Plantronics Gaming Headset

Last updated date: August 19, 2020

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Plantronics Gaming Headset

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Overall Take

Spatial awareness technology sets the Plantronics Gaming Headset apart from competitors, taking immersion to the next level. Noise-canceling technology traps outside noise, keeping it from interfering with gameplay. The noise-canceling mic can either detach completely or just move out of the way when you don't need it. In our analysis of 118 expert reviews, the Plantronics Plantronics Gaming Headset placed 15th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 19, 2020:
Checkout The Best PS4 Headset for a detailed review of all the top ps4 headsets.

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7 expert reviews
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410 user reviews
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What experts liked
Features include a sound-cancelling mic and ear cups, built-in volume and mute controls, and a well-cushioned headband. Available in black and arctic camo.
- BestReviews
The RIG 400HS is extremely comfortable. With breathable fabric over-the-ear cups and a plush headband, you could wear the peripheral for hours on end and suffer no ill effects.
- Tom's Guide
October 7, 2016 | Full review
Generally comfortable
- Tech Spot
Although detail was good, we were impressed most of all with how spacious the sound was, which really benefits a game like PUBG where spacial awareness is at its most important.
- Tech Radar
December 8, 2017 | Full review
The headset's sculpted, extremes-free sound works very well for gaming. I played Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the PlayStation 4, and the audio gets just enough force where it counts.
- PC Magazine
February 22, 2017 | Full review
The removable noise-cancelling mic works great on PS4, and despite its short length, my party was always able to hear me clearly.
December 22, 2016 | Full review
On the other hand, the microphone is a thing of beauty. Both detachable and bendable, the mic on the RIG 400HS is extremely easy to connect, disconnect and mold to fit your preferences.
- The Game and Gadget Grader
What experts didn't like
Only available as a wired headset.
- BestReviews
I handed off the headset to a co-worker, who tried the device and remarked that it felt light and comfortable. He also agreed with my assessment that the limited options for adjusting the ear cups meant that he couldn't get a perfect fit.
- Tom's Guide
October 7, 2016 | Full review
Mic frequently picks up audio from headphones
- Tech Spot
Our single biggest issue with the headset is that the amount of sound leakage is such that the microphone frequently picks up the output of the headphones.
- Tech Radar
December 8, 2017 | Full review
Each earcup can click securely into one of three slots on either side of the headband, but that's the most you get for adjustments.
- PC Magazine
February 22, 2017 | Full review
There was only one large problem I encountered using the RIG 400 HS and that has to due with mic compatibility.
December 22, 2016 | Full review
The one issue we did have was the lack of an easier way to adjust the headband.
- The Game and Gadget Grader

From The Manufacturer

Stack your system with the advantage of a performance headset to clearly hear everything you need to win. Notice more audio cues and feel like part of the action. Control the volume with inline controls instead of onscreen menus. Rally your allies and taunt your enemies with a noise-cancelling boom mic. When you’ve had enough talk, remove it entirely for solo campaigns. Designed for how you play, the cushioned headband and earcups keep you comfortable for hours. It’s time to hear your games in a new way and gear up with the new RIG 400HS.

Overall Product Rankings

RUNMUS PS4 Gaming Headset & Noise Canceling Mic
1. RUNMUS PS4 Gaming Headset & Noise Canceling Mic
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 4
Beexcellent PS4 Gaming Headset & Noise Immunity Mic
2. Beexcellent PS4 Gaming Headset & Noise Immunity Mic
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 3
PeohZarr 7.1 Surround Sound PS4 Gaming Headset & Mic
3. PeohZarr 7.1 Surround Sound PS4 Gaming Headset & Mic
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 5
ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headset & Mic
4. ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headset & Mic
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 4
VANKYO CM7000 7.1 Surround Sound PS4 Gaming Headset
5. VANKYO CM7000 7.1 Surround Sound PS4 Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 5
HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset
6. HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 20
HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset
7. HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 14
HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
8. HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 9
Razer Thresher Gaming Headset
9. Razer Thresher Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 6
Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headset
10. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 11
Sades Gaming Headset
11. Sades Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 2
RUNMUS Gaming Headset
12. RUNMUS Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 2
Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset
13. Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 7.9
Expert Reviews: 15
Sony Interactive Entertainment Headset
14. Sony Interactive Entertainment Headset
Overall Score: 7.9
Expert Reviews: 4
Plantronics Gaming Headset
15. Plantronics Gaming Headset
Overall Score: 7.5
Expert Reviews: 7

An Overview On PS4 Headsets

Today’s games are designed to fully immerse the player in the experience. But crisp, realistic graphics aren’t as effective if the audio doesn’t surround you. A good gaming headset brings sounds to life, enhancing your gameplay while also shutting out ambient noise. The right gaming headset puts all your senses on alert, ensuring you won’t miss it if the enemy sneaks up behind you in stealth mode.

But a good gaming headset goes beyond delivering amazing sound. You’ll also need to consider comfort, especially if you’ll be playing games for hours at a time. Many headsets have cushioned ear cups designed to protect your ears from fatigue during long bouts of gameplay. However, it’s important to pay attention to the build of these cups since certain materials can trap heat. You’ll also find that some headsets are cushioned in a way that prevents that uncomfortable feeling of something pressing against the cartilage of your ear.

Midgame, you’ll likely need to adjust the sound. Instead of relying on controls on your computer to do so, it will come in handy to have those dials within reach. But the layout of those buttons and wheels can make a big difference. In some cases, controls may be too close together, especially if you have large fingers. Keep that in mind as you’re shopping.

One big difference between gaming headsets and those designed for regular entertainment is the built-in microphone. You likely won’t always use that mic, so it’s important to ensure it can be easily moved out of the way when not in use. Some can simply be pushed off to the side, while others detach completely for easier gameplay.

If you game away from home, portability is also a factor. Some headsets can be folded up and tucked into a bag for transport. If you already have a bag that you use to take your PS4 with you, check to make sure you have a place for your headset. However, since many gamers never use their headsets away from home, this likely won’t be at the top of the list of requirements.

You may think the right fit is all about comfort. However, it’s also essential to the quality of sound you get. That seal between the ear cup and your ear can directly affect the sound that gets to your ears. Some headsets build in adjustability to help you find that perfect fit.

Eyeglass wearers face a particular challenge when it comes to any type of headset. Designers realize this and now have begun creating headsets with special indentations designed for eyeglass stems. However, you can also buy velour pads that put some cushion between your eyeglasses and your headset. Not only will this provide a more comfortable experience, but it will also ensure you get the best sound.

DWYM Fun Fact

Noise-canceling headphones have become all the rage in recent years, as consumers look for a way to shut out exterior audio while wearing them. They come in handy on long flights and other crowded areas, but they also can help shut out the TV or chatter so you can focus on your game. These headsets combine a design that seals against the ear with layers of sound-absorbing material built inside.

With some noise-canceling headphones, you also get the addition of sound waves designed to cancel out incoming noise by creating sound waves of their own. The end result is a gaming experience that shuts out the outside world to avoid you being distracted in the heat of a game.

The PS4 Headset Buying Guide

  • When it comes to gaming headsets, nothing else matters if the sound isn’t there. Look for a model that offers virtual surround sound with punchy bass and crisp treble. Some units even have specialty modes that allow you to catch even the most subtle sounds, such as someone sneaking up behind you within your game. A few headsets even build in Cloud audio for crystal-clear sound during gaming, even when audio is provided in surround sound. The Runmus Gaming Headset brings spatial awareness to the sound experience, making it easier for you to immerse yourself in the gaming experience.
  • Good sound during gameplay is largely related to how much outside noise you hear. The Runmus Gaming Headset has noise cancellation to avoid your surroundings from interfering with your gameplay.
  • Your ear cups aren’t the only feature that can be optimized with noise cancellation. It’s also important to pay attention to whether your microphone blocks out noise from your surroundings. The Beexcellent PS4 Gaming Headset & Noise Immunity Mic and Runmus Gaming Headset both have noise-canceling mics.
  • The design of the microphone is also important. Look for a headset that has a mic that flips up to stay out of the way when you don’t need it. Some even detach when you choose to remove them.
  • Few things can be as frustrating as losing power to your headset midway through a game. Consider a PS4 headset that offers 15 hours of play time. The biggest downside of many gaming headsets is simply that it doesn’t issue an alert when the battery is nearing depletion. If you recharge between uses and don’t play for more than a few hours at a time, though, you likely won’t have a problem.
  • Comfort is also an issue, especially if your gaming sessions last for hours. The PeohZarr 7.1 Surround Sound PS4 Gaming Headset & Mic features ultra-soft and breathable bionic protein earmuffs. The design avoids placing pressure on your ear’s cartilage to keep you comfortable no matter how long you’re playing. Some models also have ear cups also swivel up to 90 degrees to help you find your own ideal fit.
  • While headsets with ear cushions that are made from leatherette are soft against the ears, they can become uncomfortable if you’re in a room that’s on the warmer side.
  • If warmth is a concern, the Runmus Gaming Headset uses breathable fabric to keep you cool through hours of playing. The headset is limited in its adjustment, though, allowing only the choice of three different settings.
  • For those who wear eyeglasses, finding a headset that remains comfortable with glasses in place can be challenging.
  • One feature of design to pay close attention to is how the controls are built-in. You don’t want a gaming headset that places the volume control and speech level wheels close together, as this makes it easy to accidentally adjust the wrong one.
  • Customizing your look can be tough since many headsets only come in one color.
  • If you regularly game on the go, consider a model that folds up to easily tuck into a backpack or laptop bag.
  • One major decision you’ll have to make as you shop for a PS4 headset is whether you want to be tethered to a wire or go wireless. A headset that is fully wireless frees you up to move around. Wired models can lead to input lag when you’re using them with a PS4.
  • Durability can also come in handy, especially if you tend to buy a gaming console and keep it for many years. Your best bet if you want a headset to outlast your console’s life is to go with a model made from a combination of powder-coated aluminum.
  • You may have learned by now that skimping on a gaming headset doesn’t pay off long-term. But you can still get a good headset for a budget-friendly price. The PeohZarr 7.1 Surround Sound PS4 Gaming Headset & Mic and the ONIKUMA PS4 Gaming Headset & Mic are both on the more affordable side, while the Beexcellent PS4 Gaming Headset & Noise Immunity Mic and Runmus Gaming Headset are a little pricier.