Pineapple&Star Unisex UPF50+ Fine Braid Straw Fedora

Last updated: October 5, 2023

Pineapple&Star Unisex UPF50+ Fine Braid Straw Fedora

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We looked at the top Straw Hats and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Straw Hat you should buy.

Overall Take

You’ll get UPF-50 protection with this hat, which is breathable without letting in excessive UV rays. The design allows you to fold it for packing without worrying about it losing its shape. It comes in Small, Medium and Large to help you find the perfect fit for you.

In our analysis, the Pineapple&Star Unisex UPF50+ Fine Braid Straw Fedora placed 3rd when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Have fun in the sun knowing that you and your family are protected by Amari from harmful UV rays when out at the beach or pool. The Amari Takes Care Of Your Sun Protection So You Can Carelessly Enjoy Outside Adventure.


Straw has been popular in construction projects for centuries due to its heat transfer properties. With the right placement, straw can keep heat and cold out, insulating what’s inside.

But that’s only one reason straw hats have been popular throughout history. Straw also has a robust breathability, thanks to its lightweight build and the small spaces that are inevitably created when they’re placed together. This keeps air moving, providing a comfortable way to shield your face, head, neck and even part of your chest from the sun.

The key to maximizing your straw hat’s sun protection lies within the brim. A wide brim will jut out over your upper body, providing far more shade than you’d get from other types of hats or caps. Like other types of hats, the material will shield the skin beneath it from the sun’s harmful rays, but with a straw hat, you get that benefit while also keeping breathability.

Straw hats aren’t just big and floppy. You can find straw hats in a fedora style, with a dressy enough look to pair them with your favorite sundress or lightweight blouse. It’s great for vacation, but you can also wear it around town or to lunch with friends.

Another advantage of straw hats among similarly shaped hats using different material is foldability. You can typically compress a straw hat and slip it in your luggage without having to worry about damaging it. That also makes it easy to store when you won’t be wearing it for a while.

With straw, though, you will need to avoid submerging it in water. This means you’ll need to carefully spot treat any areas that need it. There are some straw hats that can be machine washed, though, so look for that if it’s important to you.

Buying Advice

  • The lightweight build of straw hats can make them tough to keep on your head. If you’ll be in windy conditions, you’ll need to hold on tight. Some straw hats come with adjustable chin straps for that reason. You might opt for one with a removable chin strap so you can go without sometimes.
  • Hat sizes can tend to be limited, which can be tough if your head is larger or smaller than average. You can find hats in Small, Medium and Large, but some straw hats also come with a hidden rope that lets you tighten and loosen the fit around your head.
  • Some straw hats are mixed with other materials, so you’re not getting the lightweight breathability you would with other options. Look carefully before buying to make sure the part that goes over your head is true straw.
  • A decorative ribbon above the brim can give your straw hat a dressiness it wouldn’t have otherwise. This is also great for matching with your clothing.
  • If UV protection is a priority, look for a straw hat that’s tightly woven to minimize light getting through. You can typically tell by looking at the interior of the hat. If you hold it to light, you should see very little peeking through.
  • Since washing a straw hat isn’t an option, you might prefer one that has a fabric lining. You can then clean the fabric without worrying about damaging the straw.
  • Fit is important with a straw hat. Hats tend to shrink over time, but straw doesn’t necessarily stretch back to its original shape. So you’ll want to start with the right fit to increase the chances you’ll get longevity.
  • For best results, go with a neutral band on your straw hat. This will ensure it will work with more of your wardrobe, helping you get a longer life out of it.