PowerLix Handheld Battery Milk Frother

Last updated date: February 15, 2020

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In our analysis of 41 expert reviews, the PowerLix PowerLix Handheld Battery Milk Frother placed 9th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note February 26, 2020:
Checkout The Best Milk Frother For Coffee for a detailed review of all the top milk frothers for coffee.

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4 expert reviews
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12,029 user reviews
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What experts liked
For someone merely interested in experimenting with milk frothing for the first time, the PowerLix Milk Frother Pro is the perfect tool. The low-cost, low-risk frother creates a good microfoam for espresso beverages.
- The Spruce Eats
This easy-to-clean, easy-to-use milk frother has many reviewers who use it daily, and the general consensus is this frother is powerful. In addition to coffee, users have found it easily mixes powdered supplements and medications. Not only does it have multiple uses, but fans also love the price point.
- New York Mag
Create your creamy foam in a matter of minutes with this unit. The speed with which it operates makes it a must-have. The frother operates quietly and effortlessly.
- Kitchenistic
When you compare it with the other frothers, the time taken to generate the foam is almost half. When you look at the design, it is sleek. The ergonomic design ensures that you can use it for a long time without any problem.
- All Top Ten Reviews
What experts didn't like
It does require the extra step of heating the milk first.
- The Spruce Eats
Works best with milk only. The wand is short.
- Kitchenistic

From The Manufacturer

Treat yourself to a café style cappuccino or latte every day. Why spend money on cups of espresso when you can create them every day at home in the comfort of your kitchen. PowerLix milk frother will give you a great cup of your favorite coffee every morning Milk Frother: PowerLix MilkPro is a handheld battery operated milk foamer machine. It is a frothing wand that can instantly froth hot or cold milk for your favorite drinks. Where ever you need frothed milk or cream, PowerLix Frappe maker will do the job for you quickly and easily. Great Kitchen Tool: PowerLix portable coffee mixer can be used for purposes other than just frothing milk. It is a great tool to have in the kitchen as it can be used for mixing milkshakes, matcha tea, bulletproof coffee, protein powders, cocktails, fruit drinks, eggs, soups, dressing, etc. With our powerful motor of 19,000 rpm, the frother will leave the foam smooth and clump-free, for the most enjoyable drinking experience. This frother works for all milks, including soy, almond and coconut, as well as whipped cream. Easy to Operate: the PowerLix electric Milk frother is very easy to operate. Put in the required batteries and it is ready to work. Take the hot or cold milk in a cup and plunge the frother half way down and power it on. The frother will get to work instantly. Just keep moving the frother up and down. The foam will start forming instantly. When you have the desired amount of foam turn off the frother and your professional style foamed milk is ready for your drink. Great Design and Easy to Clean: The stainless steel latte maker is designed for comfort and style. It will blend right in with any modern kitchen. The handle is ergonomically designed so it feels comfortable in your hands. It is lightweight and easy to clean. Just put it in a glass of hot water and whizz up to clean it. Amilk frother Cmilk frother Amilk frother Amilk frother Ccoffee press Amilk frother double PowerLix Milk Frother (Black) PowerLix Milk Frother (Red) PowerLix Milk Frother (Silver) PowerLix Milk Frother (FULL SET) PowerLix French Press Coffee Maker Powerlix New Double whisk + Improve Motor Milk Frother

Overall Product Rankings

1. Miroco Automatic Milk Frother & Steamer
Overall Score: 9.9
Expert Reviews: 2
2. Bonsenkitchen Electric Whisk Milk Frother
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 4
3. HadinEEon Electric Milk Frother & Steamer
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 3
4. Zulay Kitchen Handheld Milk Frother With Stand
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 3
5. Breville Milk Cafe Milk Frother
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 3
6. Zulay Kitchen High Powered Milk Foamer Frother
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 1
7. Bean Envy Handheld Milk Frother with Stand
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 3
8. iTeknic Double Wall Electric Milk Steamer
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 3
9. PowerLix Handheld Battery Milk Frother
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 4
10. HIC Harold Import Co. Milk Creamer Frother Pitcher
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 4
11. BASECENT Handheld Electric Milk Frother
Overall Score: 8.0
Expert Reviews: 3
12. VAVA Electric Double Wall Milk Steamer
Overall Score: 6.3
Expert Reviews: 4

An Overview On Milk Frothers For Coffee

You can spend a small fortune drinking gourmet beverages at cafés, particularly if you make it a daily habit. There are plenty of ways to make coffee, tea, hot cocoa and other tasty beverages at home, but getting that heated, frothy foam on top traditionally has required turning to the professionals.

Now there’s an alternative. A milk frother will let you make delicious café-inspired beverages in the comfort of your home. All you’ll need is some milk and a couple of extra minutes and you’ll be on your way. But there are different options when it comes to frothers, so it’s important to choose the one that fits your own preferences.

If you’re adding your foam to hot drinks like coffee, you’ll likely find it worth buying a frother that also heats the milk. All you’ll need to do is pour, press a button and wait. You can also buy a handheld frother that you either use on milk you heat separately or on cold milk. One great thing about a handheld frother is that some of them can also be used to mix items like smoothies and milkshakes.

Before you buy, stop and consider how you’ll be using your frother on a daily basis. With so many options available, you can easily find the best one to meet your needs.

DYWM Fun Fact

Many people have eliminated dairy products, whether through necessity or choice. There are so many delicious alternatives now, it’s easy to enjoy products that taste just like ice cream and milk. But if you’re looking for foam for your hot beverages, you may have a bit of a harder time. While almond milk is delicious when poured directly into a cup of coffee, for instance, once it’s heated, it can separate. A talented barista can make soy milk and hemp seed milk work, but you may not be able to get the same results at home. Oat milk seems to be the best for heating, but keep in mind that it could take a little longer to heat and produce larger bubbles than what you’d get from whole milk.

The Milk Frother For Coffee Buying Guide

  • If you’re frothing milk, it’s important to stick to whole milk for best results. Ideally, your milk should have a fat content of more than 3 percent.
  • Non-dairy options have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they don’t froth as well as dairy-based milk. This is because non-dairy milk has a lower protein content.
  • If you’re using a frother that doesn’t heat the milk to the correct temperature on its own, you’ll need to pay close attention to the heat level of the milk you’re working with. Heat cold milk to temperatures between 130 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. Overheating will destroy the nutrients in the milk.
  • Some frothers can be fairly noisy. If this is an issue, look for a frother that offers quieter operation.
  • Time to steam and froth is also a factor. Many frothers promise results in just a couple of minutes. On a busy morning, every minute can count.
  • You also likely won’t have an excess of time to clean your frother. If you run the dishwasher every day, a dishwasher-safe frother can be very convenient.
  • Frothers that heat up your milk can be a safety hazard if you forget to turn them off. Look for one with automatic shutoff for peace of mind after you leave the house each day.