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Last updated date: June 24, 2019

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Paramount Pictures A Quiet Place

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 125 expert reviews, the Paramount Pictures A Quiet Place placed 6th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

In this terrifyingly suspenseful thriller, a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Hailed by critics and audiences around the world, experience the must-see movie of the year.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

It is a cracking back-to-basics thriller that does not depend too much on what these creatures look like.
- The Guardian
What's even more impressive is the fact that A Quiet Place does all of this without forcing any unnecessary twists and turns into the narrative. This is just a straight-up monster movie, albeit a skilled handled one.
- Cinema Blend
The pacing of the film is another strong point. At a crisp 90 minutes, A Quite Place doesn’t linger or rest on its laurels. There’s no unnecessary exposition or wrap-up epilogue.
- Medium
July 19, 2018 | Full review
A Quiet Place is an undoubtedly taxing affair for the nerves; fortunately, it’s also a deeply affecting one.
- The Atlantic
April 7, 2018 | Full review
It’s a film that’s about empowerment more than sheltering, and it’s that emotional hook that really elevates the final act. It helps a great deal that Krasinski completely sticks the landing.
- Roger Ebert
April 6, 2018 | Full review
A Quiet Place taps into the fears any parent grapples with as they raise their child, even those not living in a post-apocalyptic world: Will they be safe? Will they learn the lessons they need to survive? Will they know that you love them? And even if you do everything right, will they still be put in harm’s way?
- Vox
April 4, 2018 | Full review
A bravura monster movie which just doesn’t let up, ratcheting tension with nary a word uttered on screen. It also boasts great creature design and a breakthrough performance from young Millicent Simmonds.
- Empire
March 16, 2018 | Full review
This movie did a great job at using (and making the audience fear) the monsters. They are extremely dangerous and come, seemingly, out of nowhere, but everything has a weakness right?
- Reel Rundown
November 22, 2018 | Full review
In its most effective set-pieces, like a bathtub birth sequence involving star Emily Blunt and a gripping showdown in a grain silo, the movie recalls the visceral popcorn thrills of Steven Spielberg blockbusters like War of the Worlds and Jurassic Park.
- Thrillist
April 9, 2018 | Full review
“A Quiet Place” is a tautly original genre-bending exercise, technically sleek and accomplished, with some vivid, scary moments, though it’s a little too in love with the stoned logic of its own premise.
- Variety
March 9, 2018 | Full review
Obviously, Blunt's character will go into labor before the movie ends. But that's just about the only predictable thing here, and the film finds ways to turn even that into a surprise.
- The Hollywood Reporter
March 9, 0201 | Full review
A Quiet Place does something similar for horror, committing to real risks both in the story and in the making of the movie itself while honoring the quiet, simple truths of silence and self-sacrificial love.
- Mere Orthodoxy
June 6, 2018 | Full review
There’s no denying that A Quiet Place is solidly crafted and will possibly be 2018’s most unique horror offering, but those that can overlook or accept head-scratching decisions from the family will get more out of the terrorizing experience.
- Flickering Myth
April 3, 2018 | Full review
I love a good thriller and A Quiet Place delivers!
- The Bull 98.7

What experts didn't like

My only criticism sound wise was that I thought the environmental sounds were too quiet. Characters would be running without any sound.
- Medium
July 19, 2018 | Full review
Perhaps the most difficult detail to wrap one’s mind around as a viewer is that Evelyn is pregnant. The decision to bring a baby into this specific world is unthinkable—not just because the future is so grim, but also because babies are quite skilled at making noise.
- The Atlantic
April 7, 2018 | Full review
t is always a bit of a bummer when a movie has a great premise, but is filled with plot device after plot device. A lot of the events of the movie are convenient. They are not convenient for the characters of the story, but they are convenient for the writers of the film.
- Reel Rundown
November 22, 2018 | Full review
Yes, sign language is real language, but the dialogue in “A Quiet Place” is naggingly minimal; it doesn’t offer much room for character development or plot-thickening intrigue.
- Variety
March 9, 2018 | Full review

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