PILOT FriXion Chisel Tip Pastel Erasable Highlighters, 12-Pack

Last updated date: August 11, 2020

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PILOT FriXion Chisel Tip Pastel Erasable Highlighters, 12-Pack

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In our analysis of 9 expert reviews, the PILOT PILOT FriXion Chisel Tip Pastel Erasable Highlighters, 12-Pack placed 9th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note August 18, 2020:
Checkout The Best Highlighter for a detailed review of all the top highlighters.

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What experts liked
These highlighters come in pretty pastel colors, they are easy to use and erase quickly. It's a beautiful designed pen, its smooth and even ink formula.
- Art Ltd. Magazine
What experts didn't like
It's not as vivid as other highlighters and runs out of ink quickly.
- Art Ltd. Magazine

From The Manufacturer

Unlimited do-overs allow you to write, erase, and rewrite repeatedly without damaging your documents. The eraser tip won't wear down or leave crumbs behind. No one will know it wasn't perfect the first time!

Overall Product Rankings

An Overview On Highlighters

Whether you’re studying for an exam and need to remember important information or just casually reading and like highlighting your favorite passages, a good highlighter pen is handy to have. Highlighters come in several different colors and intensities and have different styles of tips. Are all highlighters the same or should you be looking for something specific?

One aspect you should pay attention to is bleeding. This is when the highlighter ink goes through the page onto the other side. This can make it difficult to figure out which side you actually highlighted and which text you want to stand out. Some highlighters bleed through the paper even if it’s thick. Another element to note is whether the highlighters smear. This is when you highlight something and accidentally touch the ink. The ink can then spread across the page wherever you hand goes. A fast-drying highlighter will not smudge or smear on your work.

The style of tip on the highlighter pen also affects its quality and usability. There are a few different types of tips you’ll encounter: A chisel tip is one of the most common. This kind of tip is flat so it’s ideal for highlighting straight lines of text. Similar to the chisel tip is the window tip, which has a clear section, or window, inside the tip. This way, you can see what you’re highlighting. A bullet tip is rounded, which makes it perfect for circling information. Some highlighters come with two colors. A dual tip has a color on each side so you can pick the color you want to use without them mixing or bleeding into each other.

DWYM Fun Fact

The humble highlighter is a type of felt-tip pen that is filled with water-based ink. The predecessor to the highlighter was invented at the Tokyo Stationery Company in 1962 by Japanese inventor Yukio Horie. He made a pen that was similar to today’s highlighter in that it had a felt tip; however, it was not filled with fluorescent ink. This pen inspired the Carter’s Ink Company to begin developing their own pen with a similar tip. This pen was filled with a translucent ink and was called the Hi-Liter. This type of ink enabled you to see the text underneath, but it was not very bright. In 1978, the Avery Dennison Corporation bought the Carter’s Ink Company. They begin manufacturing Hi-Liters filled with fluorescent colors, very similar to the highlighter pens we have today. Highlighters didn’t become popular till they invented a dual pen-highlighter combo.

The Highlighter Buying Guide

  • Consider what kind of colors you need in your highlighter pens. Yellow is the most common color, and it’s also the easiest to read text through. Some darker colors make it difficult to read what you’ve highlighted. For example, blue and purple are fairly dark so you may not be able to see the text underneath so clearly. Some people find the yellow highlighter color too bright and difficult to look at. You can find highlighters in softer shades of yellow, pink and green as well.
  • When you’re highlighting something, try to only go over it once with the highlighter. Otherwise, you may over-saturate the paper and the highlighter ink may bleed through the page. If you do multiple layers of highlighter, the ink may take longer to dry and smudge. Plus, it may be too dark for you to easily read what’s underneath.
  • Highlighters come in different sized packaging. Consider how many you’re going to need, and in what color. You can buy highlighters in single-color packaging or a set with multiple colors in it. Packages typically include between five and twelve highlighters.
  • Consider what kind of tip is best for you based on what you plan on doing with the highlighters. If you’re mostly looking to highlight straight lines of text, then a chisel or window tip is your best option. if you prefer using two colors at a time and don’t want to constantly change pens, then opt for a dual tip highlighter. For circling or making diagrams, a bullet tip is best.