Prince Of Peace Original Ginger Chews Caffeine & Gluten-Free Ginger Candy, 2-Pack

Last updated date: January 14, 2022

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Prince Of Peace Original Ginger Chews Caffeine & Gluten-Free Ginger Candy, 2-Pack

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We looked at the top Ginger Candies and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Ginger Candy you should buy.

Update as January 14, 2022:
Checkout The Best Ginger Candy for a detailed review of all the top ginger candies.

Overall Take

This ginger candy has a unique sweet and spicy taste. It is made from 100 percent real ginger. The candy supports digestive health.

In our analysis, the Prince Of Peace Prince Of Peace Original Ginger Chews Caffeine & Gluten-Free Ginger Candy, 2-Pack placed 3rd when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

SWEET & SPICY. Prince of Peace Original Ginger Chews are an easy and tasty way for you to enjoy ginger on the go. REAL GINGER. Each individually wrapped ginger chew is made with 100% real ginger to support digestive health and comfort the stomach. WHY GINGER. For centuries, ginger has been used to add flavor to food and to provide a natural health boost. 15 CALORIES. These naturally-flavored ginger chews are only 15 calories and made without artificial flavors, additives, or colors. NATURAL HEALTH BOOTH. Ginger contains numerous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds beneficial to health such as gingerols and is known for comforting the stomach, helping with nausea, warming the body’s senses, supporting circulation, and more.

An Overview On Ginger Candies

Ginger candy is a unique taste. It’s sweet, spicy and earthy all at once, and has a chewy and crisp texture. It can be an acquired taste for some, but it comes with many benefits that are hard to ignore. Eating ginger candy isn’t the same as eating a lollipop or a chocolate bar. This candy can help you feel better in many different ways.

For people who suffer from nausea as a result of pregnancy, ginger candy can help ease the discomfort. Ginger is known to sooth the stomach, and the candy can help with heartburn and the feeling of being overly full that is common in pregnancy. Not only does ginger candy help with pregnancy-induced nausea, it can also help those who are going through chemotherapy. Nausea is a common side effect of this cancer treatment and ginger candy can help relieve this feeling.

For those that deal with stomach upset, ginger is known to expel intestinal gas. This can help your stomach feel soothed and calm, especially if you’re stressed out and in pain. For those that deal with motion sickness, whether flying or driving, ginger candy may do the trick. It can help with upset stomach and anxiety in these kinds of stressful situations.

Not only does ginger candy have health benefits, it can also help you satisfy a sweet tooth craving. Ginger candies are sweet without being overly sugary, so they are a nice refreshing treat when you want something sweet without the room for a full plate of dessert. They typically come individually wrapped, so you can just have one or two without being tempted to eat the whole bag.

The Ginger Candy Buying Guide

  • Hard or chewy – which do you prefer? Ginger candies come in both options. Hard candies are fun to suck on while chewy candies are great if you want to digest it quickly. Both types of candies have similar flavors and benefits. It’s just the texture that is different.
  • Ginger candy is available in different quantities so consider how many you will be eating. For example, you can get them in packages ranging from one to two pounds. In the package, the candies are individually wrapped so they will not go stale if you open the package and only eat a few.
  • It’s important to check the ingredients list to make sure there are not too many additives. Ginger candy has health benefits because of the benefits of ginger. If that ingredient is diluted with too many others, then you may not experience the health benefits of this type of candy.
  • Eating ginger candy on its own is great, but did you know you can actually incorporate it into meals? This is typically best with the chewy variety instead of the hard candy. You can chop up ginger candy and add it to salads along with citrus and walnuts for a unique flavor profile. If you enjoy baking, consider adding ginger candy to cookies or pies. You can even add it to fruit cakes and muffins. Ginger candy can also be used to decorate cakes.
  • Because ginger candies come individually wrapped, they are great for having on the go. Keep a few in your backpack or purse so you will have them handy if you ever have an upset stomach or nausea while you are out and about.