kingdom Hearts 3” draws you in and keeps you engaged with battles. You’ll get fast-paced combat and plenty of different ways to fight to let you keep mixing things up long after you play the first game.
  • Among the many things keeping PS4’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man (Insomniac)” interesting for hours is the costume options. Each costume comes with its own powers, helping you try out different scenarios with each session.
  • If you like a little music with your gameplay, you’ll love the music options in PS4’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man (Insomniac),” which enhance your experience as you swing around the city. The music in Xbox’s “ONE World War Z” is also impressive. Disney fans will be especially interested in the classic Disney music featured in PS4’s “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Lastly, Nintendo Switch’s “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” provides a soundtrack you can actually take with you. Look for a button in the Vault tab labeled Sounds, where you’ll find more than 800 musical tracks that you can load onto your smartphone to take with you.