PPBathtub 2-Person Inflatable Travel Bathtub, 63-Inch

Last updated date: June 1, 2023

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PPBathtub 2-Person Inflatable Travel Bathtub, 63-Inch

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Update as June 1, 2023:
Checkout The Best Bathtubs for a detailed review of all the top bathtubs.

Overall Take

You can take a luxurious bath inside or out with this inflatable model. It come with an electric pump that can inflate the tub in under 10 minutes. The plastic material is durable and soft enough to soak on for hours.

In our analysis of 31 expert reviews, the PPBathtub 2-Person Inflatable Travel Bathtub, 63-Inch placed 6th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Tub inflated dimensions: Outer size (LxWxH): 160x120x60cm (64″x48″x24″) Inner size (LxWxH): 115x 80x58cm (46″x32″x23.2″) Material: Plastic Packing list: bathtub, electric air pump, water pipe Why choose this bathtub? 1. Our bathtub is easy to install, easy to drain water, easy to inflate, after fold, it can place in drawer, save space. 2. Quality humanized design, the tub has cup holders, high backrest, beautiful apperance. 3. Can enjoy a comfortable soaking in both hot summer and cold winter, cold and warm bathing are available. 4. Plastic inflatable bathtub is cheaper, softer and more convenience than the regular ceramics bathtub. 5. Friendly customer service, if there is any problem, please feel free to contact us, our team will reply within 24 hours. How to install? 1. Place the bathtub on flat floor. 2. Inflating the tub. 3. Fill around 90% air in the tub. 4. Fill 1/2~2/3 water in. (Water tempertaure <60℃, we recommend the bathing water is 35~40℃, to avoide heat damage, in a bath barrel injection should be the first injection of cold water, hot water re-injection.) 5. Done! Enjoy the wonderful bathing! How to drain water? Our bathtub has a plug on the bottom, the water pipe can help drain the water to specific place. Warm Tips:Don’t touch with things of high temperature over 60℃, long time sun exposure, sharp objects and chemicals easy, causing plastic rot.

Expert Reviews

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275 user reviews

What experts liked

Comes with attached headrests
- Mom Junction
Durably designed with thick plastic to prevent water and air leakage
- In Smooth Waters
Large enough for two people
- Chatter Source
You get an electric pump to make inflating it easier.
- Sensible Digs

What experts didn't like

May not be easy to clean
- Mom Junction
Have to inflate multiple separate air chambers instead of just one or two
- In Smooth Waters
Not suitable for small spaces
- Chatter Source
It takes up a lot of space, so you might struggle to inflate it indoors.
- Sensible Digs

An Overview On Bathtubs

You may be able to get clean more efficiently in a shower, but when it comes time to relax, most everyone prefers a good soak. There’s no substitute for a tub when it comes to keeping your kids or pets clean, and they can even be configured to allow elderly or disabled bathers to get in and out safely. All in all, you simply can’t call it a bathroom without a bathtub.

While using a tub is almost always relaxing, choosing and installing one can be pretty stressful. To mitigate this, you’ll want to do a little planning before even picking out a style. First of all, measure the space you want your bathtub to go in. Most of the time, this will determine the type of tub you can have. The standard bathtub size is 60 by 30 inches long, but there are quite a few variations if you have room to spare.

It’s also very important to note the location of the drain. Almost every tub will be configured to accommodate a left or right-handed drain connection. Finding out which one you have is as simple as looking at your shower area from the side you would normally enter. Is the drain to your left or right? Make a note and buy your tub accordingly.

Now for the fun part: Choosing what kind of tub suits your style and needs. There are many different bathtub configurations, but the most common modern style is a recessed or alcove tub that sits flush against a corner, or partially walled off on three sides. There’s usually a lot of extra installation involved with this kind of tub since it has to be sealed along the edges, but it tends to be the most sturdy, and the integrated look will work with most any kind of decor.

Freestanding tubs have made something of a comeback lately, however. As the name implies, these bathtubs sit apart from the walls or cabinetry. They can come in a variety of shapes from sleek, sloping bowls to traditional oval tubs supported by four “clawfoot” legs. Installation for these tubs are usually easier, and they can be a space-saver in the right bathroom.

Whatever design you choose, the material is something you don’t want to skimp on if you plan on staying in the house long-term. The least expensive tubs will likely be made out of unfinished fiberglass, which is somewhat porous over time and prone to chipping.

If you’re going to go with any type of plastic, you’re usually better off with acrylic. Acrylic bathtubs are quite common since the material is relatively inexpensive but still durable. Solid acrylic can weather dents or other mishaps very well, and it’s just as light as fiberglass.

Some old school tubs (typically the freestanding type) are made of cast iron coated in porcelain, and you can expect these to last a lifetime. As long as you don’t drop any heavy solid objects on it, the surface will stay glossy and easy to clean. On the other hand, these tubs can be quite heavy — so much so that you may want to check the weight capacity on your flooring if you’re buying for an upstairs bathroom.

Once you settle on a material, you’ll want to look at features that complement the way you bathe. Do you like to like to use the tub for extended relaxation? You may want to spend a little extra on whirlpool jets or a more subtle air jet system that keeps the water nice and bubbly. Do you or other household members have a physical condition? Consider a walk-in tub with a door on the side for easy entry.

The Bathtub Buying Guide

If you’re going to splurge on an indoor hot tub or soaking tub built for two, congratulations! There’s nothing like a little extra legroom and hot water to alleviate stress. Just make sure that your house can actually keep that water hot. Most water heaters can handle the 30-40 gallons that it takes to fill a standard-sized tub, but a walk-in tub might hold 80 or more. Make sure you check your water heater’s capacity or consider buying a separate heating unit.