Ozeri Stone Earth Non-Toxic Omelette Pan, 8-Inch

Last updated: March 6, 2023

This stone earth pan conducts heat evenly. The non-stick coating is free from the chemicals found in standard non-stick pans. You can also use it on induction heating surfaces, thanks to the magnetic bottom.

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Key Takeaway: The chemical-free non-stick coating on this omelette pan is a green option for eco-minded cooks.

In our analysis of 143 expert reviews, the Ozeri Stone Earth Non-Toxic Omelette Pan, 8-Inch placed 9th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Utilizing Stonehenge — a stone-derived coating from Germany, the stone earth pan by Ozeri is the worlds leading frying pan, delivering non-stick perfection While remaining absolutely free of APEO and PFOA, and the lesser known chemicals NMP and NEP. Conventional pans often achieve their non-stick performance with the aid of PFOA (PerFluoroOctanoic acid), a potential carcinogen which the EPA has classified as a ‘persistent pollutant of the environment’, and APEO (Alkylphenol ethylates), which are under restricted use in Germany due to environmental concerns about their poor biodegradability and toxicity in the food chain. according to the EPA, once ingested, PFOA is capable of remaining in people for a very long time, and has been shown to cause developmental and other adverse effects in laboratory animals. likewise, European studies have shown that APEO may be toxic to aquatic life, and has the potential to act as endocrine disrupters. With the stone earth pan’s stone-derived coating from Germany, no such controversial chemicals are ever passed on to you, or released into the environment. the stone earth pan utilizes an inert coating that is applied using a water based Sol gel technique which is free of the lesser known but potentially harmful chemicals NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) and NEP (N-ethyl-2-pyrrolidone), often found in traditional cookware. in addition to being free of PFOA, APEO, NMP and NEP, the stone earth pan is also far more durable and scratch-resistant than other non-stick surfaces. With better non-stick properties, The stone earth pan consistently renders cleaning a breeze. The stone earth pan by Ozeri is made of the highest quality die-cast aluminum that allows for even cooking without hot spots. It boasts a magnetized bottom for rapid heat transfer on induction stoves, and a heat-resistant silicone-coated handle. Your satisfaction is . Stonehenge coating Made by weilburger GmbH, Germany. Final pan assembly in china.

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Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

It will remain as good as new as it is scratch resistant. The combination of these features makes them easy and fast to clean.
Eco-friendly non stick frying pan delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures.
The heavy-gauge aluminum material on the interior of the stone earth pan allows heat to be conducted and spread evenly and retained for a long time. The other good thing about aluminum is that while it is an excellent heat conductor, aluminum remains highly affordable and incredibly lightweight.
Excellent scratch resistance.
The material is thick, making the pan feel heavy, solid, and sturdy. Despite its thickness, it conducts heat extremely well, so it doesn’t need a high setting to cook well.
Comfortable handling with heat-resistant silicon coated handle.​
The pan is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned very easily and quickly.
This pan is made of the highest quality die-cast aluminum that allows for good heat conduction and even cooking without hot spots. Its magnetized bottom makes it compatible with induction stoves, and it has a heat-resistant silicone-coated handle (reinforced to the pan via 3 solid rivets) to guarantee your satisfaction at all time.
This pan is eco-friendly that delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without the risk of exposure to controversial perfluorinated chemicals.
Due to its non-stick surface, it cuts down oil use significantly without altering the taste of food.
You can cook on this nonstick frying pan without the fear of unintentionally inhaling any toxic fumes. The stone-derived coating is made by STONHENGE a company based in Germany.
The die cast aluminum that is used in the pan is another reason to have it chosen above other choices. If you want a pan that can withstand many years of use without negatively affecting quality, this is surely an option that you will not regret.
The pan is made of environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, even if the pan is overheated, no harmful fumes will be emitted. Thus we can say that this pan is eco-friendly.
Stone Earth pan is not too heavy, attractive looking (at first anyway), and very easy to clean.
It handles are finished with silicon and are quite comfortable to hold and work with. The handle has a stainless-steel base and is riveted to the pan, which was a nice surprise since riveted handles are typically only seen on expensive cookware.
The Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri (Amazon) is sturdy and deep enough to hold larger meals. The interior of the pan is made out of durable die-cast aluminum, which provides good heat distribution and helps to cook your food evenly. The inner stone-based coating is made of GREBLON ceramic and has the natural look of stone.
I’ve been very impressed by the Stone Earth Pan. It’s a lovely solid pan without being too heavy that heats quickly and perfectly evenly as its advertising claims. My pan is the middle size in the range (26cm/10″), and is small compared to most of my other frying pans, but its unusually high sides means you can cook a surprisingly good amount in it.
The better non-stick qualities allow you to have no grease when cooking, making your meal a healthier one. And if you have a “sticky” encounter, cleaning up is easy. Just use a paper towel and throw it away.
Aside from that, the pan is clearly well constructed and feels very solid in the hand. The pan base is made of a die-cast, very heavy gauge aluminum that feels solid and long-lasting.
It has a non-stick coating, and is oven safe up to 450°F.
If you are trying to cook healthier, this pan is an absolute MUST. Because not only does this allow for healthier cooking, but it does not contain any harmful chemicals, unlike traditional non-stick pans.
The Ozeri pan is made out of Stonehenge nonstick coating we mentioned earlier 100 % free of any harmful and toxic chemicals that are used in traditional frying pans.The coating is provided with free fell protector which preventing the pan’s coating surface from any scratches and damage.
A great feature is the pan is the handle. It feels solid and is made from heat-resistant silicone coated material and secured with 3 rivets.
I liked that the pan has a good weight which minimised the risk of burning. It has industry grade rivets that won’t ever need you getting a screwdriver on it to tighten it!
The pan also has a scratch resistant surface. With the eco-friendly emulsifiers, nothing can ever go wrong with the pan, even after a tiny scratch appears on the surface (which is near impossible).

What reviewers didn't like

The only thing about aluminum that may concern you is that it tends to discolor or stain light-colored food sometimes and impart a bit of a bitter taste to them.
Not quite as nonstick as teflon
Outer edges of pan black coating could be damage if not used properly.
Doesn’t include a lid.
The humped inner surface makes pockets of oil instead of an even spread.
Used magnetizing system which can make difficulty by reacting other metals around.
It has a high price tag.
While it is mostly non toxic, you will have to keep in mind the temperature limits since the coating does include PTFE’s
Several customers mentioned that the interior coating of the pan wore off within several weeks of daily use
Contains trace levels of PTFE.
It doesn’t come with a lid.
Metal utensils tend to scratch the coating.
The aluminum base cannot beat the magnetic power of steel. With aluminum steel bases, the manufactures are forced to use third party magnetizers.
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