PowerMe Battery Operated Ultra Portable Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener

Last updated date: August 17, 2022

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PowerMe Battery Operated Ultra Portable Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener

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We looked at the top Electric Pencil Sharpeners and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Electric Pencil Sharpener you should buy.

Update as August 17, 2022:
Checkout The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For School Or The Office for a detailed review of all the top electric pencil sharpeners.

Overall Take

Ideal for busy classrooms or crowded office desks, this sharpener can fit anywhere. The unique rotating spiral drill design ensures the perfect point every time. With the auto-jam release system, you don’t have to worry about pencil points getting stuck in the blades.

In our analysis of 98 expert reviews, the PowerMe Portable Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener placed 4th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Do you need an electric pencil sharpener that can go anywhere and handle any sharpening task? Then we have exactly what you’ve been looking for! PowerMe has taken the time to develop the best pencil sharpener. Lightweight and compact, this automatic pencil sharpener is a great choice for the aspiring artist, driven student or working professional. It’s battery powered (*batteries not included), which means you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug it in. Paired with its durability and use for various pencils, that makes it the perfect choice for you! Features of Our Unique Technology: Fast & powerful – take only 3 seconds to sharpen. Safety for your kids! – Innovative, auto-stop safety feature prevents the pencil sharpener from being used if the lid is removed. Large transparent Shavings Reservoir- Rarely needs emptying! Rotating spiral drill design ensures the perfect point every time, never get an uneven tip. Auto-jam release system – never get stuck pencils. Ultra-durable high- grade stainless steel helical blade, sharpens thousands of times without wearing out. Great for commercial use, classroom, executive use, Perfect for desktop or office atmosphere, personal & student use. Easy to clean & compact, lightweight- Take it where ever you need to

Expert Reviews

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15 expert reviews

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2,543 user reviews

What experts liked

The helical blade is efficient and it takes only 3 seconds to sharpen the pencil.
- Listamazing
It is excellent for use by a kid because of its auto-stop system
- Wired Shopper
Due to the high-grade stainless steel helical blade, the product won’t wear out even after using for thousands of times.
- The Best Reviews
This equipment comes with a vertical table-mounted design to offer space-saving installation almost everywhere.
- Listderful
There’s an auto-stop function that prevents the sharpener from working if the lid is open, and you’ll always be able to see when the transparent reservoir needs to be emptied.
- The Spruce
Up to 3,000 pencils can be sharpened before the blade gets dull.
- Authority Toplist
Safe design doesn’t power on when the lid is removed
- ESL Authority
This sharpener is boasts a lightweight and compact design which makes it travel-friendly.
- 5 Product Reviews
The sharpener comes equipped with a heavy-duty and ultra-durable top-grade stainless steel helical blade that takes just 3 seconds to sharpen pencils.
- A Guide Product
When the lid is open, the auto-stop mechanism prevents the tool from working and makes it super-safe for kids.
- Wow Pencils
It gives you 3,000 sharpening cycles before facing any issue.
- Toolz View
It is a proven sharpener that will last you over 3000 sharpenings without wearing out.
- Best 10 Choices
This pencil sharpener has the auto-jam release system to prevent the pencil from being stuck.
- Best Selected Products
Its large, transparent shavings reservoir tray is easy to remove, making cleaning convenient for you.
- Great On Draft Designs
It only takes three seconds to sharpen a pencil and the extra-large shavings reservoir requires less emptying, making this one of the most efficient sharpeners on the market.
- Artfixed

What experts didn't like

It can only sharpen a pencil at a time
- Wired Shopper
The sharpener is loud
- A Guide Product
Doesn’t work with all types of pencils
- Wow Pencils
It doesn’t grip the top of the desk effectively.
- Toolz View
Poor design battery compartment thus hard to close
- Best 10 Choices
Not flexible compared to other electric sharpeners
- Great On Draft Designs
One-handed operation isn’t possible
- Artfixed

An Overview On Electric Pencil Sharpeners

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly sharp point on a pencil. However, sharpening pencils with a manual pencil sharpener can be frustrating. Not only do they make a mess, with pencil shavings falling all around, but they also don’t always result in the perfect point you’re looking for. If you have multiple pencils to sharpen, such as at a school or children’s activity, then using a manual pencil sharpener can also feel like a waste of time.

An electrical pencil sharpener improves the pencil sharpening experience considerably, especially when you have many pencils to sharpen. Running on electricity, battery, or USB power, electric pencil sharpeners offer convenience and tip quality. Unlike a manual pencil sharpener, which can waste the lead by not properly grinding it, an electric pencil sharpener always produces a sharp point.

When you’re looking for an electric pencil sharpener, pay attention to the size of the pencils you typically use, as not all sharpeners accommodate all types of pencils. A 9 mm pencil is the most common type used; however, some pencil sharpeners are made for 8 mm pencils. You’ll also want to keep the shape of your pencils in mind. Pencils can be round, hexagonal or triangular. Ensure that your electric pencil sharpener can be used with the shape of pencil you have.

Not all electric pencil sharpeners grind the pencil at the same angle. Some pencils may require a bigger angle to show the lead, while others would fracture if that were the case. You’ll need to ensure that the electric pencil sharpener you choose sharpens your pencils at the right angle to reduce lead wastage.

The Electric Pencil Sharpener Buying Guide

  • When you’re on the hunt for an electric pencil sharpener, pay attention to the kind of blades it has. You want to ensure that they are sharp and durable and can last a long time. Helical blades that are made out of strong material such as stainless steel ensure that you get a sharp point every time — including on pencils that have particularly hard lead.
  • If your electric pencil sharpener will be used by children, such as in a school setting, it’s imperative to keep safety in mind. Look for an electric pencil sharpener that has an auto-stop blade operation. This ensures that the blade stops by itself once the pencil has been sharpened. If the shavings tray is opened during sharpening, the blade stops automatically. This way, you can ensure fingers are always kept safe and away from moving blades.
  • For those that sharpen multiple pencils at the same time, having a large shaving receptacle is key. This way, you don’t need to stop sharpening after every few pencils to empty out the tray. A clear bin lets you see when it’s time to empty the receptacle.
  • Some electric pencil sharpeners can leave graphite streaks behind on the wood of the pencil. If you’re an artist, this can lead to smudges on your work. If this is the case, be sure to look for a pencil sharpener that doesn’t leave any graphite traces.
  • You’ll need to look at what kind of power source the sharpener has, to ensure it works for your needs. Some sharpeners come with multiple power sources, so you can use batteries in addition to plugging them into an outlet. This provides added flexibility if you need to move the sharpener around. You can also get a pencil sharpener that can be charged using a USB, which is perfect if you’re at a conference or trade show with no access to batteries or wall plugs.