PETLIBRO Activated Carbon Filter Cat Water Fountain

Last updated date: February 2, 2023

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PETLIBRO Activated Carbon Filter Cat Water Fountain

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We looked at the top Cat Water Fountains and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Cat Water Fountain you should buy.

Update as February 2, 2023:
Checkout The Best Cat Water Fountain for a detailed review of all the top cat water fountains.

Overall Take

This cat water fountain is very simple to use. It has a see-through tank and a large drinking surface. The machine uses a carbon filter (four are included in the package) and is BPA-free for better pet health.

In our analysis of 41 expert reviews, the PETLIBRO Activated Carbon Filter Cat Water Fountain placed 3rd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Quadruple Filtration System: 1. Activated carbon removes bad taste and odor 2. Ion exchange resin could soften the tap water 3. Medical stone removes heavy metals and releases trace elements 4. The non-woven fabric could filter hair and impurities that provide clean water and health to pets. (The package includes 4 packs of premium filters.) Fresh Water Encourages Drinking: The bubbling fountain and free-falling stream can meet the needs of different pets and entertain them. The streams aerate the water for added oxygen and freshness. Runs Ultra Quietly: PETLIBRO cat water fountain runs absolutely silent even when the water level gets low (less than 23dB in professional lab tests). BPA-free & Emergency Water Storage: Made of high-quality ABS material, our automatic pet water fountain is BPA-free, durable, and safe. With a water storage capacity of about 80ml, it can provide water for your pet in case of power outages. 2.1L Large Capacity & Visible Water Level: The PETLIBRO dog water dispenser has a large effective drinking space. It’s suitable for small and medium pets. The transparent window makes it easy to monitor the pet’s overall water consumption. Easy to Set Up & Clean: The PETLIBRO cat water dispenser is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and replacement. For your pet’s health, it’s recommended to change the filters and clean the pump and fountain every 2 weeks.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Made of BPA-free plastic. High capacity in a compact design. Ergonomic and easy to take apart. Fun colors. Translucent reservoir makes it easy to see whether the fountain is full.
- The Spruce Pets
Translucent tank, easy to monitor the water level. Built-in noise-insulation tubes reduce operation noise. Two drinking modes: bubbles or flowing stream. Easy to clean, rounded corners don’t accumulate bacteria.
- We're All About Cats
2 drinking modes to choose from. Easy to see when water is running low with translucent container. 5 different color options. Comes with a cleaning brush.
- Woman's Day
The outside of the water fountain base is translucent, so you can easily check the water level and see when it needs a refill. The pump on this fountain is quiet, if not completely silent.
- Dog Time
Dr. Diener likes that this fountain offers different flow settings, multiple levels of filtration, and is a quiet option. She also likes that pet owners can choose from different colors and materials to help this device blend into your home decor.
- Better Pet

What experts didn't like

Not dishwasher safe. Only two fountain options. Most of the water is inaccessible if the unit loses power.
- The Spruce Pets
Replacing filters every two weeks can be expensive. May not be ideally sized for multi-pet households.
- We're All About Cats
Needs to be plugged in all the time to run.
- Woman's Day
The power cord for this fountain may require an extension or power strip, depending on how close you place it to an outlet.
- Dog Time
Dr. Diener noted that this fountain does require frequent upkeep, which includes ordering and changing the replacement filters every two weeks.
- Better Pet

An Overview On Cat Water Fountains

A cat water fountain is an innovative device that provides fresh, cool water to your feline friends without your active involvement. This can be an excellent solution for pet owners who want to ensure their cat stays hydrated with less effort. A cat water fountain can be a tremendous asset if you’re at work or away for the day.

The fountain works by filtering the water and cycling it through the container so it never gets stagnant or stale. Cats generally prefer to drink from running water sources, so a cat fountain can also be much more appealing to them.

Cats don’t drink as much water as dogs do, and they may be less inclined to seek out a bowl of fresh water on their own, so having the fountain on hand can be a great solution. Additionally, a water fountain may make it easier for cats to find fresh water without resorting to problematic behaviors such as drinking from the toilet or potted plants.

When selecting a cat water fountain, you should choose one that is durable and easy to clean. Check reviews to make sure it is well-made, reliable and safe. The capacity should also be the correct size for the number of cats in your home. Finally, look for a fountain with multiple flow settings so your cat can choose how much or little water pressure they prefer.

The Cat Water Fountain Buying Guide

  • Though a cat water fountain will save you a lot of time, you must care for it properly. Always follow all manufacturer instructions about cleaning and disinfecting. This will ensure it lasts and safeguard your pet’s health.
  • Some cats may be territorial about their water fountain. If you have multiple cats, they can use the same fountain, but certain felines may not want to share. Pay attention to their behaviors to make certain each pet gets plenty to drink.
  • When shopping for multiple cats who will share a fountain, you should purchase a unit with a larger reservoir.
  • On a hot day, you can move a cat water fountain outside for your outdoor pets.