Philips ProMix Avance Hand Blender Collection, HR1670/92

Last updated date: April 24, 2021

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Philips ProMix Avance Hand Blender Collection, HR1670/92

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We looked at the top Philips Promix Hand Blenders and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Philips Promix Hand Blender you should buy.

Update as September 10, 2020:
Checkout The Best Philips ProMix Hand Blender for a detailed review of all the top philips promix hand blenders.

Overall Take

The Philips ProMix Hand Blender is equipped with ultra-sharp titanium-coated blades and variable speed control, allowing comfortable one-handed use. The product comes with a measuring beaker that fits the blender and four easy-click attachments are sold separately.

In our analysis of 10 expert reviews, the Philips ProMix Avance Hand Blender placed 1st when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Powerful and reliable 300w handblender with Speedtouch technology for intuitive speed selection and easy control. ProMix technology for optimal food flow and great blending results. Prepare your favorite recipes at the touch of a button. The unique variable speed control allows for one-handed use to blend food. Press lightly for low-speeds to whip foods such as eggs, and a little harder for whipped cream.

Expert Reviews

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182 user reviews

What experts liked

It’s comfortable to grip even for several minutes, as your hand rests naturally as you squeeze to operate it. To increase the power level, you simply press harder, so you can easily use the blender with one hand without stopping.
- The New York Times
The immersion blender has a powerful motor to support many accessories without vibrating or creating noise. The hand blender is able to be used in one hand and has a slip resistant grip and one button release.
- Kitchen Aria
Thanks to its simple, one-touch variable speed button, this Philips blender is a breeze to use. It passed the mayo test with flying colors and earned high subjective scores thanks to its ergonomic construction, attractive design, and build quality.
- Reviewed
The amassing and dismantling is simple, with just one click of a release button. The detachable shaft is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.
- 111Reviews
The titanium coated blades are stronger than steel. The ergonomic design means it is always comfortable to hold.
- Kitchenistic

What experts didn't like

Doesn’t come cheap, and for the big bucks you don’t get any accessories other than a 24-ounce blending cup (you can purchase the whisk and chopper accessories separately for a hefty premium).
- The New York Times
The hand blender is fairly expensive and does not come with a warranty to protect it.
- Kitchen Aria
The complete lack of attachments on the pricey base model, however, gave us pause—and made it difficult to whip up airy whipped cream.
- Reviewed

An Overview On Philips Promix Hand Blenders

Whether you’re looking to whip up cream for a pie, purée vegetables for a soup or blend eggs for an omelet, an immersion blender offers the convenience of a countertop blender in the palm of your hand. The product lets cooks transform foods into the consistency of their choice without transferring the mixture into a jar blender or food processor, which can create an annoying mess in the kitchen.

When it comes to choosing the ideal product, the Philips ProMix Hand Blender, Avance Collection ticks all of the boxes. Like other hand blenders, the 300-watt Philips ProMix Hand Blender is made up of two ultra-sharp, titanium-coated blades that attach to an electrical outlet-powered base or stick. The blade attachment lets users purée, emulsify and blend with the push of a button with the use of variable speed control.

For example, pressing the button on the ergonomically designed handle lightly yields slower speeds while a harder press initiates the Turbo mode, making the blades run more rapidly. The firmer you press, the more power the blender will express. All you have to do is stick the blades directly into your pot or 1-pound ProMix measuring beaker (one comes with the standard model) and blend away — without the mess of extra dirty dishes.

The Philips ProMix Hand Blender can also chop, mash and mix, thanks to a variety of optional attachments (sold separately or in a bundle). Which attachments you choose to purchase depends on what you’re planning to do or make with the blender. The standard model, equipped with the dual-blade attachment, recipe book, manual and beaker, will likely satisfy your needs if you just plan to blend and purée.

But if you want to make stellar mashed potatoes or produce batters for cakes and cookies with the product, then investing in the respective potato masher and whisk attachments is the way to go. Or, if you want to chop fruits and veggies for salads, salads and stir-fries or even grind proteins for meatballs, consider purchasing the chopper attachment — a great buy for food preppers.

Clean-up is a snap: Simply remove the attachment you were using and rinse it in the sink or throw it in the dishwasher. The plastic/metal product, which is about 11-inches tall and weighs about 2 pounds, also takes up less storage space than the average countertop blender or food processor. The 37-inch cord also makes it easy to use the product in different areas of your kitchen.

The Philips Promix Hand Blender Buying Guide

  • Popular dishes you can make with a standard immersion blender include soups, gravy, sauces, baby food, salsa, mayonnaise and smoothies. Purchasing attachments expands your horizons even further; for example, the whisk attachment is ideal for making batters or whipping cream, while the chopper attachment can grind meats and dice nuts.
  • To avoid splattering ingredients everywhere and for safety, do not press the power button when the immersion blender is not in contact with food. To use, always place the attachment side of your immersion blender—the blade, whisk or masher—in the ingredients you want to whip, purée or the like before turning it on.
  • Be extra careful when blending hot liquids; wear gloves if necessary.
  • Be sure to unplug the blender before cleaning the base or any attachments.
  • Do not submerge the base of the blender (what the power cord is attached to) in water.
  • Do not touch the blades when the blender is plugged in.
  • Hand-wash your attachments to increase their longevity of blades and attachments, even though they are dishwasher safe.
  • To avoid damaging the blades, do not crush ice with your Philips ProMix Hand Blender.