Music Nomad MN108 Premium Guitar Cleaning Kit

Last updated date: November 25, 2020

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Music Nomad MN108 Premium Guitar Cleaning Kit

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We looked at the top Guitar Cleaning Kits and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Guitar Cleaning Kit you should buy.

Update as November 25, 2020:
Checkout The Best Guitar Cleaning Kit for a detailed review of all the top guitar cleaning kits.

Overall Take

You'll get three products in this kit: cleaner, polish and oil. The cleaner is formulated to clean, polish and wax your guitar in one swipe, while the polish brings new life to dull surfaces. The oil is designed to clean and polish your fretboard. This cleaning kit is made for glossy guitar finishes, not matte.

In our analysis of 10 expert reviews, the Music Nomad MN108 Premium Guitar Cleaning Kit placed 2nd when we looked at the top 5 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Music Nomad’s Premium Guitar Care Kit contains each of our most popular items to care for stringed instruments. The Guitar ONE is an all-in-1 cleaner, polish, and wax for everyday cleaning (4 oz. bottle). The Guitar Polish is for deeper cleaning and polishing to restore and revive dull, hazy, scratched, and scuffed finishes (4 oz. bottle). It also removes oxidation from guitar hardware. Polishes are safe on all guitar finishes including Nitrocellulose. Our Fretboard F-ONE Oil helps clean and condition the fretboard (2 oz. bottle). Also included are two premium quality microfiber towels.

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This guitar cleaner is both simple and effective in keeping your guitar clean. The fretboard oil is made from 100% natural oils to help clean and condition your guitar.
- Constantine Cruz
The guitar one formula functions as an 3-in-1 cleanser, polish and wax. It's made of organic ingredients and cleans/conditions your fretboard; which is 100% natural.
- Killer Guitar Rigs

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An Overview On Guitar Cleaning Kits

Whether you’re a professional musician, just learning to play or somewhere in between, cleaning and maintaining your instrument is essential. If your instrument of choice is a guitar, you’re dealing with wood, which requires special polishes and oils to keep it clean while also protecting it against scratches and dings.

A guitar cleaning kit can give you everything you need to clean and polish your favorite instrument. In addition to the right solutions, you’ll also need to have a soft, lint-free cloth handy when it’s time for cleanup. A microfiber cloth is especially useful.

The metal parts of your guitar likely won’t need solution at all. Simply wipe them with your lint-free cloth. For the wood parts of your guitar, though, it’s important to invest in a solution specifically formulated for guitar cleaning. Some formulas limit their use to glossy finishes, while others can be used on guitars that have either a matte or glossy finish. Pay close attention to this before you buy.

Cleaning your guitar isn’t just a matter of ensuring it’s attractive and hygienic. Over time, the oils, sweat, skin cells and other human elements that come into contact with your guitar can damage its finish. It may start to look like it’s taken a beating, and you may see the performance start to degrade, as well.

Harsh chemicals are the enemy when it comes to cleaning your guitar. That’s why traditional cleaning and wood-polishing products aren’t advised for guitars. You’ll also want a polish that doesn’t leave a residue behind. Organic and natural oils are usually great, but your products don’t have to be all-natural to be safe and effective.

Some guitar cleaning products don’t just clean the surface of the instrument, they also protect it. If you find one that can create a layer of protection against scratches and wear, you can keep your guitar looking like new longer.

The Guitar Cleaning Kit Buying Guide

  • Use only polishes and oils built for cleaning and polishing guitars. It’s important to avoid any cleaning products with ammonia, abrasives or silicones.
  • When using separate products, make sure you keep your cloths separate. Have one for the cleanser and another for the polish, for instance.
  • Over time, the strings of your guitar will need repair and tightening. Make sure you have the proper tools on hand to maintain your strings.
  • A carrying case can come in handy for keeping everything stored between cleanings. Plus, it can make it easy to take your cleaning kit with you as you leave home for gigs or travel. Some cases are made from high-quality materials for durability and attractiveness.
  • If your guitar has scratches and other signs of wear, you may be able to buff it. If it has a satin finish, though, buffing is a bad idea. It can leave the wood looking blotchy.
  • You should also take care when caring for vintage guitars. Today’s polishes and cleaners may not be formulated for the materials used to build those guitars. If the guitar has a nitro finish, keep in mind that these guitars are supposed to change color over time.
  • Your fretboard will need a specialized product to help clean it. Don’t assume that you can use the same cleaner you used on the wood of the guitar.
  • To minimize dirt and the risk of damage, you should always keep your guitar in a case when you’re away from home. If you use a stand to display it while storing at home, make sure the stand is safely away from foot traffic to keep it from being damaged or knocked over.