Prep Naturals Glass Storage Containers with Lids

Last updated date: October 29, 2019

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Prep Naturals Glass Storage Containers with Lids

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Overall Take

These glass containers are perfect for storing leftovers or planning ahead with your weekly meal prep. The thermo-resistant glass is safe for dishwashers, freezers and ovens. The smart-locking lids also provide airtight storage and prevent spills. In our analysis of 73 expert reviews, the Prep Naturals Prep Naturals Glass Storage Containers with Lids placed 3rd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note October 29, 2019:
Checkout The Best Storage for Leftovers for a detailed review of all the top storage for leftovers.

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13 expert reviews
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What experts liked
It has a thermo-resistant glass which is not only durable but also chemical-free and dishwasher-safe. It is designed with the airtight closure, so the food remains warm for a long time and also there is no chance of spilling the food.
- Space Mazing
Plastic lids that feature a special lock-on mechanism for a tight and leakproof seal.
- Home Gear X
Prep Naturals Glass Storage Containers are very durable and easy to use.
- HQ Review
On the lid is the smartest lock system mechanism that enables you to close the lid airtight sealing your meals against spillage and contamination.
- Best 10 Selling
These are healthier and more environmentally conscious option too plastic and are certified Borosilicate glass which is durable and long-lasting, as well as oven proof safe.
- All Top Ten Reviews
Made of borosilicate glass, these are very durable. Borosilicate can withstand lots of wear and tear and won't break easily
- Runner Click
All of these containers also have smart-lock lids, making them leakproof even when you tip them upside down.
- Top Home Review
The containers themselves are safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer
- The Kitchen Witches
The glass box can be popped into the oven and it can be microwaved too, without any warping. The box is dishwasher friendly but hand wash ensures longevity.
- Food Shark Marfa
Resistant to scratches and spills.
- Storage Box Reviews
They go easily from freezer to oven because of their thermo resistant properties. They can withstand temperatures up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also safe for the microwave.
- Best Pickist
A huge plus about this container set is that it is FDA approved. This means that you do not have to worry about dangerous chemicals leaching into your food when you refrigerate, freeze, or heat up your leftover meals.
- Green and Growing
Leak-proof food storage without spills guarantee.
- Bulk Food Storage Container
What experts didn't like
The lids are not oven safe
- Home Gear X
May crack if stacked for long
- HQ Review
When heated, the plastic lid tends to lose shape and bend.
- Best 10 Selling
A bit heavy.
- All Top Ten Reviews
Lid are not safe for microwave, freezer or oven.
- Runner Click
You can’t put the lids in the microwave
- Top Home Review
Some of the negative reviews concern issues with the lids and with the glass cracking after bumping into things.
- The Kitchen Witches
The lid locks may be a bit too tight and it may take quite a struggle to snap them close
- Food Shark Marfa
Lid can be difficult to lock.
- Storage Box Reviews
The glass could chip or break.
- Best Pickist
Lids can be hard to snap shut.
- Green and Growing
The lids don’t stick (stack?) together well at all
- Bulk Food Storage Container

From The Manufacturer

prep naturals Lifestyle freezer dishwasher Style and functionality When it comes to style and functionality, Prep Naturals Kitchen Bowl Containers for Meal Prep stand in a class of their own. Specially made for those who don’t settle for less than the best, the glass containers for food storage with lids combine the beauty of a simple design with the versatility of multi-shaped thermo-resistant glass containers. Ideal for food and snacks storage and transport, Prep Naturals Glass Meal Containers: Versatility at Its Best! With 3 different shapes and 13 sizes, these thermos-resistant glass containers set can be used for food storage, oven cooking, eating-on-the-go, office lunches, picnics, camping, and the list may continue. Thanks to the snap down seals of the airtight food containers, you can take them with you everywhere without worrying about food spillage and stains. What makes us different? The quality of our food containers differentiates us from our competitors and makes our glass containers with lock lids stand out from the crowd. Made from ultra-durable borosilicate glass, Prep Naturals Glass Containers Sets: Have a stackable design for easy storage Have a two-step edge for easy closure Are odorless and taste-neutral Feature SmartestLock locking lids for tight closure Are BPA free Are dishwasher safe (top rack) Withstand temperatures up to 840F Oven safe microwave safe Lifestyle image bag Oven and Dishwasher safe for your convenience! Prep Naturals Meal Prep Containers withstand temperatures up to 840F, being oven, microwave, and freezer safe. *Please note that the lids are not microwave, oven, and freezer safe. We strongly recommend you to remove them before warming, cooking or freezing your meal. Premium looking and versatile, the glass food containers can be used as: Glass leftover containers Oven safe food storage containers Tight seal glass containers Lunch glass containers Microwavable glass bowls with lids Freezable bento boxes Prep Naturals Glass Meal Containers: Help you save time and money by encouraging home cooking Give you better control over your meals and help you keep a diet Come in different sizes and shapes to suit your everyday needs Have airtight closure, so you won’t have to worry about spilling Are microwave, freezer, and oven safe (can be used for cooking) Make an affordable, yet very useful kitchen or wedding gift

Overall Product Rankings

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Prep Naturals Glass Storage Containers with Lids
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Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 13
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4. 5 Stars United Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids
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An Overview On Storage For Leftovers

Whether you’re whipping up holiday favorites, packing lunches or saving leftovers from your favorite takeout joint, one thing’s for sure: You’re going to need a great set of containers to store your leftovers. You could toss your Thanksgiving stuffing into a Ziploc bag or stuff your midday work snack into a flimsy sandwich bag, but you — and your food — deserve better. A fantastic set of reusable storage containers for your food is the best way to keep it fresh.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Food storage containers come in an array of sizes, materials and colors. Glass containers are sturdy and generally safe to put in the microwave, oven and freezer. They’re also easy to see through, so you never lose track of that meal you cooked up a few days ago. However, they are heavier than plastic containers, and they can break or chip if you drop them.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

You might end up spending more than you’d like to with glass containers. Luckily, hard plastic containers are quickly catching up to glass in terms of durability and longevity. Most new plastic food storage containers are also BPA-free. Some are dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe, but they still might break down over time. They’re also more likely to retain odors or colors from your food, but this can be prevented with proper care. 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Locking lids are available on both glass and plastic containers. These lids offer a tighter seal that may keep your food fresher for longer. They can also prevent spills or leaks, which is vital when packing leftovers for lunch. 

Finding the right storage containers for your food will keep your tastebuds happy for days or weeks after you make your meal. Head over to our Tips & Advice for more hints on buying the right set.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

DWYM Fun Fact

If it seems like your food goes bad within a day or two after grocery shopping, you might need to heed some food storage advice. 

When you buy bananas, take them apart from the bunch when you get home. You can use a leftover cardboard six-pack holder to keep each banana safe and fresh.

Storing a loaf of bread in the fridge will protect it from mold, but it will also make your bread go stale more quickly. Keep your bread tightly closed in its original wrapping for maximum freshness.

It’s fine to keep commercial maple syrup in the pantry, but pure maple syrup doesn’t have the preservatives to survive on the shelf. Keep it in the fridge, then pour out a serving size and heat it up in the microwave when it’s pancake time.

The Storage For Leftovers Buying Guide

  • If you want a container that you can pop directly in the microwave or oven, look for a glass container with built-in vents under the locking lid. This type of lid provides the airtight storage you need to keep your food fresh and the convenience you need to reheat food in seconds. 
  • Make sure that any plastic containers you buy are marked “BPA-free.” BPA is an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics, and it was common in plastic containers until a few years ago. It can seep into food over time and cause health problems.
  • Many plastic containers are marked safe for ovens, freezers and microwaves, but consumer reviews beg to differ. If you want a guarantee that your plastic containers will last, wash them by hand and let them air dry.
  • Airtight containers should have a silicone seal built into the bottom of the lid. Look for this feature before you plunk down cash for a set that isn’t truly airtight.