NICETOWN Grommet Top Patio Door Blackout Curtains

Last updated date: September 29, 2020

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NICETOWN Grommet Top Patio Door Blackout Curtains

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Update as September 29, 2020:
Checkout The Best Blackout Window Treatment for a detailed review of all the top .

Overall Take

The 100-inch wide NICETOWN Grommet Top Patio Door Blackout Curtains is great for covering really wide windows or even full-length patio doors. The curtain offers 100% blackout functionality so you'll be sure to keep all that pesky natural light out.

In our analysis of 58 expert reviews, the NICETOWN Grommet Top Patio Door Blackout Curtains placed 14th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Multiple Colors to Choose from Night Shifters Babies Children The Elderly 100% BLACKOUT PERFORMANCE Are you still worried about the intense sunlight on your interior furniture or TV? Better protects the furniture from damage and increases its service life. You will fully enjoy the joy of these entertainment activities. Adjust the brightness of the room, so that the eyes are protected from strong light. Keep a certain degree of warmth to prevent the elderly and children from getting cold. Living Room Bedroom Corporate Media Room Restaurant and Cafe Business Offices VITAL PERFORMANCE PRIVACY PROTECTION Help to protect total privacy, ensure personal spaces are not be bothered. Stoplight glaring through the window, supply you with the enjoyment in the darkness. CONSTANT TEMPERATURE Prevent the heat from being emitted and increasing the room temperature in the winter. Most of the heat radiated by the sunlight into the room will be reflected back in the summer. NOISE REDUCTION Make window completely closed, so as to achieve soundproof Take a better noise-reducing effect than ordinary 1-layer curtains.

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What experts liked

The fabric helps to regulate room temperature both during summer and winter. The advantage of such a feature is the protection of valuables that can be affected by room temperatures, such as artwork and furniture. The fabric has good quality finishing which can withstand several years of use.
- Best Home Fixer
The drapes are good at blocking heat and also help to protect against the cold air. They can also absorb about 10% of noise and dust, providing a quieter and cleaner room. Overall, it’s a great option for the price. In addition, the quality is good enough to ensure durability.
- Develop Good Habits

What experts didn't like

The fabric is very soft, but not wrinkle-free, and pulling at them might lead to more wrinkles over time. As far as the sun-blocking goes, these are not exactly blackout but rather room-darkening curtains. Even though the manufacturer promises 95% sunlight blocking, the actual performance might be a bit lower.
- Develop Good Habits

An Overview On

When you’re hoping to kick back and relax inside the comfort of your home and you finally get seated in your favorite chair, the last thing you want is a glaring beam of sunlight getting into your eyes or reflecting off the television screen to disrupt your peaceful endeavor of movie night.

Similarly, many of us find it hard to sleep with the nearby lights shining into our bedrooms from passing vehicles or the moon. In either case, the answer to these problems is the use of blackout window treatments over the offending windows. Blackout curtains are designed specifically to be thick and opaque in order to block any light that tries to pass through them.

Blackout window treatments are not much different than any other curtain in how they are hung or their general appearance. A set of blackout curtains might hang on a traditional curtain rod that you already have installed above your windows, in which case the transition will be an easy one for you since the hardest part of installing the hardware is already done. If you think the style of the curtain looks better when you cannot see a curtain rod, you can search for a style that has clips that will attach it to the hardware on the backside. If this is an important distinction to you, be sure to narrow down your search to those with the aesthetic you desire.

A pair of French doors can sometimes be tricky to cover with curtains, blackout or otherwise, but manufacturers have already figured this one out for you. If you have a set of French doors, look for designs that are specifically made for covering the glass window pains on your doors. The curtains will likely be pulled to the top and tied up for when you do want that natural light to shine through.

As for the aesthetics of the curtain itself, the sky is the limit here. The construction of a blackout curtain can have many details like being waterproof and having a heavy-weight construction, a critical part of being truly opaque and blacking out all the sunlight, but the actual inner or outer layers that you see can be any fabric or pattern.

You might not even need a 100% blackout curtain. If your main goal is to simply lessen the amount of sunlight entering a room that you would prefer to be dark, you can look at blackout-style curtains that are still thick but don’t have a 100% blackout rating. Look at the sample pictures and the review section of the curtains you like to get a good idea of how much light they let through.

If your goal is to actually blackout 100% of the light entering your windows, it’s still difficult to accomplish with some curtain designs. Light will want to shine around the edges of the curtain and it will illuminate the walls. This leak-by of light will still be enough to throw off the darkness of your room. To combat this, you will need to focus on finding a combination of blackout curtains or blinds that still allow you to cover the edges of the wall. A way to accomplish this might be as simple as using a double-sided tape at the outer edges of the curtain to make sure it holds directly on the wall to create a seal.

The Buying Guide

  • If you’re new to hanging curtains, think about having them run all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Having the curtains stop directly above the window is not necessarily going to give the most impressive aesthetic.
  • Make sure you measure the width of your windows and doors to ensure that your new blackout curtains will be at least wide enough to completely cover them.
  • Pair a set of blackout window treatments with a lightweight curtain made from a material like linen. This will give you the ability to draw your curtains for privacy while still letting light into your home, which is something you may find yourself wanting from time to time.