PS VITA Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Last updated date: July 25, 2019

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PS VITA Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

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Update as July 26, 2019:
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Overall Take

In our analysis of 146 expert reviews, the PS VITA Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 placed 6th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Marvel and Capcom universes collide once again in this Ultimate installment of the popular fighting franchise. With new fighters, epic new modes and rebalanced gameplay, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 asks only one question – are you ready for the Ultimate fighting experience. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is multiplayer crossover fighting game featuring tag-team style combat between three-character teams of super heroes, super villains and other characters from the Marvel comics and Capcom universes. The game contains 12 new fighters, in addition to those found in earlier game versions. It also features new game modes including a spectator mode, and the ‘Heroes and Heralds’ Mode. The PS Vita version of the game is virtually identical to the console versions, while incorporating the handheld’s touch controls and portability. Create a three-character fighting dream team chosen from the Marvel and Capcom universes. Arcade style action on the Vita that is virtually identical to console versions of the game. The highly acclaimed fighting series adds 12 new legends to the robust Marvel vs. Capcom 3 lineup, bringing the total overall roster of characters up to 50. This includes zombie-slayer Frank West on the Capcom side and cosmic defender Rocket Raccoon from the Marvel Universe. The new character options also include Phoenix Wright, Vergil, Nemesis, Strider and Firebrand from Capcom and Nova, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider and Hawkeye from Marvel. In addition to new characters, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 features a host of enhancements and features to improve the game’s balance and online functionality. One of the biggest additions to the game is the fan-requested Spectator Mode, which allows fighters to watch live online matches together. Also, available as free downloadable content after launch is the ‘Heroes and Heralds’ Mode, a new single player and multiplayer team-based mode in which player unlock brand-new abilities with upgrade cards, customize favorite characters with new powers and compete in groups as either heroes defending Earth from Galactus or as one of Galactus’ Heralds. The power of the PS Vita allows its version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to play and look virtually identical to the console releases, but it also provides players with control functionality unique to the Sony handheld. Utilizing the PS Vita’s front and rear touch screen and pad, players can unleash simple combos by ‘mashing’ the screen with taps. The basic level of these ‘touch’ combos ensures that players who choose to use standard combo input patterns using the Vita’s d-pad and face buttons are not at a disadvantage, as more advanced combos are always available if the right button pattern is entered correctly. The touch pad can also be used to unleash hyper combos by tapping a character’s full hyper combo meter, and to tag in a new character from a player’s team by simply touching the image of that character.

Expert Reviews

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238 user reviews

What experts liked

What makes this all the more impressive is the fact that this isn’t just another fighting game. With Marvel vs Capcom 3 and later the Ultimate version, Capcom made what is arguably the most visually stunning beat-em-up of this generation.
- Trusted Reviews
February 24, 2012 | Full review
The game's pretty light on story, but the cool menus feature a paneled comic book look adding to the atmosphere.
February 13, 2012 | Full review
The graphics are incredibly similar to the console version of the game and lose only a bit. If you have played the PS3 (or Xbox 360) version of this game, then you have played this game. And I mean that as a compliment, mostly.
- Digital Trends
The online options of this portable game closely mirror those of the full console version. It's really easy to jump into ranked matches, and they went down smoothly, with little in the way of lag.
- Destructoid
With 36 playable characters, there's no shortage of choice for fans of either company. Each battle is a three versus three fight where players can switch characters in and out in real time. Special combos, juggles and ultimate abilities will vary by team, so selecting a team where each of the characters complement each other can go a long way and provides a level of strategy in each match.
- Push Square
UMvC3 translates perfectly to the Vita’s controls – although fighting game purists will bemoan the lack of a real joystick or six button layout, the four face buttons are all you need to pull off some insane combos. The two shoulder buttons take care of assist moves – calling in one of your two teammates to quickly dish out some damage – so as long as you’ve got fast fingers you should be able to pull off any moves that you could on the console version.
- Expert Reviews - UK
What took us by surprise was how silky smooth this game runs on the Vita. The frame rate remains at high pitch, even during online battles, and both the 3D backgrounds and characters look fantastic, especially during Supers, when characters go flying all over the screen.
- Game Zone
May 4, 2012 | Full review
Action looks virtually as good on the Vita as it did on PS3, with perhaps the backgrounds losing a small amount of flash. That could just seem that way because of the obvious screen shrinkage, though; either way, it’s largely inconsequential. It’s bright, it’s colorful, the characters all look stupendous, and the attack animations are pulled off with smoothness to spare.
- Playstation Lifestyle
The game comes loaded with your standard set of online and offline modes. You’ve got a story based arcade mode, character challenges, training, and simple vs. modes.
- Gaming Age

What experts didn't like

Complex and confusing for newbies.
- Trusted Reviews
February 24, 2012 | Full review
Some nagging issues that carry over from the original are fundamentally part of the franchise, and no amount of hardware could alter. The 2D formula for fighting games has grown a bit stale, but it continues to do enough right to keep fans coming back.
- Digital Trends
Online play only works using Wi-Fi and can sometimes be difficult to find decent matches. Without really stable connections for both players, matches become frustrating to play as slow down and input lag rear their ugly heads. While this is more of a problem with individual connection speeds, any fighting fans will know it’s enough to ruin online play.
- Push Square
I’m gonna make spaghetti and maybe by the time I’m finished, this guy’ll be done doing his endless juggle combo on me.
- Playstation Lifestyle
My only complaint in the visuals is that certain menu screens look awfully pixelated, as if they’re low-res compared to the rest of the images surrounding them.
- Gaming Age

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