Onggibang Earthenware Korean Cooking Stone Bowl

Last updated: May 15, 2020

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From The Manufacturer

Onggi, is Traditional Korean earthenware, which is extensively used as cookware, tableware, as well as storage containers. It includes both un-glazed earthenware fired near 600 to 700°C and pottery with a dark brown glaze that burnt over 1100°C. Onggi Earthenware Pottery is made in the traditional method by natural hand glaze using only pine ash and clay (ocher). Benefits of Clay (ocher) – Eco-Friendly, Chemical Free, Safe and Healthy. The pottery is free from any toxic substances such as lead, so it can be used with confidence. Pot contains and retains high heat longer for better taste and enriched deep flavors in food. Essential for cooking, steaming, braising, and stewing soups, rice, and other hot foods and dishes. It retains more nutrients from evenly distribution of heat and long retention of heat. Can be used on direct heat source via on the oven, gas, and electric stovetops. HOW TO USE: 1. On first time use: If you pour rice water and boil it, pottery may last longer and can use longer. 2. When Washing: Do not use detergent, etc. only use soft dishwash cloth and wash in hot water. 3. Between uses: Please AVOID sudden change in temperature when cooking. This may cause pottery to break or crack. 4. Do not immerse in lax (bleach, sterilizers, other chemical cleaning agents). There is a risk of discoloration of pottery. PRECAUTIONS: 1. Please be careful when using product as it may be damaged or breaks in pot by strong shock. 2. Please be careful when using product, it can be dangerous if the pot falls on your hands or feet as pot can shatter or break into many pieces. 3. When using product please avoid sudden temperature changes. 4. When washing, if soaked in lax for long period of time, it may cause discoloration. 5. Please be careful of metallic items, etc, as it may be stained if impacted by the pot. THIS ITEM IS HAND MADE SO COLOR MAY BE INCONSISTENT THROUGHOUT POT. YOU MAY SEE MUD COLOR BLEED OUT ON LID DUE TO COATING.

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