Pro Bike Tool Anti-UV Bike Cover

Last updated date: December 2, 2022

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Pro Bike Tool Anti-UV Bike Cover

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We looked at the top Bike Covers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Bike Cover you should buy.

Update as December 2, 2022:
Checkout The Best Bike Cover for a detailed review of all the top bike covers.

Overall Take

This bike cover comes highly recommended by bike owners. With handles and adjustable buckles, this cover is easy to use and will withstand any windy day. Constructed with high quality oxford fabric, its durability is unparalleled and will keep your bike in tip-top shape.

In our analysis of 136 expert reviews, the Pro Bike Tool Anti-UV Bike Cover placed 3rd when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

bike cover bicycle cover BIKE COver WHY ARE OUR BIKE COVERS THE BEST IN THE MARKET? We take immense pride in our heavy-duty bike covers which we know are the best in the market – we regularly benchmark test our covers vs the competition. Our bike covers are made from our own specification of high quality ripstop fabric, which is PU coated – the material is waterproof, but breathable. Our ripstop fabric is considerably better than standard polyester materials used for most other bike covers which do little to protect your bike, especially when the weather gets tough. We also double stitch and heat seal the seams of the bike covers to ensure there are no leaks – protecting your bike is our priority. WHAT IS RIP-STOP MATERIAL? Rip-stop material is made from a combination of extra strong nylon and polyester threads which are woven into a square pattern. This extra thread strength is what stops a tear or a rip from continuing beyond the first square, hence the name ‘rip-stop’. The material is not indestructible – no fabric is that good – however the special structure minimizes the damage to the material if torn or ripped. CAN OUR BIKE COVERS BE USED ON A HITCH MOUNTED BIKE RACK WHEN TRAVELLING? Yes, they can. NOTE: Due to the potential combination of strong winds and travelling at speed, we recommend thoroughly strapping down the bike cover to ensure your setup is safe and secure when travelling. If too much air gets under the cover this could make the cover billow and potentially cause stress to the seams. BIKE COVERS CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE BIKE COVER Choosing the right size of bike cover is very important to ensure a great fit and you get the right size of bike cover for your needs. There are different variables to consider, whether that’s bike type and size, the number of bikes and how they’re going to be stored. Please see our below guide to choosing the right bike cover, the first time. How to Measure To match the right size bike cover to your bike storage set up, please measure the width, length, and height of your ‘whole bike storage set-up’. If using a bike rack, please take into consideration that the bikes will potentially be positioned apart and sometimes in opposite directions (e.g. hitch mounted bike rack). bicycle cover waterproof bicycle cover waterproof bike cover SIDE BY SIDE STORAGE (NO RACKS) This is the most common storage method whether storing your bikes inside or outside. Sizing is generally straightforward, however, please consider type and sizes of bikes. FLOOR STANDING RACK There are different types of floor standing racks whether single ‘push-in’ or traditional floor parking bike rack. When storing two or more bikes in a bike rack they are generally positioned in the same direction and apart. We, therefore, recommend to potentially ‘size-up’. For example, if storing two medium or large bikes on a floor parking bike rack, we recommend our XXL size bike cover. HITCH MOUNTED BIKE RACK When using a hitch mounted bike rack on either the back of an RV, truck or car we recommend to ‘size-up’ as mounting bikes on a rack tend to be positioned apart and in opposite directions. For example, if storing 2 medium to large bikes, we recommend our XXL size bike cover. When ‘travelling’ we also strongly recommend strapping down the bike cover to reduce potential billowing and to ensure your setup is safe and secure when travelling. pro bike tool pro bike tool rtrt pro bike tool BEST SELLERS With over 500,000 bike tools and products sold so far – that many people can’t be wrong! AWARD WINNING Award Winning Products including Outdoor Gear Lab’s Best Buy Award Winner (August 2018) for ‘quality products that offer the most bang-for-the-buck’. COMMUNITY We’ve partnered with cyclists and cycling teams around the world to support all areas of cycling. PASSION Everyone on the PRO BIKE TOOL Team is a passionate cyclist, this is what we love! pro bike tool pro bike tool Solid and Dependable Our tools will come to your aid down the dirtiest of trails, highest of cols, or busiest of commutes. And they won’t let you down. With a focus on quality design and ease of use, they’re your best friends, sitting right there in your jersey pocket or backpack. We live by ‘love what you do, do what you love’ Ride with Us, and Love Your Ride Who We Are Our Story PRO BIKE TOOL was born in 2015 when founder Chris left the safety & security of corporate life to follow his passion for cycling. Taking a huge leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship, Chris dedicated himself to building a business that produces the highest spec tools at a value making them accessible to all riders. We pride ourselves on giving you the ultimate user experience. From our top-quality products to our commitment to great service, we’re here to make your life easy. Bike Pumps CO2 Inflators and CO2 cartridges Bottle Cages & Bike Water Bottles Multitools Shop Tools Bike Storage and Covers

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What experts liked

The Pro Bike Cover has a lock-hole design in front for either chain, cable, or U/D-locks for additional security. It has an adjustable buckle strap as well as toggle elasticated bike wheel that securely fit even on strong windy days.
- Top 10 Focus
It is made of Durable RIPSTOP oxford fabric.
- 5 Product Reviews
Made from a strong and extremely durable RIPSTOP oxford fabric, you can trust it over your bike. The double stitching design ensures that your bike is totally safe from any form of risk either being posed by the sun, wind or any external factors.
- The Z9
We love the reflective safety loops that allow you to install and remove the cover within a short time.
- Z7 Premium
Not only is the cloth itself robust and weatherproof, but the heat-sealed seams and double stitching also keep the moisture away any time of the year. In addition, the unit has an elastic cord and toggles and an ergonomic buckle strap to fit snugly on your bike and to make sure the wind doesn't blow the cover away.
- Best Advisor
Not only is the cloth itself robust and weatherproof, but the heat-sealed seams and double stitching also keep the moisture away any time of the year. In addition, the unit has an elastic cord and toggles and an ergonomic buckle strap to fit snugly on your bike and to make sure the wind doesn't blow the cover away.
- Top Best Product Review
The cover made from durable Oxford Fabric material, so you don’t have to keep buying new cover now and then. This cover is compatible with road bikes and mountain bikes.
- Paramatan
The solid black Pro Bike Tool is made from a tear-resistant and UV ray-blocking material for maximum protection.
- Wiki EZ Vid
It was made using ‘RIPSTOP’ Oxford Fabric and has been double stitched. The cover seams have also been sealed by heat. As a result, the kind of protection you will receive is top-class.
- The Z8
Pro Bike cover is a very strong and durable ‘RIPSTOP’ Oxford Fabric containing ‘double stitching’ and ‘heat sealed’ seams to deliver Top Class protection just from adverse weather conditions whether it is raining, snowing and so forth.
- Top 10 Rec
It has security holes on the front to lock this cover to your bike. Additional security, a buckle strap, is provided to protect against heavy winds. The one thing that is a must.
- Theme Country
It is very strong and durable ‘ripstop’ oxford fabric with double stitching & ‘heat sealed seams delivering top-class protection from adverse weather conditions – whether rain, snow, ice, wind, dust or sun. Dependable, whatever the weather – waterproof and anti-uv material with pu coating ensures your bike stays protected, even against heavy rain or harsh sun.
Thanks to the elasticated edge, the cover is designed to provide a secure fit on any bike.
- Biking Expert
With a ripstop oxford fabrics, the bike cover is resistant to tearing, an also durable knitting allows it to have extended lifespan. The seams are heat treated to eliminate any chance of water leaking while PU coating filter UV rays.
- AmaPerfect
To enhance the durability and sturdiness, the manufacturer adds heat-sealed and double-stitching hems that are completely tear-resistant and waterproof.
- Top Portal Review
Pro Bike Tool Cover has its handle bars made of reflective strips, so it is easy to locate and at the same time visible in the dark. The elastic cords and buckle straps make sure the bike fits snugly and the wind doesn’t blow the cover away.
- Rack Hungry
The seams are double-stitched to ensure maximum protection. It is patented by a high-class company, which promises to keep your bike safe from any type of water or dust ailments.
- Hybrid Bikers
The fabric is uber- tough with a raised interlocking weave which makes it unrippable. Ripstop fabric is used on hang-gliders so you know it’s the real deal. It’s also PU coated and made to stand up to all weather. That’s just one reason why the Pro Bike Cover tops the list for the best waterproof bicycle covers for outdoor storage.
- Little House Lovely Home
Pro Bike Cover features some very handy extras as well. It has a front lock-hole design for additional security and an adjustable buckle strap for the windy days. It even comes with reflective safety loops to locate handlebar ends and allow for cover to be easily removed from the bike.
- Yes Cycling
The fabric itself will tell the difference. The PRO cover is specifically designed for longevity. The material is strong enough to withstand all forms of stretching as you are covering your bike.Additionally, the fabric has a stitching design that ensures your bike is safe every time you cover it. The material is also specifically intended to withstand all weather conditions.
- Furious Bikes
This bike cover offers great protection which equipped by durable “Ripstop” oxford fabric with better quality stitching and heat sealed seams offer extreme protection from adverse weather like snow, rain, ice, wind, dust, sun etc.
- Bike's Terra

What experts didn't like

Wheel coverage issue.
- Top 10 Focus
It’s a bit too bulky.
- The Z9
In humid climate,the metal grommets rust with time.
- Best Advisor
Water pooling eventually gets water inside.
- Rack Hungry
This bike cover is much more expensive than the others on our list.
- Yes Cycling
A little bulky therefore making it hard for portability.
- Furious Bikes

An Overview On Bike Covers

Bicycles are an excellent way to get exercise, get around town or even commute to work. You can bike for miles in much less time than it takes to walk, and it is much more affordable than driving. However, bikes can be quite an expensive investment depending on how you want to use them. As with any investment, you’ll want it to be protected from whatever elements it is exposed to. This will require a good bike cover. When you think of buying a bike cover, it seems like a pretty straightforward endeavor. However, there are countless things to consider when finding the right bike cover for your situation.

To find the right product for you, consider the location of your bike storage. There are several places to store your bike: inside the house, on the back of a car while traveling, long-term outside, short-term outside or in the garage. The location of your bike storage will greatly impact the type of bike cover you get. Outside storage will require a thicker, heavier material to protect from the elements whereas indoor storage can use just a lightweight cover that is easy to take on and off. A few things to look for in an appropriate bike cover for your situation are the material, size and details or accessories.

The material used to make bike covers is usually polyester. It is waterproof, affordable and durable when made well. The more important thing is to look at the denier number of the material. Denier is the strength of the material. When shopping for a bike cover, you will notice a number with the letter ‘D’ after it to denote the denier of the material. The higher the number the greater the denier. Another way to look at it is the higher the number, the heavier the materials or thicker the thread. If storing outside, you’ll want the highest denier you can find to protect your bike from the elements.

The next thing is to note the size of the bike cover. Many times, bike covers do not even reach the ground when placed over the bike. It is really important to measure the height and width of your bike before shopping, so you don’t run into this problem. There is no standard bike size, so it is always better to go up a size to ensure full coverage. And if it is super large, you might even be able to fit two bikes under the same cover.

As for accessories or added features, you can decide how fancy you want to get with your bike cover. For example, reflective material on the bike cover would be a good idea for traveling with the bikes on the back of your car. For easy lifting, you may want some heavy-duty handles on the cover, as you’ll get from the Pro Bike Tool cover. Handles also help to keep the bike cover’s shape while placing it over the bikes.

You might also consider finding a bike cover with lock holes. If you commute and need to lock your bike up during the day, it is nice to have the cover and bike protected with a lock on the tire. Some models have two grommet holes to slide the lock through both the front wheel and the cover, securing them both. One last accessory to think about is a buckle to secure the cover underneath the bike and protect it from blowing off the bike in high winds. You decide which features will work best for your bike and bike cover.

The Bike Cover Buying Guide

  • Always look for a warranty on your bike cover.
  • Be sure that if you are using a bike cover on the rear of your car, it does not cover your car’s brake lights.
  • Be sure to purchase a cover with some sort of ventilation system, especially if storing for an extended time period.
  • If storing in a public place, try to keep it discreet so as not to attract any unwanted attention.
  • Choose a bike cover with stitched lock holes rather than grommet lock holes that tend to rust over time.