OWAYS Ugears Zero Gravity Bluetooth Sound System Massage Chair For Muscle Recovery

Last updated date: February 15, 2022

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OWAYS Ugears Zero Gravity Bluetooth Sound System Massage Chair For Muscle Recovery

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We looked at the top Massage Chairs For Muscle Recovery and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Massage Chair For Muscle Recovery you should buy.

Update as February 15, 2022:
Checkout The Best Massage Chairs For Muscle Recovery for a detailed review of all the top massage chairs for muscle recovery.

Overall Take

This 3D massage chair with integrated linkage suspension is designed to reduce the pressure on your body and make you feel like you are floating. It features full body massage and a smart body scan. This chair cradles you from the get go, and you will feel relaxed within seconds.

In our analysis of 26 expert reviews, the OWAYS Ugears Zero Gravity Bluetooth Sound System Massage Chair For Muscle Recovery placed 3rd when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Zero Gravity Massage Chair: Ugears integrated linkage suspension massage chair puts the center of gravity on the buttocks, reduces the pressure on the spine and joints, makes your heart lower than your legs, and your body is in a completely relaxed posture and the feeling of weight loss in the real space. The Deep V-wrapped Design reduces the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion and is evenly stressed, allowing you to relax from outside to inside and bid farewell to fatigue. Smart Body Scan & Full Body Air Massage: This 3D massage chair can automatically your body to adjust the massage points and massage range. The most professional massage can be experienced by different body types, the effect is comparable to a massage technician. The massage airbags cover on the shoulder, arms, hip, calves and feet area, allowing you to enjoy the Tuina massage in looping rhythmic. Weight Limit: 330 pounds. Internal Seat Width: 21 inches. SL Track Design& Thai Stretching: The SL Track length of our chair differs from almost other similar products, it not only has a larger massage range, but also achieves precise knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu and other massage methods to relax your whole body, combining the Thai-style massage and other methods to perform a relaxing massage. The two heating device at the waist of the massage chair can warm your waist and care your health with reaching up to 45℃. Space Saving & Bluetooth Speaker: Ugears massage chair allows just about 5cm between the massage chair and wall. One-click forward zero space, leaving much space for you. The head part is equipped with surround sound equipment, easy to connect with mobile phone Bluetooth, so that you have a more relaxed environment during massage with wonderful sound quality.The Bluetooth is compatible with iPhone12.

Expert Reviews

User Summarized Score

665 user reviews

What experts liked

Comes with a 12 Month Guarantee. Well packaged. SL Track provides deeper neck and lower back massages.
- Rave Reviews
Automatically adjust the required massage points. User can enjoy three different stage of zero gravity position. Offer multiple massage methods. Has 32 massage air bags. Built in heat function for back. Bluetooth Speaker available in both side of the chair.
- Best Zero Gravity Chair HQ
SL-track full-body massage. Fully assembled. Full-body air massage.
- Reviewed
Great massaging experience with the SL advanced track. Pretty quiet. Space Saver.
- Gadget Selling
Auto body detection for an individual and customized experience. Heating function for waists to aid blood circulation and provide optimal comfort. Zero gravity position and various massaging techniques such as Thai lacing massage, shiatsu, precise kneading, clapping, and many others. In-built sound system and Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to listen to your favorite playlist while getting a massage.
- Pick My Things
Comfortable. Bluetooth speakers. Fully assembled. Worth the money. Great customer service. Heating function.
- Chairs Area

What experts didn't like

Owner’s Manual not clear about all functions. Some settings are too intense. Instantly goes into an auto mode when turned on… instead of letting you choose your preferences first.
- Rave Reviews
This is a pricey massage chair compare to other chair in our list. Built-in Bluetooth speaker is not compatible with the latest iphone model iphone12.
- Best Zero Gravity Chair HQ
Massive and heavy.
- Reviewed
Leather is not the perfect. The remote control is a little complicated.
- Gadget Selling
The product is heavy and cannot easily be moved.
- Pick My Things
Speakers are not compatible with iPhone 12 and above. Foot rollers are a little rough and hard.
- Chairs Area

An Overview On Massage Chairs For Muscle Recovery

Modern massage chairs are getting more and more high-tech, with features like voice control, compression airbags and zero-gravity reclining. Gone are the days when all massage chairs were made to stay in only one position.

Traditional massage chairs resemble oversized recliners and have centralized massages that focus on specific body parts, such as the lower back. The newer zero-gravity models let you recline completely, so you’ll feel as though you are floating. They do all the work, and all you have to do is sit back, adjust the settings and enjoy the relaxation that follows.

Zero-gravity massage chairs allow you to lay flat so that you can get a head-to-toe massage. They also tend to have more features and be more expensive. Low-end massage chairs usually have a rolling massage and simple vibration. The high-end options can have heat therapy, Shiatsu, reflexology, vibration, sound therapy, inversion therapy (like Thai stretching), voice commands and more.

Massage chairs also have different kinds of rollers. An L-track usually measures from 47 to 52 inches long, extends from your neck to your gluteus muscles and is shaped like the letter “L.”

S-tracks are shorter than L-tracks (S tracks are about about 30 to 32 inches in length) and stop at the lower lumbar region. These provide more twisting flexibility and spinal stretching.

A J-track (flex track) massage chair combines the features of S and L tracks. Massage chair airbags are a great feature because, as they inflate with pressurized air, they compress muscles to provide soreness relief.

You’ll also want to know about the chair’s massage strength. Basic models have 2D technology, and the rollers move left, right, up and down. 3D massage rollers work diagonally. Top-of-the-line 4D massage chairs have 3D technology and variable roller intensity to dig deep into those sore backs and shoulders.

The sort of chair you buy should be based on your needs. If you have certain issues with particular muscle groups, or if you are an athlete and need special care, consider that when buying a massage chair.

The Massage Chair For Muscle Recovery Buying Guide

  • Massage chairs are not small or lightweight, so check the dimensions on the product pages and ensure you have enough space.
  • Some higher-priced models are designed to be space-saving.
  • Massage chairs have different weight capacities, so be sure to check this before ordering.
  • A heat therapy function on a massage chair is an excellent option to consider, because it feels great and helps loosen muscles.
  • A massage chair is an investment, so read its manual and follow the directions carefully.
  • A massage chair is not a toy for kids to play on, and it can be dangerous if they do.