Prep Naturals Food Storage Containers with Lids, Set of 50

Last updated date: January 10, 2020

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Prep Naturals Food Storage Containers with Lids, Set of 50

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In our analysis of 40 expert reviews, the Prep Naturals Prep Naturals Food Storage Containers, Set of 50 placed 6th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note May 7, 2020:
Checkout The Best Food Storage For Lunch for a detailed review of all the top food storages for lunch.

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What experts liked
The Prep Naturals container set can also be cleaned in a dishwasher, making them super easy to clean time and time again.They are very durable and are great for heating up a homemade meal, or any other food you like.
- My Food Seal
If you searching for the best food containers which are specifically made with heavy-duty plastic, your reusable set can be used as freezer storage containers without risk of cracking and can be popped in the microwave without warping or melting.
- All Top Ten Reviews
August 15, 2019 | Full review
What experts didn't like
These are not good for freezer meals or use as can shatter after being frozen.
- My Food Seal

From The Manufacturer

No Melting, Warping or Leaking WHILE OTHER FOOD CONTAINERS MEAL PREP SETS MELT, WARP OR LEAK, our BPA-free, freezer and microwave-safe food storage set has a sturdy, solid construction and snug lids to make sure YOUR FOOD STAYS PUT. No messy spills! No warping in the microwave, no cracking or breaking in the freezer, no plastic leaching into your hot soup! Our durably-built containers withstand -14F – 230F (-10C – 110C). Stain-Free & BPA-Free Means Safe & Fresh Our sturdy and entirely BPA-free food-grade plastic storage containers with lids help your favorite foods retain their taste and freshness. Black beans, red sauce or green curry? No problem! WHILE OTHER CONTAINERS ABSORB COLOR & STAIN, our storage containers keep looking good, use after use. That also means no flavor or color transfers to your next meal! Stackable Clear Plastic for Ease & Convenience Clear lids and containers mean you can always see what’s inside. Our uniform style and rectangular design make stacking and stowing convenient and easy, keeping your fridge, freezer or lunch box organized and accessible. Reusable, Durable & Long Lasting Made with heavy duty plastic, your reusable set can be used as freezer storage containers without risk of cracking and can be popped in the microwave* without warping or melting! *cook under 5 mins at under 700 watts & ensure container is at minimum half full. A 50-Pack set includes: - 50 25-Oz. Plastic Food Storage Containers - 50 Plastic Lids for 25-Oz. Containers

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Food Storages For Lunch

Food storage containers are a must for every home kitchen. Not only do they allow you to pack up your leftovers for another day, but they also give you the ability to prepare a healthy lunch to take to work or school. If you’re searching for the best set of food storage for lunch, keep the following features in mind.

Simplemost Media

Consider the size and the number of containers in each set first. Couples and small families would do well with the Fullstar Food Storage Containers, Set of 12, which has five different sized containers. Other sets come with as many as 44 containers, which is ideal for larger families and businesses.

Check that the food storage set is free of BPA and other harmful toxins. The Vtopmart Food Storage Containers, 6-Piece meets this criteria and is also constructed of a high quality 100% food-grade polypropylene.

Review the storage container’s ability to keep a tight seal. This is especially important if you plan on transporting soup and other liquids to work. The OXO Good Grips Food Storage Set, 5-Piece uses a push-down button for an air-tight seal, so you know without a shadow of a doubt that your food will remain fresh every time.

Determine whether you can heat your meal in the food storage container, or whether you are required to empty the container’s contents onto a plate first. For example, the Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers, Set of 7 is microwave-safe. Other brands go a step further and are even safe in the freezer, dishwasher and oven.

DWYM Fun Fact

In order to prevent food-borne illnesses, it’s important that you store food properly. Here are a few food storage guidelines to keep in mind:

  • While you’ll want to allow your hot leftovers time to cool off, you should strive to pack and place the leftovers in the refrigerator within two hours.
  • Set your refrigerator to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything warmer and bacteria is likely to grow at a more rapid pace.
  • Some foods, like potatoes and garlic, are better stored at room temperature. You’ll need to keep them in a cool dry location, however, as moisture will cause them to rot.
  • Always consume your food by the “use by” date on the product packaging. This is true even if the food looks and smells normal.

The Food Storage For Lunch Buying Guide

  • Consider using the food storage containers to organize non-food items, such as crayons, screws, small toys and office supplies. A permanent market will allow you to label the containers, whether plastic or glass, so you know what items are inside.
  • Check whether the storage containers are stackable or not. This feature saves refrigerator and cabinet space, which is essential if you have a small kitchen.
  • Look for a product warranty or a customer satisfaction guarantee before purchasing a set of lunch containers. You don’t want to have a container crack after just two uses and have no way to get a refund.
  • Two main factors influence the price of food storage containers: the construction of the containers and the number of containers in each set. The Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers, Set of 7 and the Fullstar Food Storage Containers, Set of 12 are on the lower end of the price scale, as they are not as heavy-duty as other models. The Vtopmart Food Storage Containers, 6-Piece is also less costly than the OXO Good Grips Food Storage Set, 5-Piece, which is made using a push button that ensures an air-tight seal.