NerdChef Steel High-Performance Baking Surface Pizza Stone, 16-Inch

Last updated: January 6, 2022

The NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone, 16-inch boasts 20 times the conductivity of other ceramic pizza stones. It helps create the perfect crust on any pizza, thanks to its solid steel surface that has been textured, sanded and seasoned with flaxseed oil.

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Key Takeaway: The NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone, 16-inch is a handy addition to any kitchen.

In our analysis of 160 expert reviews, the NerdChef Steel High-Performance Pizza Stone, 16-Inch placed 4th when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Making great crusts (like you find on Neapolitan-style pizza) traditionally requires a 700-1000F wood-fired oven. Nerdchef Steel Stone replicates that performance in a home oven with its super-high heat transfer ability – transfering heat energy 20 times faster than ceramic. It creates beautiful and crispier crusts, gorgeous blistering throughout, and it cooks faster. The top and bottom are bead-blasted for texture, sanded smooth by hand, then seasoned with organic flaxseed oil – pizza slides easily when you want to take it off. Finger holes make it much easier to move and reposition, plus you can hang it on a wall. And it’s made in USA with solid premium steel. Steel Stone is unbreakable and we guaranteed it for life. It will develop a darker patina as you use it and it gets more seasoned. Burnt cheese and spilled tomato sauce will give it character. You can also try using it cold – put some dry ice underneath and make ice cream directly on top. Care. Treat the steel like you just like would a cast iron pan. Make sure it is dry after use, and don’t store it in a humid environment, or it will rust. If any rust does develop, you can get rid of it with some wet steel wool or a scouring pad. To re-season the steel, clean it first and scrap of anything stuck to it with a metal spatula or scraper, then wipe on some oil (we recommend fresh flaxseed oil because of it’s high smoke point). Wipe the oil off with a paper towel (enough will be left behind in the pores of the metal) and let it bake at 400F for an hour.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

This cookware is made from steel and has been seasoned to thwart rust. More use and more seasoning improves the nonstick ability and makes it even more rustproof.
One of the more premium stones inside our selection, the more NerdChef Steel Stone is actually just a superb choice for those looking to upgrade their own original pizza rock into something to reflect their awesome pizza ambitions.
This pizza stone has better blistering, faster cook times, and gorgeous crusts. This pizza stone is low-friction surface, so this pizza stone has sanded smooth, textured, seasoned with flaxseed oil.
The surface is normally seasoned with flaxseed oil to aid in the natural and easy release of your pizza once its cooked. The two finger holes aid in its movement and you can hang it on the wall.
The pizza made with NerdChef Steel stone will remind you of the perfectly baked, crispy Pizza made from the wood-fired oven but in lesser time.
Incredibly versatile, you can use the steel-stone in all types of ovens, on the stove, induction cooktops, the grill or over the campfire. You can even use it to serve ice cold desserts. Just pop some ice underneath and you are all ready to go.
The exterior is bead-blasted to enhance texture and sanded smooth to allow your pizza to slide off easily.
This model has 20 times higher conductivity than ceramic baking stones. The heat is supplied evenly on the base.
Another plus point of the tool is that it has a low-friction surface. It delivers textured and sanded smooth feeling as well as seasoned with flaxseed oil, so you don’t have to sprinkle flour or cornmeal on it for your pizzas to slide easily anymore.
Also, this pizza stone comes pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, making the pizza slide while you are taking it off.
Finger holes make for easy moving and positioning when placing in your oven.
The solid steel construction is virtually indestructible but it comes with a lifetime guarantee just in case.
- Bustle
We can’t knock its performance—it conducts up to 20% faster than its ceramic/stone counterparts, meaning our crusts puffed, crisped, and caramelized in the time it took the cheese to melt.
The highlight of owning a steel pizza stone is to create great pizza in a shorter time. This is the advantage of cooking with steel. The Nerd Chef created its shape in a square form to maximize and fit most ovens and grills.
Having said so, the Steel Stone is made out of solid premium steel and is a guaranteed, unbreakable equipment.
The NerdChef Steel Stone boasts the advantage and durability of steel to allow it to cook food faster and last longer than traditional ceramic, clay, and stoneware baking stones.
this will NEVER crack … like – EVER!
There is no bad smell or smoking since the item does not absorb any fat. Cleaning the item is super-fast.

What reviewers didn't like

Because of the shape, weight, and lack of handles, this steel is a bit awkward to move, even when it’s not hot.
You must store it dry to avoid rusting.
Extremely heavy. The NerdChef Steel Stone weighs around 23 pounds.
Not to be washed with soap or detergent
Very heavy. Expensive.
Unfortunately, the tool is relatively heavy, about 23 pounds, so it takes you some effort to carry it.
Be sure to store it in a cooler place as humidity may cause it to rust.
Just be forewarned: it weighs 23 pounds so be prepared to put some muscle into it.
- Bustle
It’s also the most expensive model we tested, coming in at just under $100.
NerdChef’s customer service was unresponsive.
Some may say that it will not cook pizza the old school way as with its ceramic counterparts.
The only real complaints have been about it being heavy and the price.
needs to be seasoned and cared for
Extremely expensive
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