PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge

Last updated date: May 20, 2020

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PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge

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Overall Take

The unique padded fabric covering the PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge make it more comfortable than competitors. However, this fabric also tends to soak up water, rather than repel it as mesh-covered zero gravity chairs do. That means it might not be ideal if you don't have a covered area where you can keep your chair. In our analysis of 57 expert reviews, the PHI VILLA PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge placed 6th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note May 20, 2020:
Checkout The Best Zero Gravity Chair for a detailed review of all the top zero gravity chairs.

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What experts liked
Instead of using the familiar mesh, these padded zero gravity chairs are made with a softer material that offers ventilation combined with comfort. The result is a padded seat and back that will give you a soft surface to sit and recline on.
- The Spruce
The XL size comes with a hefty 350 lbs weight capacity making it one of the best zero gravity chairs for heavy people and larger Adults.
- Sleeping With Air
Not only is it attractive, but it’s also very comfortable. And its oversize dimensions and sturdy build make it even more appealing than the average lounge chair.
- Sapana House
What experts didn't like
One thing to note is that even though this is described as an oversized zero gravity chair, it may not be the best choice for taller individuals.
- The Spruce
But it is a little heavy due to being so well constructed
- Sleeping With Air
The cons of this fabric are that the material is not as breathable as mesh and it soaks up water. But it’s possible to wipe it clean.
- Sapana House

From The Manufacturer

PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Chair provides every customer the most comfortable and secure way to enjoy life. The headrest pillow is removable. Once you have it adjusted in the position you want, there are 2 small clamps on the sides that you just turn so the position locks into place. The large plastic cup holder is also available here. It can be removed if you don't want it attached. Suitable for the beach, yard, porch or a pool side. Foldable and portable for carry and storage. This chair really makes you feel relaxed and when it reclines back, it really does feel like Zero Gravity. Specifications: Brand Name: PHI VILLA Open Size : W29.14" x D35.43"x H44.88" Package Size: 36" x 30" x 6" Material: Oxford Fabric and Heavy-duty Steel Frame Back of chair height: 32.48" - 44.09" Feature: Padded/Oversized/Foldable/Removalbe padded pillow/Wooden pattern armrest Weight Capacity: 350LBS Colors Available: Grey/Red/Blue About PHI VILLA PHI VILLA is a designer's brand and manufacturer which indicates to provide high quality leisure garden furniture in order to meet the continuously expanding market. PHI VILLA produces a specific range of garden furniture which includes chair, patio umbrella, furniture set etc. Customer's satisfaction is PHI VILLA's first demand. By using special chosen design and color, PHI VILLA products will provide you with gorgeous beauty of imagination and efforts.

Overall Product Rankings

Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair
1. Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair
Overall Score: 9.7
Expert Reviews: 8
Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair
4. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 8
PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge
6. PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 3
AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair
7. AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 3
BestMassage Zero Gravity Chair
8. BestMassage Zero Gravity Chair
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 6
Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair
9. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 5
Ollieroo Zero Gravity Chair
10. Ollieroo Zero Gravity Chair
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 6
Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chairs
11. Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chairs
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 2
FDW Zero Gravity Chairs
12. FDW Zero Gravity Chairs
Overall Score: 8.0
Expert Reviews: 4
Sunnydaze Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair
13. Sunnydaze Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair
Overall Score: 7.8
Expert Reviews: 3

An Overview On Zero Gravity Chairs

If you suffer from back pain, you aren’t alone. An estimated 80 percent of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lifetimes, making it no surprise that a wealth of products have emerged to help. One of those products is the zero gravity chair, which helps with back pain, as well as issues throughout the body, by distributing all your weight evenly as you recline.

But accommodating the many heights, weights and body proportions of the consumer market is nearly impossible for any product. For that reason, it can be tough to find the perfect zero gravity chair for you. As with any recliner, each zero gravity chair is built differently, with cushioning and reclining mechanisms inserted at varying places. There’s also the total length of the chair. You can have someone who is 5-foot-2 and someone else who is 6-foot-5 try out the same chair, and they’ll have completely different experiences.

The good news is, some zero gravity chairs are adjustable. This means no matter how your chair is built, you can make a few changes and have the perfect reclining experience for your own needs. In addition to opening up a wide range of possibilities, this also means you can buy one chair for multiple people to use in your household. If someone stops by to visit, they can make a few adjustments and enjoy your chair as well.

It’s important to consider the other features on the chair while you’re shopping. Some come with cupholders and sunshades, while others include water-resistant fabric. Another bonus feature is a pillow on the headrest, which makes it far more comfortable to lounge in for hours. Looking at these benefits on the front end will help ensure you find a zero gravity chair that will offer many years of enjoyment.

DWYM Fun Fact

Nobody knows the benefits of zero-gravity situations like NASA. The space agency has known for decades that this type of suspension provides relief to the musculoskeletal system. As early as the mid-1970s, NASA began noticing that astronauts adopted a different posture when in space. In fact, the position you’re in when you sit in a zero-gravity chair is similar to the ones astronauts take when lifting off into space. During liftoff, this position helps astronauts avoid the stress that the sudden change in the gravitational force would put on their bodies. In addition to back relief, sitting in a zero-gravity position can also help with leg swelling, varicose veins and many other circulation issues since it allows you to easily elevate your legs above your heart.

The Zero Gravity Chair Buying Guide

  • When you start looking around for a zero-gravity chair, the first thing you’ll probably have in mind is comfort. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is a winner in this area, with a padded seatback and adjustable pillow. The pillow is even removable if you’d prefer to rest your head directly on the back.
  • The Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair gets its comfort from the fabric that covers it. While most zero gravity chairs use mesh chairs, this chair features a softer material with padding inside for a completely different experience.
  • The Best Choice Zero Gravity Chair, 2-Piece’s comfort is in the design of the chair itself. It’s made with ergonomics in mind, reducing muscle tension and relieving stress.
  • Zero gravity chairs rely heavily on mechanisms that allow you to lock them in place at any position. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair has a patented locking mechanism that uses two small side clamps that you turn when you reach your desired position. With other zero gravity lounge chairs, you’ll pull the clip back to lock the chair into place. Some models even have a dual fingertip locking mechanism, making it easier to lock in place than other zero gravity chairs.
  • No two people are the same height and size. Although chairs are built differently, one of the best things about zero gravity chairs is that they’re often adjustable, letting you customize them to your own needs. The Bonnlo Infinity Adjustable Zero Gravity Chair, 2-Piece uses elastic cords to conform to your body and an adjustable headrest for the perfect fit.
  • Capacity is important in a chair, too. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair and Bonnlo Infinity Adjustable Zero Gravity Chair, 2-Piece offer support for up to 350 pounds.
  • Those little “extras” can make a big difference when you’re using a chair on a regular basis. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair has plenty of bells and whistles, including a wooden armrest and a large cupholder. The Best Choice Zero Gravity Chair, 2-Piece comes with a cupholder tray as well, which also has a slot to hold your phone. Some zero gravity chairs come with the option to purchase a sunshade separately to attach to the chair.
  • As nice as it can be to have a larger zero-gravity chair, keep in mind that the bigger size means it will also be less portable. A larger chair is likely best for someone who plans to put it in one place and leave it. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair has larger dimensions, so it won’t be as easy to squeeze through tight spaces like doorways. But while chairs like the Best Choice Zero Gravity Chair, 2-Piece is smaller and more portable, you may find your feet hang off the end if you’re over 6 feet tall.
  • The cupholders on the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair may be convenient, but when you fold it up to move it, you’ll find the cup holders get in the way. Since they aren’t easy to remove, this might not be the best chair for someone who needs portability.
  • Weight also impacts the portability of any type of chair. Despite their bigger size, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair and Bonnlo Infinity Adjustable Zero Gravity Chair, 2-Piece each only weigh under 25 pounds.
  • Many consumers purchase a zero-gravity chair to set up in an outdoor area, so it’s important to look at how well each chair will handle extended exposure to the elements. The Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs and Bonnlo Infinity Adjustable Zero Gravity Chairs are both UV-resistant, so you can set them in direct sunlight without worrying.
  • As comfortable as the Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair’s fabric is, it, unfortunately, soaks up water. This makes this particular gravity chair better suited for a covered patio.
  • The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair also struggles with water exposure. The metal is prone to rust when hit with rainwater for an extended time. You can buy a cover to protect against that if you plan to set it out in an open area.