Ohuhu Bike Bike Cover

Last updated date: November 23, 2019

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 157 expert reviews, the Ohuhu Ohuhu Bike Cover placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note November 19, 2019:
Checkout The Best Bike Cover for a detailed review of all the top bike covers.

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21 expert reviews
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What experts liked
One great feature is a buckle located at the bottom and the top, that can stabilize and secure the cover on windy days. It prevents corrosion on your most valued bike.
- Top 10 Focus
It folds easily for quick transportation.
- The Z9
You can still use it whether you prefer a bike chain lock or a cable lock. In case it gets rained on, it has a top buckle for hanging it out to dry.
- The Z8
This is a high-quality cover crafted from 210T nylon, which will protect the bike from the harsh weather condition while keeping it dustproof. You can also have peace of mind even the bike is left outside for a long time as it protected from scratches and dust.
- Z7 Premium
When you clean it, it has a buckle to lock it up to the clothesline for air drying.
- Theme Country
The bike cover is waterproof and it will not allow any water to pass through regardless of where you keep it either indoors or outdoors. It has a buckle that is located at the top and the bottom that will stabilize it during windy days
- Top Best Product Review
This one is constructed from durable nylon that doesn't puncture easily. Plus, it has an adjustable buckle to keep it in place when the wind picks up.
- Wiki EZ Vid
You can rest assured knowing that your bike will be well protected whatever the weather is. In order to make sure no wind blows the cover off your bike, you can use a special buckle at its bottom that will provide the most reliable fixation. One more ergonomic buckle on the bike cover's top will allow you to hang it to dry before storage or the next use.
- Best Advisor
It can be hang strapped for convenience when riding.
- 5 Product Reviews
This bike cover is made from premium 210T nylon material thus making this bike cover long-lasting as well as durable. The cover is waterproof and helps shelter your bikes against snow, dust, UV rays, dirt, pollutants, and rain.
- Paramatan
Using this bicycle cover is extremely easy, as all you need to do is to snap the buckles, and it will stay put. The bicycle cover also features front lock holes that are for use with bike locks.
- Ah Joo
One of the most unique features that sets this bicycle cover apart from the rest, is the specially designed and adjustable buckle at the bottom. The buckle ensures the bicycle cover fits perfectly on the bike as well as ensuring the cover remain stable even when the wind is blowing strongly. The buckle also prevents corrosion on your valuable bike.
- Hybrid Bikers
This bike cover is made of high-quality 210T nylon. It has the ideal density, and the fabric feels sturdy enough to last a few good years. Since it’s made of nylon, the cover is completely waterproof. It doesn’t matter that you keep your bike indoors or outdoors, as long as it’s covered, the bicycle will maintain its integrity. Not a single drop of water will touch it. Dust doesn’t stand a chance either.
- Best Bike Covers Review
The carrying case is cute and perfect for stowing the cover when not in use.
- Cyclist Blog
One great feature of this bicycle cover is that it comes with a carry bag included in the price which is by the way very affordable in total. It has also a very nice lock-hole in the front so you can lock your bike with the bike cover on top with a cable lock.
- Yes Cycling
Made from 210 Nylon, the Ohuhu Waterproof Bike Bicycle Cover keeps the rain off and is UV rated to 40+ so the Ohuhu is perfect if you live in a temperate climate without extreme weather conditions.
- Little House Lovely Home
Made of scratch resistant material.
- Furious Bikes
The material is anti-UV having 40 proof which is silver coated guaranteeing your bike from fading, damage, and rust.
- Add Home Kit
It has double special lock holes at the front hem ensure the bike security for locking the bike with chain locks and cable locks.
- Bike's Terra
It is easy to put on the bike.
- Nature Immerse
What experts didn't like
Fits one bike only.
- Top 10 Focus
It gets some holes when exposed to extremely foul conditions.
- The Z9
Sorry, but the cover fits only one bike at a time.
- Theme Country
Fits one bike only.
- Top Best Product Review
The fabric is little thin.
- Best Advisor
The material is thin, but this does not affect the durability and performance of the cover.
- Ah Joo
Please be aware that this cover may not fit well over a front basket since the ends are tapered for a snug fit over your bike. While this cover fits well over most bikes, the material seemed thin to some buyers and tore in very windy conditions.
- Cyclist Blog
When exposed to harsh conditions for a long time, it develops some holes
- Furious Bikes
Cannot fit two bikes.
- Add Home Kit
Only has space for one bike.
- Nature Immerse

From The Manufacturer

Ohuhu Bike Cover 210T Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle Cover for Mountain Bike, Road Bike This Ohuhu Bicycle Waterproof Cover will give your traveling equipment the protection it needs when out in the elements. This tool offers a waterproof option to keep your bicycle in shape, whether you store it indoors or outdoors. It features a helpful buckle at the bottom which can stabilize the cover on top of the bike, keeping it secure on those windy days. This bicycle dust cover will assist in preventing corrosion on your precious items. This piece is easy to pack up and transport with you, as well, making it an ideal tool for most any trip. Specifications: -Material: 210T nylon -Weight: 70g/0.7lbs Package Includes: -1 x Ohuhu Bicycle Cover -1 x Carry Bag ★ High Quality 210T Nylon ★ 210T Nylon ★ ☆ High quality 210T nylon, high density and durability; ☆ Strong waterproof effect to protect your bike from rain, dust, snow; ☆ Sliver Side: Ultraviolet-proof 40+ ★ Anti-theft Design ★ Anti-theft ★ ☆ Two special designed lock-hole at the front hem to allow for bike cable locks/ bicycle chain locks, protecting it from stealing and keeping it secure on those windy days. ★ Other Features ★ Specially Designed Buckle ★ ☆ Special designed buckle at the bottom can stabilize the cover on top of the bike, keeping it secure on those windy days. ★ A Carrying Case W/ Hanging Strap ★ ☆ This bike cover comes with a carrying case for easy storage; ☆ A hanging strap is designed for easy transportation. ★ Buckle on the Top ★ ☆ One buckle on the top for hanging to dry.

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