Presto 5900 Fast Heating Easy Clean Wok, 14-Inch

Last updated: January 6, 2022

You won't need a stove or oven to use this wok, as it has an electric heating element. The wok itself is made out of stainless steel and has an aluminum-clad base. With your purchase, you'll also receive a matching glass lid and a long-handled wooden spatula.

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Key Takeaway: As an added bonus, this wok comes with a long-handled wooden spatula.

In our analysis of 190 expert reviews, the Presto Fast Heating Easy Clean Wok, 14-Inch placed 8th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The quick and easy way to prepare sizzling stir-fry meals. Healthy stir-fry cooking sears ingredients in just a small amount of oil to preserve nutrients as well as fresh colors, flavors, and textures. 120 volts, 60 Hz only. It should not be used with an adapter.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Heats quickly. There is no waiting around for this wok to reach temperature. If you cook in a hurry, this is your wok.
Stands out from competitors with a powerful, 1,500-watt heating element and dependable stainless steel construction.
Being made of a durable and also reliable stainless steel body, going wrong with the built quality is impossible. In fact, the even heating advantage is what you would appreciate while you cook.
The wok is made of stainless steel, which promises a certain level of durability, and it's dishwasher safe (and so is the lid), which is a huge plus.
Both the lid and the bowl are dishwasher safe to make cleaning a breeze.
This heats to a maximum of 400 degrees, but users report that they get the best results at less than the maximum. Since this doesn’t have a nonstick interior, you can use any utensils in it without worrying about scratching the surface
Presto 5900 1500 Watt stainless steel electric wok is your easy and quick way to prepare smoking hot stir-fry meals.
The cover has the construction of tempered glass that makes it strong. The handle and the rim are also made with stainless steel. This product comes with a wooden spatula with a long hand and it is absolutely dishwasher safe.
There are side-loop handles that the pot easily move and easily display when cooking is done. Visible glass lid has a steel ring and top handle, so you can see your food while cooks.
Unlike others, it has a side loop handles that allows users to grip and lift the wok up more conveniently.
This electric wok has a Side loop handles thus you can transfer the appliance from one place to another safely. Other than that, it comes with a tempered glass cover that allows you to see inside.
The best thing about this electric wok is its large capacity. It’s cost-effective and is one of the best kitchen investments you could ever have. The durability of the product is worth praise as well.
But for the price, this one is a great deal.
- Bustle
The device includes a tempered-glass cover complete with a stainless steel handle and rim as well as side loop handles on the wok itself. The lid and wok are both dishwasher safe, with the wok measuring 17x14x10 inches. It also comes with a long-handled wooden spatula.
It has some amazing features and a great price and you’ll find it an extremely useful, easy-to-use addition to your kitchen. This is also one of the biggest woks out there when it comes to surface area so you’ll be able to cook as much food as you need to.
With a capacity of 7 quarts and heating capacity of up to 400 F, this is an excellent electric wok when you want to make a meal quickly for a large crowd.
Presto electric wok is still an excellent budget option for most households.
The first thing you’ll notice about this electric wok is that it’s constructed entirely out of stainless steel, making it extremely durable.
Perfectly dishwasher-safe and sink safe, it is an ideal product when you need easy cleaning and is capable of serving a large family.
The fact that this product doesn't have a nonstick coating is an advantage
While some people may view the lack of a non-stick coating as a downside, it may actually make things easier for you. Without this coating, you will find it easier to season the bowl on your own using oil, prior to cooking.
The stainless steel body of this wok makes it lightweight, easy to use, and easy to retain heat, for excellent results, and minimum maintenance.
There are 4 legs on the bottom that can keep the wok stable during you are frying the food.
You can take this durable wok anywhere and enjoy even heating and versatility. It boasts an aluminum base and a 1500 watt heating element for speedy heating.
This amazing wok is dishwasher safe, as well as its durable lid. A long-handled wooden spatula is also included to kick-start your stir-frying endeavors.
First, it is very durable thanks to its stainless steel body, and it is very easy to figure out how to use it.
The most amazing thing about this wok is it’s dishwasher safe! Very unusual in my experience for an electric wok.
They are Long-handled wooden spatula included; dishwasher-safe wok and lid.
Lightweight alloy makes it ultra-portable for more accessible transport to the dining table. Robust stainless steel design also makes the cookware straightforward to clean and health-risk-free.
Its surfaces aren’t nonstick which means that you can use any utensils with it without fearing for the scratches.
It is also affordable and durable, which is a unique factor to consider when purchasing the wok. Besides, you are likely to find cooking more enjoyable since the wok is easy-to-use, and clean afterwards.
You can get authentic wok experience while cooking with this incredible wok. Heat is evenly and thoroughly distributed and the food prepared requires minimum amount of oil.
It’s an easy- to- use electric wok with a durable stainless- steel body.
We believe the Presto to be the best choice you have today because of its large 17 inch diameter, the 1500 Watt power heating element that can heat up the cooking surface to 400 degree Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds, and also because of the lack of any non stick coating.
The stainless steel body is extremely durable and can withstand high temperatures and the wear and tear that you put the pan through. It is also corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the pan with acidic ingredients.
This model is an elegant electric wok that I am sure it will look very good on your kitchen counter it has a beautiful silver finish, and the shine given by the stainless steel makes it perfect in any décor you may have for your kitchen.

What reviewers didn't like

Sensitive temperature controls. The slightest change in the dial drastically effects the temperature. You’ll need to be careful to maintain the right amount of heat.
The wok primarily heats up on the bottom, making it hard to cook food on the sides of the pan.
One thing I noticed is that the cord is a bit too short, which takes away from the wok's portability – unless you have plenty of outlets in your kitchen, you won't be able to move it around as much.
The control cord is a little short
While food is more likely to stick to stainless steel than a coated surface, that is less of a problem when using oil in a hot pan and stirring often.
Sides are not slanted
The only drawback is that some reviewers complained its sides don’t get as hot as the base, so if you want more even heat distribution, check out some of the higher-end options.
- Bustle
Some users commented on fumes coming off the heating plug during first use.
While it's not the most powerful electric wok on the market and it heats up a bit unevenly
Only reaches temperatures of 300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Can only reach a maximum temperature of 350 degrees
Because it does not have a non-stick coating, you may get some burnt food remains on the bottom. However, since it is dishwasher safe, that should not be that much of a problem.
But it has some disadvantages. The food is still easy to stick to the wok even you use more oil. It’s also mean you have to absorb more fat from the food.
The downside is; compared to other woks in the market that transfer heat throughout the entire wok, the heat is only centralized at the very bottom of the Presto Electric Wok.
Can’t toss food or move wok during cooking
Bottom gets very hot
Sensitive thermostat works with finesse and caution
The only disadvantage with the Presto electric wok is that it can only reach up to cooking temperatures as high as 350 Fahrenheit.
Only the very bottom gets hot
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